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Butterfly Horse Back Tattoo

If you are a tattoo lover with strong animal instincts (!!) what could speak better than a valiant horse tattoo! A horse is symbolic of elegance and gallantry. Great virtues to etch on your skin! The luscious mane, the taut muscles or the lean, muscular face that reflects grit and grace – the equine body is a wonder to sketch.

Horses embody power and passion. A black horse tattoo or a running horse tattoo could signify your innate desires, your the will to win and your zeal to rise above your circumstances.


Isn’t the resilient animal a great choice for your next tattoo! The illustrious creatures seem to have existed since the beginning of time. They jump out of folktales, epics, myths, and legends. And if you want to only borrow from this glorious creature, a horseshoe tattoo can also get the room talking. The ancient symbol of good luck, the horseshoe is inevitably linked to the magnificence of a horse, while having a delightfully simple design in itself.

As you’ve probably guessed, the equine world is simply full of tattoo inspirations. The simple silhouette of a horse or a detailed sketch in different shades can look amazing and be head-turners.

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Types of Horse Tattoos

From simple tattoos like a racehorse tattoo or a running horse tattoo to impressive fusions like a horse-fish tattoo, or a horse- wolf tattoo, you can have fun with ink honouring the gentle beast.

If you’d like to go simple, just pick an inspiration from anywhere in your life – the city streets, the racecourse, wedding processions or even your favourite bedtime tales. You’ll be sure to find a story that can be conveyed in a few bold strokes – nostalgic and perfect for a simple horse tattoo.

You could pick a few inspirations from the myths as well. Why not kick it off with Arion– the immortal horse from Greek mythology? And let it spread its divine wings and land on your shoulder blades? Or would you rather bare your back and reveal a mare all decked up in ethereal hues? Or maybe just a beautiful cantering horse tattoo on your wrist?

If you are a warrior, who loves to take life head-on, then you could try the eloquent horse warrior tattoo. Or the fire horse tattoo that seems to symbolise life’s passions refined in the spiritual fire. Be a horse whisperer and amaze the eyes of the beholder!

If you like it more real-life inspired, then why not a flying horse tattoo? Like Udal – the legendary horse of Amar Singh Rathore – that leapt over the walls of the Agra Fort! Let your dreams soar high and jump over all the barriers. 

If you prefer grand tattoos on a smaller scale, perhaps the Arabian horse head tattoo is meant for you. The refined wedge shaped head, broad forehead and larger eyes typical of the fine breed could give your tattoo a real-life feel if etched in by expert hands! And the best part? It’s a small horse tattoo with a huge impact.

Tribal horse tattoos are another favourite with tattoo lovers. The free spirit of the animal matches with the tribal virtue of being in sync with the Earth and its elements. You too may connect with your true nature and spirit!

Horse Tattoo Meanings

Horses signify a range of emotions and are symbolic of different faiths and beliefs. Horses depict freedom; the wild spirit; confrontation and overcoming of obstacles.

Horses are renowned for being loyal and intelligent animals. For the ancient Celts, a black horse represented death. In some cultures, horses symbolise fertility.

The wild yet gentle nature of horses is the perfect resonance of our inner beings. We all have our contradictions. We have our fears, yet there is that gallantry burrowed deep within, waiting for the perfect moment to be unleashed. We dream of greater heights that we would leap over someday. We love to run the race and win. And what better way to express than a beautiful, valorous horse tattoo!

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