8 Brilliant Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

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Are you thinking of getting rid of the name tattoo of your lover with whom you recently broke up? Or you have allowed the name tattoo to sit for a long time and it’s time, you are ready to move on and start meeting new people. Either way, covering up the tattoo is the easiest solution that you can go for.

Name tattoos have their charm till the time when the relationship with the person whose name you have tattooed blooms. At this time, people tend to commit the mistake of getting the name tattoo in a prominent place. At the time, it seems there’s nothing more romantic than tattooing your partner’s name, but later when the relationship ends, it feels like a blunder. Fortunately, there are ways of bidding goodbyes to the tattoo and among them is covering up.

There are a lot of creative options for name cover up tattoos that can cover up your mishap. Here you will find a few ideas for covering up your tattoos that were once your prized possession.

Feather Tattoos:

A feather tattoo is an awesome idea to cover a name tattoo. In fact, nobody will realise that you are hiding your ex’s name. The tattoo is simple and won’t take much time to complete. You can add colours of your choice if you feel like and you are good to flaunt the brand new tattoo.

:8 Brilliant Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas 9

8 Brilliant Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas 10

Birds are great elements to camouflage name tattoos that you got in the past. The design can easily blend into the previous tattoo making it feel like there was nothing in that place before. If you are in doubt, let us tell you that the body of the bird does the work of hiding the entire name and also makes for a beautiful tattoo.

Landscape Tattoos:

A landscape cover-up tattoo will always be a great idea to replace a name tattoo that you have started to resent. The landscape filled with mountains will make you yearn for a place instead of the person which is a much better feeling than the later one. 8 Brilliant Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas 11

You can also add other elements like trees, birds, the Sun or the Moon, etc. according to your taste.

Butterfly Tattoos:

What better option than opting for a butterfly to replace a name tattoo. Butterflies indicate new beginnings, freedom, transformation and what not. So, if you are looking to cover the name tattoo of your ex-partner, go get a butterfly tattoo that will not only look beautiful but equally has a lovely meaning

8 Brilliant Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas 12

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Flower Tattoos:

Flowers as objects for tattoos can never go wrong. They will blend in so well that you will forget that there is a name underneath the flower. They look pretty and are head turners. Also, different flowers have their individual meanings which make them a wonderful choice for tattoos.

8 Brilliant Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas 13

For example, if you select a rose for your covering up tattoo, you can play with colours. If you opt for a black rose, it will make a statement on its own and give you a poetic feel. Similarly, a yellow rose depicts joy and it will definitely send across happiness whenever you look into it. You can complement the warm tone of the tattoo by adding green leaves. The choice is up to you.

You can check rose tattoo ideas here.

Geometric Tattoos:

As it is a known fact, geometric patterns are complete showstoppers so you better go for them to cover your previous name tattoo. Geometric tattoos are done with precision and clarity as it involves lines and shapes. Also, these lines and shapes can easily camouflage a previous tattoo and make a stunning art piece which you won’t regret later.

 8 Brilliant Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas 14

Geometric tattoos need highly skilled artists and you can can find one at Jhaiho. All you need to do is browse through the list of tattoo artists that Jhaiho has and select one. To move forward, you will have to book a consultation and the rest will be done by us.

Skull Tattoos:

Skulls are great for cover up tattoos all thanks to the various styles and approaches that can be applied into the tattoo. From 3D art to simple art, the creativity is endless with skull tattoos. You can also add bold ink, flowers, portraits, mandala art, tribal art and a lot more in skull tattoo designs which make them stand out.8 Brilliant Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas 15

You can also add colours of your liking and make the tattoo more personal. If you add other elements like the ones mentioned above will not only erase the name tattoo but his or her memories. All you will be left with is a brand new tattoo with which you can create new memories.

You can also add some quirkiness to your skull tattoo like this one on the left which depicts humour and quirkiness.

Animal Tattoos:

You loved someone so deeply that you got their name inked on your body. But now, the person is no more in your life and you are only left with painful memories. Sounds depressing, right? Well, it’s time to ditch that tattoo and cover it up with your pet’s portrait with whom you have an unbreakable bond. 8 Brilliant Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas 16

You won’t be disappointed with your pet ever and there is no chance of you two leaving each other. So, that’s a solid reason to get the pet themed tattoo. You can also experiment with the design and colours of the tattoo if you like.

We hope you liked the ideas for name cover up tattoos. If yes, don’t forget to let us know which tattoo you chose. 

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