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Armband Tattoos

If there’s a tattoo-style that blends in with your body, like an inherent element, echoing your spirit, then it must be the armband tattoo! Resembling a designed band around your arm, the armband tattoo, also known as belt tattoo, is unassuming, yet unignorable.

If you are one of the kinds that love to lure in the stares with subtle tricks, then an armband tattoo is for you! It is stylish and can speak volumes on your attitude, yet giving a low key, legit vibe.

Armband tattoos, as the name indicates, are inked over your arm, circling any preferred area like the biceps, above or below the elbows, the forearm or the wrist.

The Charm Of The Belt Tattoos

Armband tattoos are the most eye-catchy in black art and geographical patterns. Stripes and lines make fabulous tattoos with their striking minimalism.
A thin line circling your biceps can seem obscure yet stunningly suave.
Simple line tattoos separately inked on the upper arm, forearm and wrists look uniquely stylish and graceful. So do lines inked adjacently to form a single armband tattoo.

Compelling shading work on armband tattoos stands out with it’s complex grading, giving off a 3D vibe.
A solid black armband represents mourning, for a dear one or a cause. You could express your sympathy, a personal loss or support for a cause close to your heart with a black armband tattoo.

3D shading on your upper arm belt tattoos can give a highly realistic look as though you are wearing an armlet. Ornate serpent motifs or traditional Kundan design belt tattoos on your lovely upper arms can be enticing.

A Dark gothic style armband tattoo can also satiate your biker- instincts and impress your homies!

Floral patterns and scenery have also found a place among
armband tattoos.

Graphic art could make your armband look very realistic.

Beautiful etchings in various shades on your wrist could
substitute for lovely bracelets.

Tribal motifs also make for interesting armband tattoos. Throw in a touch of the Incas and the Mohicans and be that indigenous spirit that casts a magical spell on the beholders.

Armband Tattoos – A Few Tricks Up The Sleeve

The trick of these catchy belt tattoos is that they fall on one of the less sensitive areas of the body – the arm. Though inner biceps and wrists can prick you more, especially if you are a novice, most areas of the arm hurt less. All the more reason to go for it if you are a first-timer!

Also, the band-shaped tattoos are easy to cover up if you would rather not flaunt them somewhere! There are workplaces that do not want their employees flashing weird tattoos at stiff-necked customers. So if you are a ‘tattoo-nerd in executive clothing’ and wouldn’t want to raise a few eyebrows at work, the armband tattoo saves your day!

The super-cool line armband will make your job easy as they are conveniently coverable. All you do is to pull your sleeves down over them and give your customer a white-collar smile!

Belt Tattoos At Jhaiho

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