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A name tattoo is a great way to honor your relationship with a closed one. It is a way to remember them when they are away from you. But what’s so special in a name? It’s special because it presents the person. It’s their identity. So, you will not want to mess with the design.

Always go with the best designs for the name tattoo as it will be a commitment for a long time. You can take the help of tattoo artists to zero down on a design that you love. Now, the question arises where to find good tattoo artists. You will find them at Jhaiho, where you will get tattoo artists from different cities who have more than 12 years of experience who will guide you till the end of your inking journey.

If you are here for some name tattoo ideas, they are right here below. Just scroll down.

Easy Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 19

Check out this name tattoo which has great line work and style. It can be a great inspiration for your name tattoo session. 

You can replace the date below with the date that you met your loved one and the heartbeat lines are the perfect touch to show how much you love and care for the person. The font style also looks beautiful and it will definitely make a great tattoo.

Easy Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 20

Dedicating a tattoo for your child. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Yes, you can get your child’s name inked on your body to commemorate the deep-rooted love that a parent has for his/her child. 

Also, when they grow up and move on with their lives, a tattoo of their name is a way to keep them close to you, to your heart. You can look at the tattoo and reminisce about the good old days that you spent together. Even though they are just one phone call away, a tattoo with your child’s name is always special.

Here are some examples of name tattoos that can be done in the name of your child.

Easy Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 21Easy Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 22

Easy Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 23

When you think about name tattoos, choosing lettering styles should be on the top of your list because they can easily make or break your design. Nobody wants their tattoo to look dull and unattractive, so proper research is important to pick the correct font or lettering style that will make the tattoo stand out.

Some of the popular fonts that people go for are calligraphy, cursive fonts, graffiti, blade fonts, and many more.

If you love the lettering style of old scriptures, then, this tattoo on the left side can be an ideal option for you. The font depicts a kind of scripture writing which is unique and an eyecatcher. You should try this font for sure.

Easy Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 24

Simple and minimalist name tattoos never go out of trend and some people love these designs whatever new trending design comes in the tattoo industry. You can tattoo a name in this simple font style if you want a cool tattoo. Also, if you are someone who wants to keep the tattoo personal and doesn’t grab eyeballs, this design is for you as you can easily cover it with your shirt sleeves.

Easy Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 25

A name tattoo with an arrow is meaningful body art. Arrows symbolize strength and direction, and including the name of a special someone means that you are heading in the right direction with them. But, you should be sure about tattooing the person’s name as we don’t want you to regret your decision.

Even though there are tattoo cover-ups and tattoo removal procedures, it’s better to be sure than regret it later.

As we are speaking about arrow tattoos, you can celebrate the special relationship that you share with your group of good friends. You just need to add arrows and a cool font for the names to complete the tattoo design. Surprise your friends with this tattoo and toast to the unbreakable bond that you share

.Easy Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 26

Easy Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 27

A heartbeat tattoo with a name is the best possible way to express your love for the special someone in your life. There’s no better way to show your love. You can also place the first letter of the name of the person into the heart which depicts that they mean so much to you. 

You can also add the full name, the choice is yours. Either way, it will look good.

Easy Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 28

Butterflies are one of the prettiest elements that you can add to a tattoo. They look so beautiful that you can’t resist admiring them. Also, a butterfly represents love and what other reason do you need to add them to your name tattoos. If you are inking your mother’s name or your partner’s you can add a butterfly on the side of the tattoo and it will look amazing.

Butterflies remind us that they evolve from a caterpillar to beautiful creatures and that is how love works. It’s the perfect reflection of how with time we transform and evolve in love with that special someone.

Easy Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 29

Angels are often thought to protect humans from any evil and are regarded as heavenly bodies with their majestic wings. As the wings of angels look heavenly, it is a common choice to honor loved ones who have passed away. People also ink angel wings to celebrate their faith. But, as we are speaking of name tattoos, it’s a nice option to go with if you have lost someone and want to honor them.

Many people, mostly men, opt for the chest area for the angel wings tattoos as it looks great there and they can show off the tattoo whenever they whip off the shirt.

The only downside of this tattoo is that it will hurt a lot because of the proximity of the bone. If you can handle excruciating pain, then it’s worth it. The result looks as awesome as it is seen in the picture here.

As we are speaking about pain levels, you can check the pain levels for different tattoos at Jhaiho where you can apply filters according to the tattoo shape and size and check the pain level and decide on whether you can tolerate that much pain or not. You can also check out the tattoo pain chart blog to get a clear idea.

P.S. Pain tolerance varies from person to person.

Easy Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 30

Name tattoos with the Hindi language look unique but are complex designs. It’s a fetish many people have developed after celebrities were spotted wearing these tattoos in style.

It was in the year 2000 when David Beckham proclaimed his love for his wife Victoria by getting her name tattooed in Hindi on his left forearm. Since then, he has been proudly flaunting it. Similarly, Saif Ali Khan got his lady love, Kareena’s name tattooed when they were dating in the Hindi language. Now they are happily married with two adorable boys.

I guess these reasons are enough to get people more inclined towards a Hindi language name tattoo. If you are thinking of getting your partner’s name inked, go with the Hindi language.

Easy Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 31

There’s no other way to celebrate your love than getting matching tattoos with each other’s names. This gesture shows how important you are to each other and are sure about how you want to move forward in your lives. 

You can go for cursive fonts like this tattoo over here or you can go for other fonts like calligraphy, simple and plain text fonts. Also, elements like a heart or a bird or a dragonfly can be added to make it an appealing tattoo.

Also, if you are confused as to what font to go with your tattoo, you can explore designs at Jhaiho where you will find tons of them.

Easy Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 32

Have you ever thought of getting your baby’s footprint tattooed in the actual size? It’s a cool idea, right? So, why not get one in the name of your child. All you need to do is get a printout of your child’s foot and visit a tattoo artist and explain your vision.

A footprint tattoo might take several sessions to complete it, so it’s better to be prepared. Also, take proper aftercare once the tattoo is completed as there might be a high risk of infection if you don’t take care of it properly as instructed by the tattoo artist. 

Speaking about the tattoo, it can be done anywhere on the body and it’s an extraordinary but sweet gesture to surprise your child. Try it and see your child’s expression.

Here are a few name tattoo designs that you can pick for your tattoo session

Easy Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 33
Easy Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 34
Easy Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 35

Easy Name Tattoo Ideas Just For You 36

With these tattoo designs, we have come to the end of this blog. We hope we were able to deliver some designs that you liked and have bookmarked them as references for your next tattoo session. You can also visit the Jhaiho website and explore several tattoo designs where you will find thousands of them and search according to filters like shading, sketch, illustrative, neo-traditional and many more.

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  • It is one of the most loving and loyal gestures to name someone you care about after your body. If you’re having difficulties deciding on a name tattoo, you can always do some research or have it customized, as I did with https://wannabeink.com/collections/wild-flower. An artist can also provide recommendations depending on your preferences.