Jhaiho – One of the best fashion startups headquartered in India

This blog showcases why Levi Keswick includes Jhaiho in their top 51 Best Fashion Startups Headquartered in India list.

Startups mentioned in the list are taking a variety of approaches to innovation in the Fashion industry, and one of them is Jhaiho.

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Levi Keswick selected the startups for exceptional performance because of:

● Innovation
○ Innovative ideas
○ Innovative route to market
○ Innovation product● Growth
○ Exceptional growth
○ Exceptional growth strategy
● Management
● Societal impact

Welp Magazine, the partner of Levi Keswick, hosts a yearly startup award honouring the most outstanding entrepreneurs and high-growth businesses in the world. If you want to enter your startup to be in the running for the top startup of 2021 or learn more about their competition click here.

best fashion startups

Levi Keswick has chosen Jhaiho on the grounds of the above targets. In case you were wondering what Jahiho is about, its founders, and which industry is Jhaiho in, here you go:

The idea behind the start-up:
Digitizing the tattoo industry in a unique way. Jhaiho is a one-stop solution for all your tattoo needs.


Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

Artificial Intelligence, Consumer Software, Fashion, Machine Learning

Gnan Ganta,  Rohit Suseelan

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