7 Best Tattoo Ideas For Boys

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Today, getting a tattoo is a no-brainer. While going under the needle may be easy, the decision of what to get inked with is challenging. Also, before getting a tattoo, the thought process is important because we don’t want you to end up regretting the tattoo.

To ensure that you don’t take the wrong decision, Jhaiho is here to help you in every step. From selecting the tattoo design to picking an artist, you can get it done on the Jhaiho website. 

Speaking about the topic, if you are on the hunt for tattoos for boys, here you will get a ton of ideas to inspire you for your tattoo. This ultimate guide will help you to choose the best tattoos for boys.

Simple Tattoos:

7 Best Tattoo Ideas For Boys 11

If you prefer minimalistic tattoos, these art pieces are just for you. For instance, this tattoo looks simple and fresh. The design is uncomplicated and the choice is excellent for a boy who is looking for a classy tattoo. Also, the completion of a tattoo won’t take much time, so it’s an ideal choice for someone who wants a quick tattoo session.

Animal Tattoos:

Wild animals are quite a popular theme for tattoos. Each animal represents a feeling, a character or an emotion and accordingly, people choose the animal with which they resonate and get it tattooed. For example, a lion tattoo represents strength, determination. The lion which is considered the king of animals is often chosen by boys as the design looks cool. The tattoo apart from representing strength also reflects the leadership qualities of the person.

7 Best Tattoo Ideas For Boys 12

A horse is another animal that can make for a beautiful tattoo. Be it a running stallion or a standing one, the tattoo will always look majestic. You can also go for the head of the horse and ditch the body for an elegant-looking tattoo.

7 Best Tattoo Ideas For Boys 13

Speaking about the placement of the tattoo, you can tattoo the animal on your shoulder, back or neck area.

You can check out other animal tattoo ideas on the Jhaiho website where you will find more than 100 tattoos. You can apply the available filters of technique and choose accordingly.

Skull Tattoos:

Skull tattoos have been popular among boys since time immemorial. The tattoo usually signifies death and looks badass when worn by anyone. There are a variety of designs to choose from, like realistic, too simple, too intricate to cartoon-like. Also, skull tattoos have different meanings according to the design. Some include roses, while some go with swords or serpents according to their tastes. No matter, what you choose, you will be rocking the tattoo with some cool designs.

7 Best Tattoo Ideas For Boys 14

Religion Tattoos:

When it comes to faith, there are lots of ways to honor it. In addition to praying every day, you can also get a tattoo that represents your faith. For example, if you follow Christianity, you can opt for a Cross tattoo which is the most important symbol in the religion. The symbol represents Lord Jesus’s sacrifices for the sake of humanity. You can interpret the symbol in many ways if you want and it will look cool.

7 Best Tattoo Ideas For Boys 15

If you follow Buddhism, a Buddha tattoo is the right choice for you. This tattoo is synonymous with positivity and holiness. The tattoo also represents wealth, peace and enlightenment. With so many positive things associated with Lord Buddha, you can hardly ignore him. Also, whenever you face chaos, you can look into the tattoo and find peace. Sounds cool, right?

7 Best Tattoo Ideas For Boys 16

Space Tattoos:

7 Best Tattoo Ideas For Boys 17

If you are a fan of Science-Fiction movies, space tattoos are a great option for you if you are looking for tat ideas. A sky filled with stars or an astronaut floating in space surrounded by planets can be cool ideas to go with. You can also opt for constellations, satellites, aliens, and many more celestial cosmic bodies.

You can don this marvelous piece of art on your sleeve. This tattoo will make your skin look like a canvas and it will definitely make heads turn. Make sure you choose a seasoned artist for this masterpiece tattoo. Keeping this thought in mind, you can pick tattoo artists based out on your city on the Jhaiho website. You can visit the Artists section on the website and browse through the list of artists who have been in the tattoo industry for more than 10 years. We can say that they will not disappoint you.

7 Best Tattoo Ideas For Boys 18

Here is also a smaller tattoo if you don’t want large tattoos. This one is a fun take on space tattoos where the astronaut is seen flying in a rocket. What’s unusual is that the astronaut is above the rocket and not inside. The tattoo looks fun and elegant at the same time.

Name Tattoos:

Getting a name tattoo is a personal decision. Some choose the names of their parents or friends, while some go with the names of their partners to celebrate the love that they share. But getting the names of your lover can be tricky as there are 100 percent chances of getting expired. But leaving that thought aside, name tattoos are unique to everyone that can be personalized according to your liking.

7 Best Tattoo Ideas For Boys 19

Speaking about this tattoo, it is a Hindi scripture tattoo dedicated to the mother. If you are thinking of surprising your mother on a special occasion or simply want to do something special for her, get this tattoo ASAP. 

Speaking about the placement of the tattoo, you can ink this on the side of the wrist as shown in the picture or on your fingers. You can also select the forearm area if you want to. In fact, this tattoo will look good anywhere on the body.

3D Tattoos:

If you want your tattoo to stand out, opt for 3D tattoos. They literally take the tattoo art on another dimension. In simple words we can say, they make the art look unique and out of this world.

 7 Best Tattoo Ideas For Boys 20

Tattoos of this kind need skilled hands to make them look realistic. The tattoos should look like you will drop into a different dimension. They should also look hyper-realistic like this one on the right.

So, that’s it for tattoos for boys. Hope you liked the tattoos that we have picked up for this blog. If you liked them then, don’t wait much, get them tattooed.

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