Aliens Tattoo Studio: The Essence of Minimalism

If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.

– Maya Angelou

A beautiful sentiment! And one that is truly embodied by our featured studio for this month – Aliens Tattoo Studio.

Aliens Tattoo Studio: Masters of the Trade

It’s hard to discuss tattooing as an art form without delving into the core of what it means to create art.

With a team comprised of award-winning ‘illustrators, digital artists, charcoal artists, painters, photographers, videographers’, Aliens has no dearth of skill and artistry at its disposal.

They are known for their realism and hyper-realism, and with good reason – this is a studio that has really mastered the skill of bringing art to life.

A realism lion tattoo by tattoo artist Sunny Bhanushali of Aliens Tattoo
Lion tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali
A hyper-realism portrait tattoo of south Indian star Rajinikanth by tattoo artist Sanket Patel of Aliens Tattoos
Rajinikanth by Sanket Patel
A biomechanical hyper-realism tattoo of a skeleton by Sunny Bhanushali of Aliens Tattoos
Biomechanical skeleton by Sunny Bhanushali

Aliens have a massive list of accolades under their belt, and even though there is no central authority that regulates the tattoo industry in India, Aliens adheres to the regulations set out for tattoo parlours in the United States, making them certifiably one of the best tattoo shops when it comes to maintaining the highest standards  of quality and hygiene.

But there’s more to this renowned studio than their skill with larger pieces or their awards and endorsements. A true master knows how to create art at any scale – whether large or small – by adapting their skills to match.

An abstract dotwork tattoo of David and Goliath by tattoo artist Allan Gois of Aliens Tattoos
David and Goliath by Allan Gois

With Aliens, the philosophy is simple – no matter what kind of tattoo a client wants, they’ll make it happen. Because with Aliens, you get more than just an artist – you get a master tattooist that understands ink and skin, one that thrives on creating original pieces that are layered with meaning and tell your story in great depth and detail, no matter what tattoo you choose to get inked!

When you get inked at Aliens, you don’t just leave with a tattoo. You leave with an experience.

Originally based in Mumbai, Aliens Tattoo Studio have hopped aboard their mothership and descended on Bangalore, bringing their unique brand of tattooing down with them!

Ready for the experience of a lifetime? Visit Jhaiho and book your appointment with Aliens today! They are open from 12:30 to 10:00 pm all days of the week, but their slots fill up quick – so be sure to book in advance!

Ready for some tattoo inspiration? Read on to see some of the amazing tattoos the artists at Aliens have inked!

Small Tattoos: On Minimalism and the Art of Storytelling

Aliens’ fame as being masters of realism is well known, but their artistry expands to a whole range of styles including abstract, dotwork, watercolour – and minimalism!

A geometric tattoo of one of the penguins from the animated film Madagascar by tattoo artist Allan Gois of Aliens Tattoos
Madagascar Penguin by Allan Gois

While minimalism is one of the most popular styles of tattooing, its simplicity often makes it seem like easy work. But this is far from the truth!

Working on such a small scale requires a much higher level of skill than one would imagine. This is a form of storytelling that requires the hands of a truly gifted artist.

After all, it is much harder to tell a whole story when you are only allowed a few needle strokes to tell it with!

Check out these amazing small tattoos from the talented artists at Aliens!

Have a story you’d like inked? Visit Jhaiho and book your appointment with Aliens today!

Good Luck Charm

Fingerprints are one of the most popular designs for small tattoos – they are a symbol of individuality, identity, and being uniquely you.

Elephants mean different things across various cultures, but at their core, they represent deep emotional bonds, enormous strength, and luck.

This stunning tattoo combines these elements to create a perfect little good luck charm that will never leave your side!

A minimalism blackwork tattoo of an elephant inked out of a fingerprint

Written in the Stars

Landscape tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, especially in smaller and minimalist designs.

This gorgeous circle tattoo incorporates a mountain landscape with the galaxy sprawled across dotwork, beautifully capturing what a magical night sky looks like.

A minimalism tattoo of a landscape and night sky featuring the planets and dotwork

One Love, One Life

Script tattoos are one of the most sought after kinds of tattoos. They can combine deep meaning with the most minimalist of designs.

These adorable couple tattoos read ‘One Love’, featuring a single arrow that symbolizes protection, courage, and moving forward, and ‘One Life’, featuring a heart.

