Angel Tattoos: An Upgraded Blessing!

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Religious markings are not new, but they’ve certainly found a modern upgrade in the angel tattoo!

Angels have held our fascination for centuries. Beings of light sent down by the deities to protect and guide us, they’ve provided comfort and security to people at their best times – and their worst.

Whether angels are a part of our faith of not, it can sometimes feel nice believing we have a helping hand even if we can’t really see them.

An angel tattoo is a great way to remind ourselves that there is always hope, even in despair. And even if it’s not for religious reasons, you can still get one of these angels inked – after all, they’re absolutely beautiful to look at!

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Angel Tattoo Designs

A blessing that’s not in disguise!

The most popular angel tattoo designs are, naturally, of angels protecting and guiding people. Most people get these angel tattoos as sleeves, though half-sleeve angel tattoos are equally popular.

Angel tattoo by Jesse
Artist: Jesse


Angel and demon tattoos are also extremely popular. After all, who doesn’t love a good versus evil story! But angel and devil tattoos are easy to tell apart because of the sharp wings and pointed tail usually found on demons!

Angel devil tattoo by Robbin
Artist: Robbin


But beyond the most popular angel tattoo designs, it’s just as popular to get angel tattoos that reflect the important role these beings play – from doves for peace and DNA for the fabric of life, modern angel tattoo designs keep getting more creative!

We LOVE this beautiful angel back tattoo featuring a dove in the sacred heart spot!

Angel tattoo by Niloy Das
Artist: Niloy Das


Another gorgeous angel tattoo on the back, this one features some stunning dotwork and abstract art too!

Angel tattoo with DNA by Rapha Lopes
Artist: Rapha Lopes


This blackwork angel tattoo on the leg is giving us some seriously intense vibes!

Angel tattoo by Alexandra Fink
Artist: Alexandra Fink


Lady Justice, the Ancient Roman personification of morality and justice, is often depicted with wings in art even though she was actually equivalent to a goddess and not an angel. She does, however, share her role with the archangel of justice, Raguel.

Angel tattoo of Lady Justice byNiloy Das
Artist: Niloy Das


Want something with a more artistic touch? Try a watercolour angel tattoo! We recommend a back or arm angel tattoo when it’s in watercolour – look how well they sit!

Watercolour angel tattoo by Banul
Artist: Banul


Angel tattoo by Banul
Artist: Banul


Angel tattoo by Banul
Artist: Banul


Combining angels with other religious figures, such as Mother Mary, is also a very popular angel tattoo design.

Angel tattoo with Mother Mary by Jordan Baker
Artist: Jordan Baker


Another popular angel tattoo design is to get a departed loved one inked as an angel. After all, who better to watch over us, right?

Angel tattoo by Ilgin Ozdogan
Artist: Ilgin Ozdogan


Angel wing tattoos are just as popular as angel tattoos themselves. They’re a less grand way of carrying angels with you, of course, but they’re also absolutely gorgeous in a tattoo design!

Angel wing tattoo on the leg by Banul
Artist: Banul


Giving yourself a pair of wings is another way to have fun with angel tattoos! We absolutely adore this small angel wing tattoo on the back – so simple yet so pretty!

Angel wings tattoo on the back by Banul
Artist: Banul


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Archangels and Cherubim

A talisman of protection and love

The archangels are thought to be extremely powerful messengers of god.

Each archangel has a meaning of its own – for instance, Michael is for protection, Raphael for healing, Uriel for wisdom and illumination, and so on.

So a tattoo of angel Michael could be thought of as a protective talisman.

Angel tattoo of Archangel Michael by Lucky Solanki
Artist: Lucky Solanki


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Baby angel tattoos are one of the most popular designs, most likely owing to people’s fascination with Cherubs. Cherubs are usually depicted as winged children owing to the original Italian name for them.

Angel tattoo of a cherub by Banul
Artist: Banul


Angel tattoo of a cherub by Cody
Artist: Cody


While most depictions simply show them flying about gracefully and shooting their arrows, others have imagined Cherubs as something a little less saintly… 

Angel tattoo of a drunk cherub by Alexandra Fink
Artist: Alexandra Fink


Cherubs have many duties, including attending to the gods and protecting the gates of Eden. One Cherub in particular is known to be quite the love doctor.

Angel tattoo of blindfolded cupid by Yeono
Artist: Yeono


Want more tattoos depicting love? Visit Love Tattoos: An Ode to Everything We Hold Dear.

Arguably the most popular Cherub, Cupid definitely did not need to shoot an arrow our way for us to put him on this list – or did he?

Angel tattoo of a cherub by Alexandra Fink
Artist: Alexandra Fink


Either way, he’s on the list!

Angel tattoo of Cupid by Yeono
Artist: Yeono


If you’re not up for getting a whole Cherub inked, try just the bow and arrow – it makes for a gorgeous tattoo all on its own!

Angel tattoo of Cupid's bow and arrow by Banul
Artist: Banul

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