8 Hand Tattoo Ideas Just For You

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Hands are the most common body parts that people choose to get inked. It has been a go-to spot for many people for many years and we have seen celebrities like Hailey Baldwin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, and many more having hand tattoos, and we have to admit they look cool.

You can either go over the top or opt for subtle tattoo designs – either way, they will look great on your hands. Many people go for a hand tattoo as it is easy to take care of and a lot more visible than any other body part. Also, in the hand area, there are a lot of places that you can explore for your tattoo placing, like the wrist, fingers, forearm, and shoulders.

Another important reason why people often go for hand tattoos is that the level of pain is bearable as compared to other parts of the body. So with so many good things associated with a hand tattoo, let’s look into a few designs that you can go for your next tattoo session.

Mandala Art Tattoo:

The word ‘Mandala’ is derived from the Sanskrit language which means wholeness or completeness. Mandalas represent sacredness and sanctity in religions like Buddhism and Hinduism. They are also symbols of balance and symbolism. With such sacred meanings behind it, many people choose Mandala art to be etched on their bodies in the form of tattoos.

8 Hand Tattoo Ideas Just For You 9

A Mandala art tattoo on your hand will always look great and it is actually a great conversation starter as some don’t know the significance of a mandala. Also, there are various designs that you can experiment with. You can visit Jhaiho’s explore page to find even more amazing designs. 

Ornamental Traditional Tattoo:

8 Hand Tattoo Ideas Just For You 10

A common choice for hand tattoos, ornamental tattoos look stylish. Even international singer-actress Rihanna has one on the back of her hand and what better reason to get one inked. Take a cue from this design from the right which has good linework detailing going around and the jewel-like shape on the middle gives it a royal touch.

Buddha Tattoo:

 8 Hand Tattoo Ideas Just For You 11

In some cultures, religious tattoos are very popular. People have used these tattoos for years now to show their faith in the God that they chose to follow. One such popular religious tattoo is that of Lord Buddha. It is commonly found in Asian cultures where people follow Buddhism. 

It is often believed that Buddha tattoos are synonymous with positivity and enlightenment. While there are various Lord Buddha tattoo designs to choose from, a meditating Buddha with closed eyes is a common design that has a meaning of reminding you to stay the course, to take the road less traveled, and to work hard to reach the goal.

Apart from the meditating Buddha, there are various designs that you can explore here.

Linework Flower Tattoo:

8 Hand Tattoo Ideas Just For You 12

Flowers can never go wrong with a tattoo design. Be it on the hand or any part of the body, they look pretty. This tattoo design on the right looks beautiful with all the linework and shading details. Even though it is placed on the inner arm area in the picture, this tattoo design will look equally beautiful on the back of the hand.

Greek Tattoo Designs:

Greek culture and mythology have inspired people for a very long time for getting inked. People choose designs that include creatures, deities, and heroes who have lived their entire lives in ancient Greece. For example, there is Medusa, a Greek monster with snakes on her head in lieu of hair and there is Atlas, a strong man who fought Zeus. There is also Poseidon, the sea God and there is the famous Phoenix, the bird who rises from its ashes, always. There is an endless list of mythical Greek creatures that you can get tattooed with.

8 Hand Tattoo Ideas Just For You 13

So, don’t wait. Just get that Greek tattoo design that you have been eyeing for ages. Greek tattoo designs also look stunning on the body. Take our word and go for it.

8 Hand Tattoo Ideas Just For You 14

Animal Tattoos:

If you want an animal tattoo for your next tattoo session, you can take the help of Jhaiho where you will find designs like the one on the right. Animal tattoos look cool anywhere on the body but as we are speaking about the hand, you get inked on the sleeve area, fist, and forearm area.

With animal tattoos comes a lot of detailing to work on the designs. To bring your imagination to life, you need a truly skilled tattoo professional and you will get one right here, at Jhaiho. All you need to do is visit our website and get in touch with an artist who will work with you to bring your design to life.

Trishul Snake Tattoo:

8 Hand Tattoo Ideas Just For You 15

If you are a follower of Lord Shiva, then this tattoo is for you. Also, if you love snakes in general you can get this one with the addition of the Trishul, the weapon of Lord Shiva, the supreme being. 

The snake is a symbol of alertness and the Trishul symbolizes the three jewels – right knowledge, right belief, and right action. For these reasons, many people tend to go for this tattoo design. Also, another reason why people choose this design is that it looks amazing and fierce at the same time.

Name Tattoo:

Getting a name tattooed on your body is the most meaningful way to show your love for your special one. Your name tattoo can include anyone’s name; it could be of your parents, your partner’s or your child’s; It can be of a closed one that you may have lost. Getting their names inked on your body shows how special they are to you.

8 Hand Tattoo Ideas Just For You 16

Always remember, name tattoos look unique and feel beautiful. You can also add elements to your tattoo to make it more personal. So, go and surprise your loved one with their name tattooed on your body.

Now, with so many tattoo ideas for your hand, it will be a cakewalk for you to pick one design for your tattoo. You can also take the help of the Jhaiho tattoo buddy which will guide you throughout your tattoo journey – right from picking the design to selecting the best tattoo studio. All you need to do is enjoy the process, that’s it. So, don’t miss out on the chance of getting the tattoo that you will cherish forever.

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  • Many people believe that it is one of the nicest places of the body on which to boldly display ink. It’s not simply because they’re showy or enticing, but they aggressively define you as someone who appreciates art and has a talent for expressing oneself creatively. I really like the Linework Flower Tattoo on this page. It looks stunning. Similar patterns may be found at https://wannabeink.com/collections/wild-flower, which I want to try out on my hand soon.

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