All You Need To Know About Tattoo Removal

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Do you have a tattoo that brings unwanted flashbacks and just wants to get rid of it? Or you have grown out of the design and want something new? Well, there might be other reasons why you don’t want a tattoo anymore on your body but the solution is just one. TATTOO REMOVAL.

When we speak about tattoo removal, laser tattoo removal technology tops the chart as it is the best tattoo removal technology. But did you know, the tattoo removal process dates all the way back to 543AD when Greek physician Aetius tried to remove a tattoo using a technique called self abrasion. The technique involved the use of coarse table salt that is painfully used to scrub off the tattoo. Ouch!

All You Need To Know About Tattoo Removal 5

Later followed some really bad ideas and techniques of tattoo removal like chemical tissue destruction (using acid to get rid of a tattoo), dermabrasion (scraping off the tattoo with a wire brush), surgical excision (cutting off the tattoo from the skin) and cryotherapy (usage of liquid nitrogen). Sounds scary and painful, isn’t it? But thankfully, we have come a long way from there and now we have easy and less painful methods.

Before we speak about laser tattoo removal technology, let’s discuss why one decides to get a tattoo removed.

  • Reminders of the past: You might have tattooed the name of your ex lover or a memory that you shared together, and now after breaking up, the tattoo has become a painful reminder.
  • Change in taste: A tattoo that you have got earlier might not match with your taste now. In most cases, people want to get rid of a tattoo which they had done during their college days and now, when they have matured, they regret the design and want to change it.
  • Employment opportunities: In some industries, tattoos are frowned upon. They are considered to be distracting or unprofessional. Some of the sectors who don’t allow visible tattoos include the military, hospitality, law enforcement and education.
  • Poor work: Sometimes, a tattoo is so poorly done that it cannot be salvaged by a cover-up. So, there is no other choice than removing it.

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, there might be other personal reasons as to why someone opts to remove a tattoo. So, if you are looking out how tattoo removal works, then you have landed at the right place.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Laser tattoo removal is the best tattoo removal process as it is the most effective process. The laser light is directed into the skin where the tattoo is to be removed. The laser light is set to wavelength depending on the colour. When the tattoo ink absorbs the laser light, the ink particles are shattered into tiny particles and removed. When we talk about the length of the treatment, it varies depending on the area being treated and the depth of ink penetrated inside the skin. A large tattoo will require multiple sittings but the number will vary based on the area and the ink penetration. 

All You Need To Know About Tattoo Removal 6

Intervals between treatments are also a key factor. Treating again after the first sitting can lead to skin irritation and open wounds. The average time taken for the tattoo removal is between 4 to 6 weeks. But of course, the time will be different for different people.

Here’s a pictorial explanation of the stages of laser tattoo removal and how the tattoo looks after one session.

All You Need To Know About Tattoo Removal 7

Here’s another picture of how the tattoo looks after three sessions of the laser tattoo removal process.

All You Need To Know About Tattoo Removal 8

Price Of Tattoo Removal Process

You have decided to try the laser tattoo removal technique. Now what? Now comes the crucial part of understanding the price range of the entire tattoo removal process. Well, to be honest, the price of tattoo removal depends upon the number of tattoo removal sessions you have to attend which is directly related to the size, colour, depth of ink penetrated inside the skin, and the age of the tattoo. So it may be difficult to state a price for the same.

Precautions To Take Before The Procedure:

Before the tattoo removal procedure, it is important to take good care of the skin around the tattoo and avoid tanning. Some other precautions are:

  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated before the appointment. Your skin will respond better to the treatment if it’s hydrated well.
  • Try and avoid caffeine in the days leading to the appointment as caffeine increases sensitivity to pain.
  • You can reduce discomfort by using ice packs to cool down the area before the treatment.
  • Always remember to consult a doctor before going under the treatment.

Recovery Process Post Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

Recovery depends on the size, colour and location of the tattoo. After the treatment, carbon dioxide leaves the skin at an accelerated rate, causing the skin to look like the frosty white colour. But don’t worry, it’s completely normal and expected. After the initial few days, the wound starts healing by itself but the process will lead to blistering, scabbing, peeling and irritation. These symptoms last for at least three weeks and in the fourth week, most people heal fully, and by the sixth week, people book a second session, if necessary.

Steps To Follow In The Recovery Process

During the recovery process, maintaining caution should be the utmost priority. You can follow the below-mentioned steps during the process:

  1. Avoid physical exercise and activity that can make your skin sweaty and irritated.
  2. You should avoid going out in the sun and applying spray is a complete no no. However, if you have to step out, you need to apply sunscreen as it minimizes the changes in the pigments in your skin while also protecting it from the sun.
  3. Always make sure that you clean the area regularly to avoid skin infection. But don’t excessively wash it as it may lead to irritation. 
  4. Do not pop the blisters that pop up during the recovery process. You can treat them by applying ointment recommended by a dermatologist.

When we speak about tattoo removal, many people have some misconceptions like that laser light may damage the skin so much that it might cause skin cancer. But that’s not true. According to a study done by the Skin Cancer Foundation, laser tattoo removal doesn’t directly cause skin cancer. However, laser tattoo removal can make the skin photosensitive, making the skin vulnerable to sun damage which can be avoided by following the above-mentioned steps.

Even though this article is about tattoo removal, you can also opt for covering up the old tattoo if you want to change the existing design. For covering up tattoos all you need to do is visit Jhaiho where you will find experienced artists who are skilled enough to do any kind of tattoo modification. Book a free consultation with our artists today.

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  • Can tattoos be erased completely? I believe you should first visit a competent specialist who can assess your tattoo and advice you on the procedure. The number of treatments required will be determined by the age, size, and color(s) of your tattoo. The removal procedure will be influenced by the color of your skin as well as the depth of the tattoo pigment. This is why I usually go for temporary tattoos from rather than making a permanent commitment.

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