A minimalist script couple tattoo

The Greatest Love

A classic, minimalist tattoo! Featuring a simple linework heart, the tattoo also features dotwork, used to build a fingerprint.

Perhaps you have a unique story of love that you would like to get immortalized in ink?

A minimalism tattoo of a heart inked using linework and a fingerprint

Tree of Life

Single-line tattoos use a minimalist style of lining where, as the name suggests, a single line is used to create the whole design.

This tattoo combines a tree with a script – all using a single line!

Trees, for their part, represent life, immortality, knowledge, growth, and abundance, among many other things. Combining a symbol of eternity with a name symbolizes a bond you will hold on to for life.

A minimalism single-line tattoo of a tree and script

Live Free

Birds symbolize freedom – after all, nothing says ‘free’ quite like being able to spread your wings and soar through the sky!

They also remind us to celebrate life. This gorgeous minimalist tattoo of the word ‘free’ also features a tiny red bird – a symbol of passion!

Need a reminder to follow your dreams? This one’s for you!

A minimalism script tattoo featuring the word 'free' and a little red bird

Speak Your Truth

Conch shells are fascinating little things! Have you ever tried to hear the peaceful sounds of an entire ocean contained within this humble shell?

The conch shell holds important meaning in Buddhism, representing ‘right speech’ and upholding ‘fearless truth’. It is often seen carved into the throat of the Buddha in statues to denote the resonant sound of the chant ‘OM’.

In this tattoo, the symbol of OM is inked within the conch shell – the most peaceful chant resonating from within.

A minimalism tattoo of a conch shell with the chant 'om' in its heart

One with the Universe

Mandalas symbolize unity and harmony, teaching us that we are all tiny specks in the vastness of the universe, and when we work in harmony – we create beauty.

They feature prominently in ornamental and minimalist tattoo designs, often with stunning results!

This tattoo incorporates a mandala design with an elephant, using dotwork to create the perfect talisman for luck and abundance!

An ornamental tattoo of an elephant surrounded by a mandala

Your Time to Soar

Another little bird flits past! This time, it flies across a beautiful dotwork and script tattoo.

Little black birds are a reminder to leave your worries behind. They teach us to have faith in ourselves and know when it is time to soar!

A minimalist script tattoo using dotwork


Ever since sailors popularized them, nautical symbols have held our fascination. But they’re not just pretty to look at! Each nautical symbol has meaning.

A compass to help you find your way back home, a map to remind you of worlds yet to be explored, and a plane to help you fly!

In this watercolour tattoo, all these nautical symbols come together in an ode to wanderlust.

A watercolour tattoo of wanderlust featuring a compass, map, and plane

That Old Magic

Unicorns are mythological creatures that represent the oldest and rarest of magic.

They remind us of the wonder in the world, teaching us to never abandon our quest to find beauty even in the mundane.

Combined with watercolour this magical creature comes to life, reminding us to remain kind and pure as we gallop towards our dreams!

A watercolour tattoo of a unicorn

To the Ones We Love

Feathers symbolize many things, usually associated with the bird they come from. This includes freedom, courage, and travel.

In many cultures, they are thought to be a message from the spirit world, usually from the angels letting us know they are protecting and guiding us.

Combined with the word ‘family’ and the symbol of infinity, this tattoo is a beautiful tribute to the ones we hold closest to our hearts, the ones who guide and protect us throughout our lives.

A minimalist linework tattoo of a feather, script, and infinity symbol


Roses denote beauty to most people, but these pretty flowers also represent something much deeper – hope and new beginnings.

A black rose, however, also represents loss and grief.

In a tattoo, a black rose is a tribute to ones we have lost and a reminder to not lose hope.

A minimalist blackwork tattoo of a black rose


Earth, water, air, fire.

The elements have inspired us for millennia. Many ancient societies worshipped the elements because they create and sustain all life.

When the elements are in harmony, there is peace in all the lands.

Elemental tattoos are gorgeous in any style, but in a minimalist design, they personify the meaning behind an elemental tattoo – balance.

A minimalism tattoo of the four elements

* * *

Jhaiho is delighted to host Aliens on our platform! Visit their profile to check out their gallery, location,  business hours, and make a booking.

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