7 Wonderful Galaxy Tattoo Designs & Their Meanings

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For many people out there the outer space filled with millions of galaxies is a great deal. They love gazing at the sky or studying nebulas, dark moons, black holes, fiery milky ways, stars, the Sun, the Moon and whatnot making the space an intriguing place.

As the title suggests, this article is about converting your love for galaxies into eye-catching tattoos that will be the talk of the town. In galaxy tattoos, you can highlight nebulas, stars, planets, and of course galaxies that can be done in different designs and styles.

Here is a list of galaxy tattoo designs that you can save for reference for your tattoo session that you might have already booked. If you have not, it can be done right here on Jhaiho. All you need to do is book a consultation and the rest will be done by us. Hope you enjoy it!

Galaxy on Earth Tattoo:

7 Wonderful Galaxy Tattoo Designs & Their Meanings 8

This tattoo is quite unique and creative as well. Who would think of fitting the galaxy into a circle and making it their own? The tattoo is like a fantasy world that the girl on the swing has created for herself where she is happy and has no worries. She is content with her life and enjoys her own company. She has a vivid imagination and if you too have one, get this tattoo inked ASAP.

Crescent Moon Tattoo:

The moon is a symbol of transition, growth, and creativity. While some like a full moon drawn on their bodies, there are people who are inspired by the symbolism of a crescent moon which represents hope and change. You can choose a simple crescent moon, as this tattoo on the right or you can tailor the design according to your taste.

7 Wonderful Galaxy Tattoo Designs & Their Meanings 9

Speaking about this tattoo here, it’s a good one for those who like small and simple designs. This tattoo will look great behind the ear, on the wrist, or the ankle area. People are not just attracted to this crescent tattoo for its size, they are inclined towards it for its symbolism. This particular lunar phase is related to change and growth. So, if you want to celebrate a new change in your life, you can get this tattoo inked which will act as a reminder of the new you.

Small Galaxy Tattoo:

Did you know, there are about two trillion galaxies out there? Gosh! That’s a huge number and makes you feel so tiny right? Because of this reason, you can opt for a small galaxy tattoo to represent that you are a small part of this vast universe. There might be another reason for picking a small tattoo. It might be as simple as you love tiny tattoos or you don’t want to sit for long hours for the tattoo to complete or you are confused about your pain tolerance level and want to start your tattoo journey with a small tattoo. The reasons might be endless but the final product is what matters.

7 Wonderful Galaxy Tattoo Designs & Their Meanings 10

Also, if you want to check the pain tolerance level for various tattoos, you can take the help of Jhaiho’s tattoo pain chart. This will give you a fair idea about which part of the body pains more than the other and accordingly you can select the area where you want to get tattooed. 

Space Band Tattoo:

7 Wonderful Galaxy Tattoo Designs & Their Meanings 11

Galaxies don’t always have to be big. You can fit one huge galaxy into an armband tattoo. Armband tattoos anyway look cool and on top of that, if you add the galaxy, it’s a sight to behold. You should definitely get this design inked on your body and get people talking about your armband tattoo.

Cute Galaxy Tattoos:

For galaxy tattoos, most people like going for big designs. But that shouldn’t stop you to opt for small cute tattoos like these because they look pretty amazing. If you are a couple, you can get these tattoos inked on your backs just like the picture or wherever you like. The tattoos will show that in the vast space, your partner is the only planet that you want to land on with your rocket.

Even if you are not a couple, you can pick these tattoos because they look cute and who doesn’t love cute things, right? So, if you are hunting for cute designs for your next tattoo session, you have got your picks.

7 Wonderful Galaxy Tattoo Designs & Their Meanings 12

Tiny Doodles:

If you are just getting started with tattoos, this tattoo is the best option for you. It’s tiny and won’t be much noticeable. Speaking about the design, it’s fresh and has the right amount of celestial bodies to make it look like a small and cute tattoo. The love symbol depicts how much you love the space and the planets on it.7 Wonderful Galaxy Tattoo Designs & Their Meanings 13

About the placement of the tattoo, you can ink this design on the wrist as shown in the picture or you can place it on the arm area or on the back of the ear. You can also ink this tattoo at the back of the neck and it will look pretty cool. Trust us on this. 

The aftercare of a tattoo is as important as getting one. You always need to be extra careful of the area where you have tattooed. 

You need to avoid direct sunlight, fitted clothes and you should apply the aftercare ointment provided by your tattoo artist after the ink session. You should carefully listen to the steps said by your tattoo artist as they know better about the process of tattoo aftercare.

Parents Galaxy Tattoos:

For most of us, when we hit our teenage years, we feel that our parents are uncool. We know, it’s not fair for them. But, it’s how it is. The thought of getting something for them out of love was always out of the question as there were always (no always though) contradicting opinions about everything.

 7 Wonderful Galaxy Tattoo Designs & Their Meanings 14

As we get older, we understand our parents a lot more and realization dawns on us as to why our parents used to stop us to do certain things. So to make them happy you can get their names inked on your body. Also, if you think your parents are your universe, then getting a galaxy themed tattoo with their names is a perfect choice for you. Here’s an example of a tattoo. You can modify the design according to your likes and your surprise will be ready for your parents. 

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