Tattoo Artist Spotlight: Pradeep Junior (Astron)

Pradeep Junior is an Indian tattoo artist based in Bangalore. He began tattooing in 2009 after being floored by the artists he saw on Miami Ink, and after working several corporate jobs he opened his first studio in 2011.

He is currently owns and runs Astron Tattoos.


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The Beginning

“I started my career as a tattoo artist in 2009. I had a small TV in my room, and I saw my very first tattoo on the show Miami Ink and I was hooked. My jaw just dropped! I thought “what is happening in front of me? What is that person doing, and why is he doing it so well?!

It took a few more years for me to realize that I wanted to tattoo.


“The day I turned 18 I had my first job at a call centre. From there I went on to work in IT with HP and then Goldman Sachs. I did that till the start of 2010, when I quit to do tattooing full-time.

I worked at a tattoo studio but I wasn’t being paid enough and I had a family to look after, my parents and a sister who was going to college. So I went back to corporate for a 6-month contract, and by the time I was done there I’d saved enough to start a small studio in a garage in BTM – this was in 2011. Since then I’ve been tattooing.”


The First Ink

“I was already tattooing in school, but after I got into a job I got bored in 6 months – that’s when I realized that I had to do something that I liked and that’s when I picked up tattooing.”

“I started tattooing when I was 19. My first tattoo was one I did on myself, on my forearm. The chair over there – where that dude is getting a tattoo on his forearm – is the exact one I did mine on! I had a small 7×7 room where I used to live, and I remember I used to sit in front of my computer with the reference and kept my arm stretched onto the chair’s arm and did it. This is my first tattoo – 11 years old!”


On Being Inspired

Regular day life influences me the most. It could be something as minimalist as going for a walk and seeing something that inspires you. Basically, anything – it could be words, stories, people, colours.”

Everything inspires you if you know where to look.

– Pradeep Junior

“What I was yesterday, I want to be better than that tomorrow. It’s been said before but it’s the same story – you just look at your work from last year and compare it to this year and you see you’re getting better – there’s scope for growth, and you’re inspired by yourself.


Life Outside Tattooing

“I do a ton of things when I’m not tattooing. I paint – I do oil paintings. I do a lot of of graphic work, I’m good with machines – I have a whole carpenter shop and a workshop at the back.


We built this studio ourselves, everything from scratch. From laying the tiles all the way to the top. I don’t have regular hands – I have mason’s hands. I’ve done a lot of jobs in my life, building stuff was one of them. That’s one of my favourite things to do.

“Right now I’m getting into supplies, I supply tattoo equipment and materials.


Art is Creation

“Tattooing people means you’re making a mark forever, but that mark travels places.

It’s like putting a sticker on someone. You know how sometimes when you travel, you take stickers or something similar, something that represents where you’re from, and wherever you go you leave that mark on some wall and you come back.

But imagine that wall moves everywhere. And that’s so cool! Today it’s in Bangalore, tomorrow it’s in the US somewhere. And by now I’ve tattooed so many people and that’s what a tattoo is for me – it moves everywhere. My work travels, it goes places and speaks to people.


“My art in one word – well-thought.

That’s all I do. I think a lot before I do something, at least when it comes to art. That’s also why I don’t really have a favourite subject to tattoo – I like something I’ve thought about and created myself.

And at this point I’ve trained so many people in so many different genres that I don’t have a style anymore. If you show me a tattoo I’ve done I can tell you what genre it is, but when I tattoo I don’t follow a style.



On the Art of Conversation

“I don’t like to talk to people, if I’m being honest about it. I’d just rather sit and tattoo than talk about tattoos to people, so that my tattoo does the talking for me instead of me.”


“I don’t mean any kind of talking ofcourse – imagine someone coming to you for a tattoo, they’re young and have no idea what they actually want and are inspired in a random moment of passion to get something and they come and make a fool of themselves in front of people who’ve experienced so many things and gained a more mature understanding of life and relationships – that’s the kind of talking I’m talking about.”

“But here, I’m getting to share my experience with people and maybe inspire someone – that’s the kind of talking I really enjoy. We’re here for a reason, and once we establish that – we can have an amazing conversation.

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We would like to thank Pradeep Jr and Astron Tattoos for sharing with us the importance of thought in creation.

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