Ear Tattoos: Small Tattoos for Everyone!

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Ear Tattoos: Tiny Tattoos, Big Messages!

Ear tattoos are becoming more and more popular these days.

They’re small enough to hide, yet unique in their placement and designs making them an interesting choice for most people.

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Ear Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Due to this placement being so small, the most common choice for ear tattoos tends to be floral designs. And boy do flowers make for some dainty ear tattoos!

Ear tattoo by Banul
Artist: Banul

Getting an ear tattoo of a flower is a great choice just for how beautiful they are, but they can also be quite meaningfulEach flower stmbolizes something unique, making it possible to personalize floral designs to suit you.

Ear tattoo by Banul
Artist: Banul

Flower meanings also change based on the colour!

Red flowers, such as tulips and roses mean love, desire, romance, and passion while black roses symbolize grief and loss.

Ear tattoo by Banul
Artist: Banul

White flowers tend to mean innocence (such as daisies) and sweet love (such as white jasmine), while purple flowers, such as lavender and violet represent devotion and loyalty and can often have religious or spiritual symbolism attached to them.

Ear tattoo by Banul
Artist: Banul
Ear tattoo by Banul
Artist: Banul

When personalizing floral tattoo designs, be sure to get the colours right or you’ll find yourself with the totally opposite message! For instance, while pink carnations mean ‘I will never forget you‘, yellow ones symbolize ‘disdain‘ – imagine getting THAT mixed up in a gift!

Ear tattoo by Banul
Artist: Banul
Ear tattoo by Banul
Artist: Banul

Leaves and herbs also make for great ear tattoos – and they each have meanings too! For instance, basil symbolizes hate – funny, considering they make food taste so dang good!

Ear tattoo by Robbin Snipart
Artist: Robbin Snipart

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As gorgeous as these dainty ear tattoos are, flowers and leaves aren’t all that fit here! Check out these unique ear tattoo designs and find some inspiration for your tattoo!

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The yellow ribbon has various meanings including raising awareness about prisoners of war, suicide prevention, adoption, and various types of cancer. Such tattoos can often be very personal, so a small ear tattoo is a beautifully intimate dedication to people or causes we care about deeply.

Ear tattoo by Banul
Artist: Banul

Tribal bands are a very common design due to them being aesthetically pleasing to look at, but originally they represented grief and loss – much like black roses do now. A simple ear tattoo of lines might go entirely unnoticed by most, which makes them a great way to memorialize a lost loved one when it’s something you’d rather not talk about.

Ear tattoo lines from Heksa Hanspoke
Studio: Heksa Handpoke
Ear tattoo by Robbin Snip Art
Artist: Robbin Snip Art

Mandalas are another popular tattoo design right now. In an age of enlightenment and spirituality, it’s not hard to imagine why! These gorgeous designs represent our role in the vast universe.

Ear tattoo by Robbin Snip Art
Artist: Robbin Snip Art

The queen of hearts is a perfect ear tattoo for women. We absolutely love this tattoo in front of the ear! It adds another layer of interest to an already unique placement!

Ear tattoo on Jesy Nelson of Little Mix by Zaya
Artist: Zaya

Small tattoos are the norm with ear placements, but you can always extend your tattoo further.

Mandala tattoo behind ear by Rapha Lopes
Artist: Rapha Lopes

For instance, your ear tattoo could be part of a larger piece that includes a tattoo behind the ear or a neck tattoo.

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These behind the ear mandala tattoos are a great example of what a larger tattoo around the ear might look like! Ear tattoos are often thought of as dainty of feminine due to them usually being small and featuring floral designs, but these gorgeous behind the ear tattoos for men proves otherwise!

Mandala tattoo behind ear by Rapha Lopes
Artist: Rapha Lopes

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Ear Tattoos: Pain and Aftercare

Do ear tattoos hurt? Well, that depends on who you ask.

Pain levels vary from person to person. Not everyone has the same tolerance for tattoo pain!

Ear tattoos and tattoos behind the ear, in theory, would hurt more due to there being less flesh on these areas. This makes them more sensitive to pain when getting a tattoo. The pain is also more intense over a bony area due to the vibrations from the machine being felt more.

Yet in reality, many people say their ear tattoos didn’t hurt much – or at all! Most describe it as relatively painless and nothing more than a tickling sensation.

Like we said – pain is relative!

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Tattoo Aftercare

A tattoo is only as good as the aftercare it gets! Trust us – after all, we did write a whole guide about it!

So how does one take care of an ear tattoo?

Tattoos on areas like the hands, feet, lips, and neck (including behind the ear!) are some of the fastest fading tattoos. They’re exposed to more water and sunlight, in addition to daily wear and tear, than most other parts of the body.

Proper aftercare can keep a tattoo looking fresh and sharp for longer.

Tattoos on these placements, however, will still fade faster. That means you’re looking at a very intense healing period with lots of aftercare in addition to a lifetime of tattoo care and potential touchups.

As they say – no pain, no gain!


Visit The Jhaiho Tattoo Care Guide for a full guide on caring for your tattoo.


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