10 Best Wrist Tattoo Ideas And Designs For You To Flaunt

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When it comes to wrist tattoos, they are a versatile option. You can easily show off the designs or hide them when the need arises. With respect to designs, there are simple to complex ones that look equally good. The most popular wrist tattoo ideas that you can see around are religious symbols, quotes, name initials, geometric shapes, bands, tribal art and many more.

Wrist tattoos are also popular because they look great for Instagram selfies and quickly grab eyeballs. So, given their visibility, it’s important for the artwork to stand out and you will never miss out on the chance to stare at your tattoo. 

To make things easier for you, check out these amazing wrist tattoo designs that we have collated just for you. You can also visit the Jhaiho website where you can explore thousands of tattoo designs to pick the one that suits you best. Keeping aside the explore option, for now, let’s look at these designs below.

Small Wrist Tattoo:

10 Best Wrist Tattoo Ideas And Designs For You To Flaunt 12

If you are someone who likes small tattoos, then you can opt for small wrist tattoos. They are not complicated and take less time to get completed. Plus, a small tattoo means you won’t have to endure too much pain. From dates, phrases, numbers, crowns, flowers, birds to other cool art pieces, you can get them inked in smaller shapes and your tattoo will look cool. Another plus point of small tattoos is that they will be visible all the time if you like flaunting them.

Rose Tattoo:

If we speak about classic tattoo designs, a rose comes first to mind. Rose tattoos date back to the early sailor days when men would have them inked to remind them of the love of their lives waiting for them at home. In today’s time, the meaning hasn’t changed much, it represents love and beauty. You can also get a rose tattoo if it’s your favourite flower or has no meaning at all for you. 

Tattoos don’t have to resemble any meaning, you can get inked with a design if you love it. You won’t regret a rose tattoo and also, you can change the size of the tattoo from big to small and the designs as well, the choice is entirely yours. 

10 Best Wrist Tattoo Ideas And Designs For You To Flaunt 13

Here’s another take on the rose tattoo that includes a Mexican mask. It’s a vibrant tattoo that will make you stand out for its unique design. 

10 Best Wrist Tattoo Ideas And Designs For You To Flaunt 14

Apart from a mask, you can add different elements that suit your style or something that holds a fond memory.

Cross Tattoo:

10 Best Wrist Tattoo Ideas And Designs For You To Flaunt 15

If you follow Christianity, cross tattoos on the wrist is a great way to remind you of your connection with God. It is also a way of honoring your religion expressing your faith in God. While many keep their cross tattoos simple, you can be creative with the design and experiment by adding other elements like prayer beads, 3D art and more.

Arrow Tattoo:

10 Best Wrist Tattoo Ideas And Designs For You To Flaunt 16

You can place an arrow tattoo on the side of your wrist as it is a long and narrow area. In many cultures, the arrow signifies a lot of things. For instance, in Native American culture, the arrow is seen as a weapon for protection and hunting. An arrow also means finding the direction of life or moving forward, despite the struggles that come in life.

Another meaning that can be tied to an arrow is zodiac, where a bow and an arrow stand for the Sagittarius sign. An arrow can also be the symbol of love – cupid’s bow and arrow. There are unlimited things that can be associated with an arrow and the design can be customized accordingly. How cool does that sound!

Flower Tattoo:  

Flowers are often picked by many for their tattoo designs because they look pretty and make the ink more beautiful. As flowers often carry positive connotations like love, new beginnings and happiness, chances are very low that one day, you will want to get rid of a floral tattoo.

10 Best Wrist Tattoo Ideas And Designs For You To Flaunt 17

As we are speaking about flower tattoos, placing one on the wrist area is popular among many and some flowers also carry a symbolic meaning. So, it’s up to you what flower you want to choose. The main agenda is that the tattoo should look beautiful and people should admire it.

For reference for your floral tattoo, here’s a picture of one which looks lovely. You can also add colours to the tattoo if you want.

Guy Fawkes Mask Tattoo:

10 Best Wrist Tattoo Ideas And Designs For You To Flaunt 18

People who are not happy against the government and its policies tend to get revolutionary tattoos and the Guy Fawkes mask tattoo is one of them. This mask became a symbol of protest all around the world and is popularly known as the Vendetta Mask (also known as the anonymous mask).

It all began in the year 1905 in London when the revolutionary Guy Fawkes attempted to blow the House of Lords on November 5. His goal was to restore a Catholic Head of the State. He was later arrested and executed but people didn’t remember him as the villain. Today, November 5 is marked as a part of British Thanksgiving. People sing songs about the event which is known as Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire Night.

Coming to the meaning of this tattoo, there are several meanings attached to it. It is a perfect choice for someone who has a rebellious spirit. For instance, if you are into video games and like the rogue character which is dubbed as the thief or a spy, you can get this tattoo.

Or if you are a hacker, this tattoo is perfect for you. Also, if you are against societal norms, you should get this tattoo which will show your dissent.

Family Tattoo:

Want to honor your family? Go for a family body art that will stay forever close to you. There are various designs to choose from. You can select a simple tattoo like a heart or family text or if you want to go overboard with the design, you can recreate a fond memory that you shared together, like this tattoo over here which shows the strong bond that you share as a family and have fun together.

10 Best Wrist Tattoo Ideas And Designs For You To Flaunt 19

Try recreating a picture of your family as a tattoo and we are sure you won’t regret it. Also, as we are speaking about creating tattoos that involve detailed work, a skilled artist should be doing it. At Jhaiho, you will find various tattoo artists who are experts in the field with whom you can discuss your vision of the tattoo and together create a masterpiece.

Dog Tattoo:

The relationship between you and your pet is unbreakable so why not show your love with a tattoo? Celebrities like Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus and many more have inked their pet names on their bodies. In fact, getting your dog’s name or portrait inked is better than your partner’s name because you never know whether the relationship will last for a lifetime. But the one with your doggo is for a lifetime.

10 Best Wrist Tattoo Ideas And Designs For You To Flaunt 20

If you are in the hunt for a doggy tattoo, take inspiration from here. You can either get your dog’s name inked or his portrait. The tattoo will equally look good. 

You can also add other elements into the tattoo like a heart or a lifeline which means that your pet stays in your heart rent-free and is your lifeline.

Semicolon Tattoo:

Semicolon tattoos are popular because of their strong message of affirmation and solidarity against suicide, depression, addiction, and other mental health issues. For those who have gone through it, a semicolon tattoo is a strong reminder of how far they have come.

10 Best Wrist Tattoo Ideas And Designs For You To Flaunt 21

A semicolon tattoo is often preferred on the wrist area by many and there are several reasons for it. One of the reasons for choosing the wrist is because it is visible and the wearer can easily see it and gather strength whenever they feel low in life. It’s also a reminder of all the hardships that they have faced to reach your happy place. 

You can also add some colors to your semicolon tattoo to give a great contrast to an otherwise neat black art.

3D Tattoo:

10 Best Wrist Tattoo Ideas And Designs For You To Flaunt 22

If you have an eye for unique designs then 3D tattoos are just for you. They are head turners with the power of looking realistic. With designs ranging from dragons to mechanical gears to creating an illusion of tearing skin, you will feel like inking all of them on your body. For 3D tattoos, we would suggest the forearm or wrist area as it will grab the eyeballs of many.

So don’t wait to get a 3D tattoo now and make heads turn.

With these 10 wrist tattoo designs, we have come to the end of this blog. Hope you have already booked your appointment with a tattoo artist and have saved the designs as references. You can also visit the Jhaiho website where you will find end number tattoo designs. Happy tattooing!

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