11 Best Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You

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Name tattoos are one of the most common tattoo designs out there. Artists around the world come across at least one customer coming in for a name tattoo every day. Name tattoos are not a new trend, it in fact dates way back to tribal communities etching names of their ancestors or their chiefs on their bodies. Even sailors, soldiers and members of a royal court would ink the names of those they were devoted to.

With time, the designs evolved but the trend remained and now, a name tattoo is inked to express love and affection for someone who is special. It can be the names of your parents, your partner or spouse, kids and even pets. Getting a name tattoo is also a great way ti surprise your loved one. You should try it.

Speaking about designs and colours, you can go with anything that you wish. There are elegant to bold designs and black to colourful ones available in different styles. You can also add the portrait of the person’s name above or beneath it, or you can add other elements like flowers to make the design more elegant.

Let’s now talk about the different kinds of name tattoos that you can get on your next ink session. Here are some ideas that you can definitely try:

Kids Name Tattoos:

11 Best Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 13

We love our kids, right? They fill our lives with love and hope and make us look forward to life. So why not have your kids’ names etched on your body as a tattoo to show how valuable are they to you. With respect to the design, you can go with an adorable theme or a purely aesthetic one, the choice is completely up to you. You can also go with bright colours or a simple black one with detailed aspects of a specific tattoo style. 

Dragonfly Tattoos:

Dragonflies are beautiful creatures with glittery wings that make them more attractive. Such beautiful creatures will make a tattoo even more pretty if you want one that is gorgeous and catches the eye. As we are speaking of name tattoos, why not add a dragonfly to it and make it prettier? If you add one to your name tattoo, the person for whom you are making the tattoo will also love and cherish it forever.  

11 Best Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 14

Also, dragonfly tattoos are cute, adorable, colourful and beautiful. They also look delicate and pretty and who doesn’t want to embrace a beautiful tattoo. You can also add colours of your choice and make the tattoo more personalised.

Mandala Name Tattoos:

11 Best Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 15

A Mandala is composed of shapes and symbols that radiate from the center towards an outer circular pattern. A mandala holds a great deal of significance in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. They are believed to represent different aspects of the universe and are often used as instruments of meditation and symbols of prayers in some Asian countries.

Mandalas are typically drawn on clothes and surfaces. Now, as time evolved, people started inking their bodies with mandala art and it has become a trend. So to keep up with the trends or to add an artistic touch to your name tattoo, adding a mandala is not a bad choice. 

Arrow Name Tattoos:

Arrow tattoos were originally based on Native American tribal life hundreds of years ago. The arrow is represented as an essential tool in communities like hunter or gatherer communities and it is a weapon for hunting and war. Even though it is a simple design, it is quite popular for its powerful meaning.

11 Best Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 16

With arrows, you can add other elements like texts, feathers, flowers, hearts and more. Speaking about the tattoo here, it is an arrow with a feather and the name above it. It’s a delicate tattoo and will look beautiful anywhere on your body. 

Simple Name Tattoo:

While some love adding elements to their name tattoos, some like it to keep it simple. If you are someone who likes to keep things simple, this tattoo here is the perfect option for you. It’s plain and simple with no extra elements and the name is the only highlight. This minimalist tattoo is actually quite striking for its font.

11 Best Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 17

You can also try other fonts like italics, cursive, calligraphy among others. 

Flower Name Tattoo:

When it comes to adding patterns or other elements to a tattoo, flowers can be an ideal option. They are beautiful, delicate and give a stunning appearance to a tattoo. You can add roses, lilies, rosemary, sunflowers or any other flower or flowers that you like. Whichever flower you choose, the tattoo will look gorgeous and also the person whose name you will get inked with will love the tattoo and cherish it forever. So, don’t delay your tattoo session, go get one ASAP. 

If you ever have second thoughts about getting a tattoo, Jhaiho has a bunch of great tattoo artists who are always there to help you, to guide you on your entire tattoo journey. Don’t take our word, try them, and then see the results for yourself.

11 Best Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 18

Love Themed Name Tattoos:

Inking your beloved’s name? You surely need to add a heart along with it. This kind of tattoo design checks all the boxes of love. This is also a fun way to surprise your partner and they will definitely appreciate this cute and lovable gesture of yours. You can also go for a coloured heart to give a pop of colour to an otherwise simple name tattoo.

 11 Best Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 19

You can also add a heartbeat line like this tattoo on the right to let your partner know that they mean the world to you.

Another way to commemorate your love is by getting a tattoo that carries both your and your partner’s names. You can surprise your partner with a tattoo like this and it will definitely a beautiful moment that you will share together and cherish together, forever

.11 Best Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 20

This tattoo on the left is simple yet charming as ot carries the names of two partners who love and care for each other. Also the lettering of the tattoo is unique.

Abstract Name Tattoos:

11 Best Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 21

When it comes to getting a tattoo, you can get all creative after all it’s a commitment for a very long time. Also, if you don’t like following trends then, abstract tattoos are just for you. They are much more artistic and are authentic works of art. In addition, abstract tattoos have a lot of meanings attached to them which allows you to explore more with the art. 

So, let the artist inside you decide on a tattoo design that is unique to you and also has a deep meaning behind it, but not necessarily. Here is an example of an abstract name tattoo where the linework catches the eye of a spectator. It’s also a cool design. 

Name Tattoo Designs In Hindi:

Hindi lettering tattoos are termed as cool in the market and we can see why. They are the most fashionable tattoo designs and that’s the reason why most Bollywood celebrities get themselves inked with Hindi letters and flaunt it with style. If you need inspiration get Hindi tattoos, you can take it from the talented actor Saif Ali khan who has inked his wife’s name in Hindi on his forearm. The tattoo is absolutely stylish and classy.

11 Best Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 22

Star Name Tattoos:

11 Best Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 23

If you are someone who loves all things shiny and sparkly, then this tattoo with a name and stars on the side is just for you. In fact stars are quite symbolic and they depict amazing things about a person who gets one. Stars signify light, ambition, hope and success and having them on your body as tattoos will always remind you to stay on track to achieve those goals of yours.

This name tattoo with three stars looks awesome and can be placed anywhere on the body. Also, three star tattoos are quite famous in the tattoo industry as they can be personalised in any way that people like.

Couple Tattoos:

We all love the tattoo of Ranbir Kapoor’s name that Deepika Padukone has on the nape of her neck, don’t we? It was such a sweet gesture until they broke up. But that doesn’t mean you guys will separate if you are here for inspiration for getting couple tattoos.

 11 Best Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 24

Getting inked together with each other’s names is such an amazing experience and it will be a beautiful memory that will stay for your entire life.

But lets a little bit real here. What if God forbid, you separate later in your lives and the name tattoo that you got together is a painful reminder of all the memories that you shared. Well, we have got you covered. You can always go for a tattoo coverup. At Jhaiho, you will get the top line of tattoo artists who specialize in cover-ups. 
In fact, Jhaiho has fulfilled more than 100 tattoos cover-up requests so far. All you need to do is visit the website and book a free consultation and the rest will be done by skilled tattoo artists.

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  • Name tattoos have no clear significance because they are all about the narrative behind that particular name. If you have the name of a family member tattooed, such as your parents, grandparents, or spouse, it represents your unending love and devotion for them, as well as the strong link of family. I recently ordered a personalized ambigram tattoo from https://wannabeink.com/collections/wild-flower. It looked stunning on my forearms, and it had both my name and my mother’s name. An ambigram is a typographic design in which a word or phrase has a different meaning depending on whether it is seen right-side-up or upside down. It might be the same word read both ways, or it could be one-word right-side-up and another one upside down.