Aliens & Coverups: Out with the old, in with the new!

A large half-sleeve coverup tattoo featuring the Buddha


Coverup Tattoos: Why should you get one?

We love tattoos – this much is true! So why would we ever recommend a coverup?

Well, everyone makes mistakes! Whether it’s because the tattoo didn’t turn out right in the first place, has faded and does not look good anymore, or you got a personal tattoo that you now regret – coverups can be a lifesaver!

But they are not as easy as just putting a new tattoo over an old one. Unfortunately, this isn’t quite like fixing a painting!

Coverup Tattoos: How do they work?

If the coverup is not done right, the old tattoo will still be visible through the new one.

To really get the most out of a coverup, some artists might recommend getting a single laser removal session done first to lighten the old tattoo, after which a coverup becomes much easier.

When the old design is faded or has been lightened with a laser removal session, it allows for a wider variety of tattoos to choose from for your coverup.

If you choose to go for a coverup without first getting a laser session done, then your artist will most likely opt for a coverup tattoo that is much larger than the old tattoo so that they can adequately cover it up without needing to ruin the design of the new tattoo.

Whichever path you choose, be sure to select a good artist, one who understands ink really well and knows how different tattoos will interact with eachother.

A good artist will usually be able to do some really amazing work covering up a tattoo – and some really enjoy the challenge!

Not sure where to find a good artist?

Well you’re in luck because we happen to know a few! Check out these incredible coverup tattoos from the wonderfully talented artists at Aliens Tattoo Studio!

Aliens Tattoos are located in Mumbai and Bangalore. Book an appointment with them now through Jhaiho!

Aliens Tattoo Studio

Finding the right tattoo artist to get your coverup from is tough – after all, if they do it wrong and you can still see the old tattoo under the coverup you would walk away utterly disappointed!

Aliens Tattoo Studio are known to be one of the top studios in India, and their skill speaks volumes! Check out these amazing before and after shots of some of their coverup tattoos!

Want to see more? Visit Aliens CoverUp and Extensions for a full gallery of coverup tattoos done by the artists at Aliens!

Coverup Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The most common kind of coverup tattoo tends to be larger and quite dark since this ensures the older tattoo will not show through the new design.

A coverup does not, however, have to be boring or cliché! You can pick a tattoo that has meaning for you or even one that appeals to you personally and leave the work of designing the coverup tattoo up to your artist!

Have an abstract idea you want inked? Get it customized!
Eagles symbolize freedom and honesty and are thought to be a connection to the divine.

Speaking of divinity, religious tattoos make for some amazing coverups! They work particularly well in blackwork and realism tattoos, which makes them a perfect choice to ink over an old tattoo.

Buddhism is a religion of peace, serenity, and enlightenment. Buddhist teachings advocate for becoming the best version of yourself.

It makes sense then to cover up something old using a symbol of self-discovery and growth!

Buddha tattoos also often use other symbols in their design, such as the lotus to symbolize strength and rebirth.

Another popular symbol featured in Buddha tattoos is the bamboo plant, which symbolizes resilience, growth, and prosperity.

Hinduism also features some prominent deities that have become increasingly popular as tattoo designs. The most common one tends to be Lord Shiva, who is a symbol of righteousness, power, and passion.

Shiva tattoos often feature a cobra, which symbolizes the ability to make decisions with clarity and fearlessness,  which also speaks to Shiva’s ability to dispel ignorance and impart wisdom.

Goddess Kali is another popular figure that features in tattoos. She symbolizes feminine energy – the energy of creation and birth as well as destruction and death.

Kali tattoos are a fantastic way to symbolize the washing away of past mistakes and beginning anew.

Large, dark tattoos work great for coverups but this does not mean you always have to get a blackwork tattoo done if you want an old tattoo hidden!

Small, minimalist tattoos are a great option for coverups!

Minimalist coverup tattoo

Want more minimalist tattoo ideas? Check out Aliens Tattoo Studio: The Essence of Minimalism

You can also opt for a beautiful watercolour tattoo that cleverly covers up the old design without needing to incorporate quite as much black ink.

Mermaids always look stunning in watercolour tattoos. As the descendants of Aphrodite and Venus, mermaids symbolize love and beauty.

As creatures of the sea, mermaids symbolize healing, as well as finding the beauty and hope in moving on.

If you’re feeling a little creative, why not try an abstract tattoo?

The Tree of Life is often used to symbolize positive energy and a fresh start, one filled with good fortune and a bright future.

Abstract watercolour tattoos are a fantastic choice if you’re looking for something that is creative and artistic!

Featuring a lion, which represents finding balance between being serious and having a bit of fun, this tattoo is a stunning ode to personal growth and finding meaning and purpose.

Coverup tattoos also work wonders with expanding on the design of an older tattoo.

Birds symbolize freedom, divinity, and the ability to ‘see the bigger picture’
Tattoo extension is a great way to update your old ink!

They’re also perfect for updating an old or faded tattoo.

Have a faded tattoo? Get it touched up!
Spruce up an old tattoo with a coverup!

Want to see more? Visit Aliens CoverUp and Extensions for a full gallery of coverup tattoos done by the artists at Aliens!

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Jhaiho is delighted to host Aliens on our platform! Have a tattoo you need covered up? Visit Aliens Tattoo Studio and book your appointment today!

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