8 Tattoos On Hand For Men That You Shouldn’t Miss

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If you have thought of getting a tattoo, you probably know that getting a tattoo is a big commitment on your part. All you need to do to cherish the tattoo forever is to come up with a design that you don’t regret. 

A tattoo can have a deep meaning, related to a memory, or can be purely aesthetic. It can be anything but it should be good. So, what you need to do is discuss with your tattoo artist your vision of the art on your body and conclude on one design that suits you.

Considering all these, we don’t want your tattooing process to be a tedious one. You just relax and leave everything to Jhaiho. Here all you need to do is browse through the list of talented tattoo artists from the Artists section and the rest will be done by the experts. The best part – you can filter out the city that you are based on and pick the tattoo artist accordingly.

Coming back to tattoo ideas, if you are feeling stumped for ideas, don’t fret, we have got you covered. We have picked the best tattoos just for you in this blog.

Also, as we will be speaking about hand tattoos, you will find ideas for tattoos on hand for men right here.

Skull Tattoo:

As we all know, a skull is a bony structure found in the head of many animals. The skull supports the structure of the face and protects the head against injury. But did you know, historically, the skull was a symbol of triumph? It was worn as a trophy and people would even drink out of it to celebrate victory in battles. 

8 Tattoos On Hand For Men That You Shouldn’t Miss 12

In Christian art and culture, the skull is a symbol of eternity, therefore it makes for a great tattoo design. You can place the tattoo on your forearm area or on the shoulder area, completely up to you.

Bird Tattoo:

From literature to culture to myth, birds have a great significance throughout the world. For example, peacocks signify beauty and elegance, while eagles represent fierceness. Birds are also used to represent freedom and they can be designed in any way you like. So, get one within any style, shape, and size and it will look fantastic. 

8 Tattoos On Hand For Men That You Shouldn’t Miss 138 Tattoos On Hand For Men That You Shouldn’t Miss 14

You can also add geometry to your tattoo like this one here. It’s an amazing geometric owl tattoo that will look cool on your arm area. Coming to the meaning of this tattoo on the right, owls symbolize hope and are often considered wise. They are also unique and attractive. What else do we need to say to convince you to get one now?

Photorealistic Tattoo:

It’s truly astounding how some tattoo artists can bring a design to life so much so that it looks real. With so many people inclining towards photorealistic (hyperrealistic) tattoos like portraits, this is a great choice to step up your tattoo game. This kind of tattoo looks unique and attractive. To get something this amazing, all you need to do is search for a tattoo artist who has the skills to pull off a photorealistic tattoo.

 8 Tattoos On Hand For Men That You Shouldn’t Miss 15

But when it comes to searching a tattoo artist, it is a harrowing task and we don’t want you to go through it. So, to make things easier, here are some great tattoo artists that can help you in achieving the tattoo design that you are looking for.

You can also check out more photorealistic tattoos here.

Also, when it comes to doing stunning tattoo designs on your body, the price might be a factor that holds you back. Well, don’t stop yourself from getting a tattoo that you want so bad. Jhaiho has got you covered with its price calculator which will give an approximate cost on your tattoo so that you can plan accordingly.  

Tribal Tattoo:

Tattoos have played an integral role in many cultures around the world particularly in Filipino, Native American, Celtic, and Central American people. For these people, tattoos are a reminder of their roots. 

Well, with changing times, more and more people have embraced tribal designs on their tattoos as it includes intricate patterns that are beautiful. Here are some tribal tattoos for men on hand that you can go for:

8 Tattoos On Hand For Men That You Shouldn’t Miss 16

8 Tattoos On Hand For Men That You Shouldn’t Miss 17

8 Tattoos On Hand For Men That You Shouldn’t Miss 18

Sleeve Tattoo:

8 Tattoos On Hand For Men That You Shouldn’t Miss 19

Sleeve tattoos for men look beautiful and masculine at the same time if done right. They surely make you stand out. Most people fill up their sleeve with a tattoo that holds meaning to them or are important to them. On the other hand, there are some who just love the idea of converting their body into a canvas and filling the sleeve area with a great art piece. 

Whatever the reason might be, sleeve tattoos always look cool. But make sure, you pick a design that you won’t regret later. Also, let us give you a heads up that this kind of tattoo is time-consuming. It might take 15-16 hours to complete the tattoo as the artist has to cover a larger area and it also depends on the style and design. Sometimes, complicated designs take several sessions. 

Regardless of all the hardships, sleeve tattoos always look cool. 

Lion Tattoo:

8 Tattoos On Hand For Men That You Shouldn’t Miss 20

Lions are one of the most popular tattoo designs that men go for because they represent power, confidence, and courage. Lions are also chosen because they constantly catch the eye of an onlooker and can be done in different styles and designs, whichever suits your taste.

You can go for a lion face tattoo for your hand that will look majestic and wise. The design on this tattoo on the right is excellent and looks almost real. You can place this tattoo on the shoulder area as shown in the picture or on the forearm area. 

No matter which place you choose, a lion tattoo will always make a great art piece.

Wolf Tattoo:

8 Tattoos On Hand For Men That You Shouldn’t Miss 21

One of the classic tattoo designs is a wolf tattoo that comes in different styles and colours. Many people often choose a wolf because of its beauty, loyalty, fierceness, strength, and devotion. Wolves are also valued for their team spirit and leadership skills. So, if you possess at least one of the above-mentioned qualities, a wolf is the right choice for you for a tattoo.

You can wear a wolf tattoo design on your shoulder, forearms, or at the back of your hand. All you need to do is play it right with the design, pattern, style, and color. 

Quote Tattoo:

8 Tattoos On Hand For Men That You Shouldn’t Miss 22

When it comes to quote tattoos, the options are endless, It can be a famous quote by a poet or writer or it can be a lyrics from your favourite song or it can be something personal like a saying by your mother or religious verses. 

With so many choices available, you should always be mindful with what you pick for your tattoo as it’s an opportunity to show how creative you can get with a quote.

We hope this article on tattoos on hand for men gets a thumbs up from your side. Whether you are at the gym or out and about with your friends, these tattoo designs will definitely make heads turn. The best part about hand tattoos is that you can cover them up with your shirt whenever the need arises.

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