Eagle Tattoos: Bird’s Eye View

Eagle Tattoos – Bird’s Eye View: The Eagle’s Wisdom

The Eagle does not escape the storm. The Eagle simply uses the storm to lift it higher. It spreads its mighty wings and rises on the winds that bring the storm.

– Jack White

The most common symbolism associated with eagles is one that inspires the phrase ‘bird’s eye view’.

Eagle tattoo from Ancient Studio
Studio: Ancient


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Because they soar higher than any other bird, it is thought to be a connection to the divine with the wisdom to see the larger picture.

But there’s more to eagles than just their ability to see the world from a different perspective.

Read on for more eagle tattoo meanings!


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Eagle Tattoo: Designs and Meanings

Bird of Grace and Beauty

Eagles are thought to be symbols of beauty and grace because of how majestic they look. Eagle tattoos on the hands or arms tend to be the most popular placement for these tattoos, with good reason – they look almost as majestic as the bird itself!

Eagle tattoo from Ancient Studio
Studio: Ancient


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Yet, despite their regal beauty, eagles are also symbols of strength and ferocity because of how dangerous they can be!


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Ferocity, Strength, and Power

Eagles have sharp beaks and talons and strong jaw muscles and feet that could cause some serious damage. Add to that their massive wings, and this is truly a formidable, dangerous creature.

Which makes eagle tattoos a perfect choice for a back tattoo!

Eagle tattoo on back from Inkadelik
Studio: Inkadelik


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Remind us to never get on an eagle’s bad side!


Patience and Wisdom

Yet, for all its strength and raw power, the eagle only uses as much as it needs – when it needs it.

Eagles remind us to stay grounded, using the bird’s eye view to see the whole situation and not as a way to disconnect from it. This eagle sleeve tattoo makes sure you remember that lesson at all times!

Eagle tattoo from Verve Studio
Studio: Verve


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Spirit Animals and Totems

People who feel an affinity towards eagles are usually visionaries and born leaders.

They like to push themselves out of their comfort zone and can often get impatient with people that do not take risks the way they do. They also like to make quite a statement – just like this eagle wing tattoo on the shoulder!

Eagle tattoo from Inkblot
Studio: Inkblot


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Yet, even when they go off on their own, people tend to follow!


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Eagles and Cultural Symbolism

Many cultures think of eagles as messengers that connect us to the divine, on account of their ability to soar as high as they do.

Eagle tattoo from Inkadelik
Studio: Inkadelik


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The eagle has been used by various great empires as a banner or emblem – from Babylon, Egypt, and Rome in the past to modern countries such as the US that aspire to be as great as these empires.

American eagle from Hobo Studio
Studio: Hobo


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Native Americans see the eagle as a symbol of leadership and vision. The Hittites would say that a double-headed eagle symbol meant one could ‘never be surprised’ – after all, they see everything with just one head, imagine two!


Religious and Spiritual Symbolism

Early Christianity saw eagles as a symbol of salvation. Islam saw the eagle as a symbol of strength, representing ferocity, nobility, and dominion.

Eagle tattoo from Trippink
Artist: Ritopriyo Saha


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The god Zeus is thought to have turned himself into the sacred eagle to control thunder and lightning.

Ancient Aztec tradition speaks of a chief god who led people to a place where they would find an ‘eagle perched on a cactus eating a snake’ – this would become their home, now called Mexico City.

Eagle cover up tattoo from Trippink
Artist: Ritopriyo Saha


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Pueblo Indians associated the eagle with the sun’s energy, and held in deep spiritual regard.


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Channeling the Eagle

In modern spirituality, the eagle symbolizes new beginnings, freedom and courage to look ahead, and the resilience to endure difficult times.

Eagle wing tattoo from Birthmark Tattoo n Customs
Studio: Birthmark Tattoo n Customs


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This is why many like to keep eagle totems around when they are about to embark on a new challenge or endeavour. They inspire you to push yourself, be bold, and stretch beyond your limits.

In short – be like an eagle, be patient and wise, be brave enough to go after what you want, and watch as victory flies your way!

Eagle tattoo from Astron Studio
Studio: Astron


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