12 BEST Wolf Tattoo Designs With Meanings, Designs

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Animal tattoos never go out of trend and one among them which is very popular is wolf tattoo designs. They often represent loyalty, strong connections with the family and protection. Even better, they can be designed in a variety of ways and different elements can be added to them to suit your style.

Speaking about the animal, it is a symbolic creature and it goes beyond just being a vicious animal. Wolves are always loyal to their pack and make sure they stick together whatever the circumstances might be. To them, their family comes first and they will go to any length to protect them. So, a wolf tattoo represents loyalty, faith, power and family.

With so many good things associated with a wolf, it’s high time to get one inked on your body. In this article, you will get the best wolf tattoo designs and their meanings. Scroll down and check out the wolf tattoo ideas with their meanings for your next ink session.

Lone Wolf Tattoo Designs

Lone wolf Tattoo

A lone wolf symbolizes someone who is strong and independent. If you are someone who loves being independent and has faced all sorts of challenges in life with a brave heart, this tattoo is perfect for you. You can try and add some more elements like a compass that represents finding your path on your own.

You can also add your name below if you want to add a personal touch to the tattoo. The choice is yours.

Geometric Wolf Tattoo Designs

Geometric wolf tattoo designs

Geometric wolf tattoo designs have been popular since ancient times as it provides a minimalistic look with all the single lines and angles. It is also a unique take on a tattoo design, especially on a wolf tattoo. A geometric wolf tattoo represents the true core of the animal that includes wildness, freedom, protection and a strong connection with nature.

Check out some of the geometric wolf tattoo designs:

12 BEST Wolf Tattoo Designs With Meanings, Designs 13

image 2
Geometric wolf tattoo design 2
image 3
Geometric wolf tattoo design 3

12 BEST Wolf Tattoo Designs With Meanings, Designs 14

12 BEST Wolf Tattoo Designs With Meanings, Designs 15

Howling Wolf Tattoo designs

A wolf howling in front of a full moon is one of the most popular tattoo designs. There are two reasons why a wolf howls: one, to communicate with its pack, second, to mark its territory. Getting a howling wolf tattoo will represent you as someone who is connected with his pack – family or friends. It will also show you as someone who is strong and stands firmly on their decisions.

image 1
Howling wolf tattoo design 6

Skull Wolf Tattoo designs

12 BEST Wolf Tattoo Designs With Meanings, Designs 16

In Native American cultures, the skull wolf is closely related to the afterlife. A skull wolf tattoo on your body will mean that you are not afraid of death and that you are calling upon the wolf to guide you. Keeping its meaning aside, it is a cool tattoo that will look great on your shoulder area, chest, upper arm or wrist area.

Snarling Wolf Tattoo

12 BEST Wolf Tattoo Designs With Meanings, Designs 17

A snarling or an angry wolf tattoo gives out a message that you are someone not to mess with. Speaking about the placement of the tattoo, it will look amazing on the inner wrist area or on the back of your arm. It will definitely make you stand out, you can take our word for it.

Wolf in Sheep Mask Tattoo designs

A wolf in a sheep mask tattoo is one of the coolest tattoos you can get. Also, the tattoo holds a clever meaning. The ancient Biblical idiom ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’ is used to describe a person who is hiding his real character dressed as a sheep. Keeping aside the dark meaning, you can also don this tattoo to show that you only mean business and nothing else.

12 BEST Wolf Tattoo Designs With Meanings, Designs 18

You can ink this tattoo across your back or on your chest or across your arm. Make sure you get this tattoo done by a skilled artist as you don’t want to spoil the design. You can check some skilled tattoo artists here at Jhaiho. Some of them have more than 10 years of experience in the tattoo industry.

Arrow Wolf Tattoo

12 BEST Wolf Tattoo Designs With Meanings, Designs 19

A wolf with arrows or a single arrow signifies power, rage, and experience. If you are looking for a tattoo that can make you feel powerful then, you can choose this one. It not only speaks about power but also experience which comes along with power.

Coloured Wolf Tattoo Designs

12 BEST Wolf Tattoo Designs With Meanings, Designs 20

Give your tattoo an eye-catching twist by adding colours to it. It will look like it has been painted on your body. If you are someone who likes to add an artistic touch to everything, this tattoo is an ideal choice for you. You can also experiment with other colours to make your tattoo pop out.

Floral Wolf Tattoo Designs

Flowers depict elegance, beauty and peace. Adding flowers to your wolf tattoo can show your masculine and feminine side. It can also mean that you love peace and can defend yourself if you are provoked. Check out the designs below:

12 BEST Wolf Tattoo Designs With Meanings, Designs 21

12 BEST Wolf Tattoo Designs With Meanings, Designs 22

image 4
Floral Wolf Tattoo design 3

Compass Wolf Tattoo

12 BEST Wolf Tattoo Designs With Meanings, Designs 23

With a lone wolf tattoo, you can add a lot of elements like a compass. This tattoo shows that you can find your way in life all by yourself and you don’t need help from others. The compass is also your guidance in difficult times since a magnetic compass works even during rough storms.

Abstract Wolf Tattoo

12 BEST Wolf Tattoo Designs With Meanings, Designs 24

If you love abstract art then, you will definitely love this abstract design. It is a perfect match for those who are creative as it is visually impressive. You should definitely get inked with this design on your next tattoo session to quench your creative soul.

If you have selected the wolf tattoo designs, let’s now talk about the placement of the tattoo on your body. 

  • Try the stomach area as it has much space to cover a huge tattoo in lieu of the chest or back area.
  • Another great place is both sides of the chest area. You can place an angry or a howling wolf tattoo on the left side or right of the chest.
  • The thigh area is another place to slay tattoos like lone wolf tattoos, skull wolf tattoos and many more designs.

You can also visit our website and apply a filter that will show which tattoos will look great on which body part. You can also check the different pain levels of tattoos by applying the pain level filter. Or you can check out our tattoo pain chart.

P.S. Pain tolerance varies from person to person

With these options, we have come to an end to this blog. Hope you are leaving with a tattoo design that you can’t wait to see on your body. You can also check our Jhaiho Tattoo Buddy, it will help you find more designs if you’d like. 

Lastly, if you want to explore some more designs, our Jhaiho Tattoo Buddy will help you with it. Just reach out to us here. f you are someone who is looking for tattoo designs for your boyfriend, you can definitely share these wolf tattoos for men designs with him. We are sure he is going to like it.

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