Amazing Alien Tattoo Designs That You Need To Seal Right Away

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Alien tattoos are not everyone’s first choice when it comes to picking designs for tattoos. They are selected by only those who are hardcore fans or believe that aliens have a world of their own and are quite fascinated about their origin.

People who love sci-fi movies are also seen getting attracted to alien tattoos. In fact, these tattoos completely enhance your look by providing an impressive look that can’t be ignored. So getting an alien tattoo is not a bad idea even if you are not an ardent follower. 

Having said that, you must be wondering what’s the significance of an alien tattoo. Well, most of the time, alien tattoos don’t hold any significant meaning. You can get them just to show your love for the concept of aliens or you love alien movies. You can also opt for these tattoos because you are a die-hard fan of science fiction movies or are intrigued by the fact that there is life in outer space. The reasons can be endless here.

On that note, here is a list of alien tattoo designs that we have assorted just for you. You can go through them and pick the design and idea that catches your eye.

Alien Head Tattoo:

Let’s start with a simple tattoo. Although, it is considered that alien tattoos need to be extraordinary and out of this world, they can be as simple as this tattoo design here. But, this tattoo is not for everyone. It is for those who have a knack for simple designs.

 Amazing Alien Tattoo Designs That You Need To Seal Right Away 11

Even if the tattoo is simple, it will require a lot of ink work and you need to be patient for the result which will be amazing. You can also ask for a colorful tattoo if you don’t want to go with the black ink theme in the picture. You can also add your spin with a galaxy of stars as a background or a spaceship for the tattoo.

Cute Alien Tattoo:

After a lot of brainstorming, you have finally decided to get inked about the design, you don’t want to go overboard with it and want a small, simple, and cute tattoo design. Now, you are a lover of extraterrestrial beings and are confused about the design. Well, fret not, your solution is right here. You can opt for this cute alien tattoo which ticks all your boxes of requirements. 

Also, this is a perfect tattoo for someone who can’t sit for long hours for a tattoo. Using simple black lines and filling in the eyes with black ink, makes it an easy tattoo to finish for the artist in no time

.Amazing Alien Tattoo Designs That You Need To Seal Right Away 12

Speaking about the placement of the tattoo, apart from the wrist area as shown in the picture, you can ink this design on your fingers where it will look cool.

The Spaceship Has Landed

When you think of aliens, flying saucers come first to mind. They look so cool and imagine one landing right next to you and an alien comes out? Woah! Turn this imagination of yours into a tattoo with a tattoo like this. The alien has just landed on his spaceship and the most interesting part is that he is wearing a pair of sneakers and is on a skateboard.

 Amazing Alien Tattoo Designs That You Need To Seal Right Away 13

You can let your imagination play a major role in designing a tattoo like this which will turn out to be unique.

Split-Face Alien Tattoo:

This tattoo reflects pure fantasy and it will need skilled hands to look this amazing in real life. All you need is a trusted tattoo artist that will pour life into your imagination. Well, we know the hassle of finding a great tattoo artist, so to make things easier, Jhaiho has a list of tattoo artists who have been associated with the tattoo industry for years now and they know their work very well. We can say that you will be in safe hands. You can also apply the city filter check for tattoo artists that are near you and book an appointment.

Amazing Alien Tattoo Designs That You Need To Seal Right Away 14

Scary Alien Tattoo:

This tattoo is for those who are fascinated by the devilish nature of aliens that is often seen in movies. This tattoo successfully justifies a villainous character who is ready to attack and destroy whatever comes it’s way. 

Amazing Alien Tattoo Designs That You Need To Seal Right Away 15

Spaceship on Earth theme Tattoo:

In this tattoo design, one can see a spaceship abducting a person from the face of the earth exactly how it is shown in science-fiction movies. Another depiction of this tattoo can be that a spaceship has just shown up on the surface of the earth and an alien is landing. The trees and the star-studded sky enhance the look of the tattoo.Amazing Alien Tattoo Designs That You Need To Seal Right Away 16

You can ink this tattoo on your shoulder area, chest, thigh area, or on the back of your body as it will require a broad space. Take your tattoo game to the next level with this mesmerizing tattoo.

Another take on this theme is this tattoo which is looking so beautiful, isn’t it? You can see a flying saucer flashing its beam of light on a person or it’s an alien making a safe landing on earth. The pine trees and the night sky filled with millions of stars just elevate the tattoo’s look. This tattoo is for someone who loves the idea of aliens visiting the earth. If you are one of them, ink this tattoo on your body already.

Amazing Alien Tattoo Designs That You Need To Seal Right Away 17

Following are some other alien tattoos that you can opt for:

Amazing Alien Tattoo Designs That You Need To Seal Right Away 18Amazing Alien Tattoo Designs That You Need To Seal Right Away 19

Striking Alien Tattoo Designs:

This design is a dark take on an alien tattoo. This tattoo depicts a menacing alien who is ready to destroy the earth. The details on the tattoo are quite striking with all the sharp fingers and a tongue that will scare anybody. Not everyone will select this tattoo, but, if you are someone who is fascinated by the Alien character in the ‘Alien Franchise’ movie series, you can ink this tattoo on the right.

Amazing Alien Tattoo Designs That You Need To Seal Right Away 20

We hope you liked the alien tattoo designs that we have collated in this blog. You can also check other tattoo designs at Jhaiho’s discover page where you will find more thousands of tattoos. Just click here

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