10 Interesting Name Tattoo Designs To Cherish Forever

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Name tattoos are quite popular in the tattoo industry where people all around the world come in almost every day to get names inked on their bodies. They are a great way to pay tribute to a person who has made a mark on your life such as a parent, celebrity, a friend or a partner.

With name tattoo designs you can experiment a lot with the font style and the size. To achieve a great name tattoo, you need an expert. But searching for a tattoo artist can be a hassle with so many options available on the internet. Jhaiho has cut down the hassle of visiting multiple websites and picking one tattoo artist. Here you will get a vast range of artists who have been working for more than 10 years. They will help you in getting the tattoo that you desire.

Coming back to the topic, we have collated tattoo designs with names for your reference which you can show it your tattoo artist and get one done. 

Infinity Name Tattoos:

10 Interesting Name Tattoo Designs To Cherish Forever 17

This 8 shaped tattoo is a symbol of infinity which is often used in tattoos. You can pick this design to depict the infinite love that you share with your partner. You can add elements like a feather just like this tattoo or other symbolic things that define your love. 

You can show off this tattoo to show the world how much your partner means to you.

10 Interesting Name Tattoo Designs To Cherish Forever 18

Here is another example of an infinity tattoo that doesn’t need much work. If you can’t sit for hours in one place, this tattoo is just for you. You can include your date of birth if it’s your name that you are getting tattooed with. 

Crown Tattoo Designs With Names:

10 Interesting Name Tattoo Designs To Cherish Forever 19

A crown name tattoo is a fantastic choice for you if you want to feel powerful and confident from the inside. The crown represents power, royalty, triumph, glory, courage and whatnot. So, the crown above your name tattoo will act as a great reminder to not lose hope in yourself and make you feel like a king or queen when you feel low in life.

The crown can also be used above your lover’s name to depict that they are the king or queen of your life. This gesture will definitely leave them happy and they will smile every time they look at the tattoo. 

Flower Name Tattoos:

10 Interesting Name Tattoo Designs To Cherish Forever 20

If you are searching for ideas to make your name tattoos appealing and beautiful, add a flower. Flowers stand out amongst the most beautiful things on this earth and they immediately add great contrast to a simple and plain tattoo for their colours. The magnificence of flowers also makes you feel good and elated from the inside whenever you see them.

You can get creative with flower name tattoo designs like this tattoo right here. You can replace the stem of the flower with the name. Here’s another example of a flower name tattoo that has the name in place of the stem and it is extremely pretty.

10 Interesting Name Tattoo Designs To Cherish Forever 21

Check out these flower name tattoos for your references:

10 Interesting Name Tattoo Designs To Cherish Forever 2210 Interesting Name Tattoo Designs To Cherish Forever 23

10 Interesting Name Tattoo Designs To Cherish Forever 24
10 Interesting Name Tattoo Designs To Cherish Forever 25

10 Interesting Name Tattoo Designs To Cherish Forever 26

Simple Name Tattoos:

Simple name tattoos have their own charm. They look beautiful without adding any extra elements. Speaking about the tattoo on the right, it has nothing extra or loud design on the design but it will suit anyone.

If you want to get creative you can add a few symbols here and there but it will also look good with the plain simple text. You can get this tattoo on the forearm area or on the edge of the foot. It will also look amazing near the collarbone or on the nape of your neck. If you get this type of tattoo, get ready to receive compliments.

Watercolour Name Tattoos:

10 Interesting Name Tattoo Designs To Cherish Forever 27

We only speak about adding elements and new designs to add to a name tattoo but have you ever thought of splashing colours on it? Well try it and see the fun result. You can pick an assortment of colours like pink, yellow, blue, red and others to create a watercolour effect. 

This technique will look good on a name tattoo and will brighten it which will lead to people getting attracted to it.

You can add colours to the name tattoo of the person who brings colours of joy to your life. Speaking about the placement, this tattoo will look amazing on the forearm.

Footprint Name Tattoos:

If you want to get your child’s name tattooed, add their footprints to make it more meaningful. You can get the imprint of your child’s foot on a piece of paper and ask your tattoo artist to do the tattoo. It may take some time to finish the tattoo, but it will be worth it.

 10 Interesting Name Tattoo Designs To Cherish Forever 28

The tattoo represents the joy and the blessing of being a parent. It also speaks about the positive changes that your child brought to your life. Later, when they will grow up and move away from you for their careers, it will act as a reminder of all the times that you spent together. 

You can also get this tattoo when your child starts walking to mark your baby’s first steps.

You can place this tattoo on your shoulder or on your chest, close to your heart.

Angel Wings Name Tattoo:

10 Interesting Name Tattoo Designs To Cherish Forever 29

As we have mentioned earlier, name tattoos are also a way to pay tribute to someone who is no more in your life. You will want the tattoo to be special so why not try this angel wings name tattoo design. This tattoo includes a pair of angel wings with the person’s name in the middle.

The tattoo depicts that the person was an angel in your life and you miss the soul’s presence terribly. It also symbolises that the person is watching over you as an angel from above. You can also personalise the tattoo by adding the person’s date of birth, or the date when you met or the day when the unfateful day occurred. 

You can tattoo this design on your back or on the nape of the neck or on your forearm.

Name Tattoos with Roman Numerals:

Roman numerals are often used in tattoos to indicate an important date or a number and lately, people have started adding them to name tattoos. For example, roman numerics are used in a lovers name tattoo to show the birth date or the day of the first meeting. Parents also choose roman numbers for their child tattoos to celebrate the birthdate.

10 Interesting Name Tattoo Designs To Cherish Forever 30

Roman numbers look cool when you add them in tattoos as they enhance their entire look. You should get them and thank us later.

Matching Couple Name Tattoos:

Getting matching tattoos with your partner is one of the best ways to celebrate your love. Having the same tattoo bonds you together for life. Even better, tattooing each other’s names on your bodies is a way to show to the world how much you mean to each other and are 100 per cent sure of spending the rest of your lives together. But, before taking this step, you need to be confident about your partner because we don’t want you to regret this decision later when you both are not together.10 Interesting Name Tattoo Designs To Cherish Forever 31

You can also tattoo the initials of your partner which shows that you belong to each other. Another perspective here is that you can quickly cover up the design to something else if the worst ever happens in the relationship. Fingers crossed!

Speaking about covering up a tattoo, Jhaiho provides tattoo covering up services. Here you will find the best artists who specialise in covering up tattoos. In fact, we have fulfilled more than 100 tattoo covering up requests from our happy clients. You can check more details here.

Pet Name Tattoos:

People get tattoos dedicated to persons who play a vital role in their lives. But, pets also bring significant changes in a person’s life and they have the right to have tattoos completely dedicated to them. Pet tattoos are nothing but beautiful and show the unbreakable bond that you share with them.

10 Interesting Name Tattoo Designs To Cherish Forever 32

You can get all creative and customize the tattoo design the way you like. You can add colours, flowers, paws, stars and many more to make the tattoo adorable. Just like your pet. 

You can take the reference of this tattoo on the right which shows a bone, a ribbon and a keyring that has the name of a pet dog. It’s cute and shows how devoted you are to your dog.

Getting tattooed on your pet names is also a way to honour their departed souls. You can also add the date when they first entered your home to make it more personal. 

Now that you have seen all the name tattoo designs, you can easily pick one that you like for your name tattoo. Name tattoos are always special, so you should be careful in choosing the designs as well as the placement on your body. 

Lastly, we hope that this article helped you in finalising your name tattoo design that you will cherish forever. 
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