20 Tattoo Ideas for the Dark Soul

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 Dark Soul Tattoo Ideas That Doesn’t Include The Grim Reaper Would Be Blasphemous, Honestly.

From Poe to the Tarot, and Grim Adventures to the snake-haired goddess Medusa, whether you’re more from the grey area or birthed straight from the depths of a black hole, there’s an ink out there that represents your dark soul.


1.Once upon a midnight dreary…
Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven
Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore”

Why get only a raven when you can get the entire poem? Go ahead, make Poe smile. A little.


2. An itty-bitty skull for your itty-bitty soul.
dark soul tattoo ideas
Tiny skull laughs in the face of danger

Is it ink, is it a birthmark — you won’t know until you get close enough. But who would dare?


3. Death becomes her.
White-robed grim reaper
Or maybe she becomes death

A list for the dark soul that doesn’t include the Grim Reaper would be blasphemous, honestly. Just try not to challenge any reapers to a limbo. Unless, of course, you’re looking to befriend one.


4. A grim adventure.
Tiny skull in a jar
Extra small skull in a jar

Sometimes your darkness is also kind of cute. Kind of like Mandy, the patron saint of the cute dark souls. Who says you can’t have it all?


5. For a soul as black as night.
Small ankle tattoo of a black cat
“I am the darkness”, he meowed

Because sometimes darkness is also a tiny ball of fluff. For when you’re Mange, and only travel at night. Or you’re just Buttercup in a black suit, but who says you can’t be both?


6. For the dark soul that likes melting into the abyss.
Girl surrounded by black cats
We all need a cat shield

Okay, maybe we just like cats. Who WOULDN’T want to be cloaked in a blanket of fluffy darkness?!


7. Sometimes you dabble in the mystical arts, sometimes they dabble in you.
Bringer of death
Decay will feed the bloom

To be fair though, the death card can be a sign of either an end or a new beginning — to perish, or be reborn; that is the question.


8. Hell hath no fury…
Medusa and Aeshaetter - a combination forged by the heavens!
Let none escape the blade that rips through all, even space

A single gaze to turn you into stone, but this Medusa has an upgrade — Æsahættr — the subtle knife, the God Destroyer! If you happen to be a dark soul that also enjoys a bit of Philip Pullman. Or maybe you just like blades with epic names.


9. The last cigarette.
A mournful goodbye
Where grunge and pain collide

For when your nights are filled with longing and desire, passion and pain. Or everything, all at once. Don’t forget to breathe — just breathe.


10. For the lover of melancholy and sorrow.
Tarot card of pain and perseverance
The three of swords — a card of pain, a card of perseverance

Three strikes through the heart, the card of heartbreak and of heavy burden, or a card of rising above pain and living to see the next day.


11. “I like my ink like I like my coffee — black”
Black coffee for a black soul
As black as my soul

Or maybe you’re more into black tea, we don’t judge. Basically, caffeine. We like caffeine. You like caffeine. And ink is basically as addictive as caffeine. So it all works.


12. When the struggle is too real.
Some things break and never really get fixed
Sometimes, you just gotta say…

Because sometimes, things just break. In two. Right when you need them the most. And now you’re out at 2 am trying to find a 7–11 to fix your insatiable craving.


13. “Though we won’t ever meet, I remember your name”
Sometimes, you just need to be left alone
Pray to god I think of something nice to say

But I can’t so…Oh Archive, thou speaketh our dark, dark alien language. Well, alien to everyone else at least. And to all of them, we say…


14. Seeping into the dark night…
A black skeleton looks on as a tree withers away
Melting, blowing away

…in a house on a hill, the dead are living still…and sometimes, they get under your skin. And it’s kind of awesome.


15. Steal away, under the shade of the night…
Escape under the stars on a cold,dark night

Some enjoy long walks on the beach, others prefer disappearing into the thick of the black night. And others like to enjoy their night sky in ink.


16. Dance like no one’s watching.
Dancing skeleton
Let your bones knock with glee

Because they probably aren’t. People are usually lost in their own darkness so you might as well be as carefree as Mr Bones over here. Or you could just get the ink and call it a day.


17. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger.
Pulp Fiction tattoo
I said God Damn!

If you’re a fan of the classic Pulp Fiction, with it’s legendary dialogues that have continued to inspire memes for generations, then this ‘blackwork hand poke portrait tattoo by Maks Mariańczuk’ is perfect inspiration for when you go visiting your favourite dark artist.


18. For the writer of all things macabre.
Skull ink
With a quill of thorns

For when ink is the poison with which you paint a story of darkness and ghastly tales. What better representation of dark tales and dark souls than dark ink?


19. I’ve got no strings, to hold me down. To make me fret, or make me frown.
I've got no strings attached
Do you lead or do you follow?

Are you led by the brain or the heart? Are you the Puppet Master or the newborn being led out into a world that is vast and infinite? From Ultron to Major Motoko Kusanagi, there’s all kinds of Pinocchios to draw on when deciding who you are in a world without strings.


20. What lurks beneath…
What lies beneath
Underneath the water…

Beneath that exterior? What hides behind the smile, behind those eyes? Is there more darkness, or something…unexpected? What’s your deep, dark secret?


* * *


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