Expressing it with Tattoos: The Modernist Approach to Love

Script Star Moon Couple Tattoo

What could be said about Love that has not been said before? In novels and poems, in summer and in the rain, romanticising the whole idea about an abstract phenomenon. Dopamine and Oxytocin, the ‘happy hormones’ running through the body. It has been observed that art and literature have always been the best friends to express your feelings for your partner or your loved ones. While the rest of the world is submitting to love on their own terms, some couples resort to creative ways of expressing their Love like having love tattoos for couples ideas accumulated together.

Can be called a fad but mostly are known to be a symbol of lifelong partnership and compass on. Since tattoos are something that is associated with longevity, it’s exceptionally difficult to find the appropriate tattoo ideas with meaning for couples. Let’s take a look at the new designs that are popular among people, also known as couple tattoos.

The Snitch Key

Famous among the Potterheads, the snitch key is a symbol that associates the couple with the passion for a particular subject. Quite popular among young couples, it also represents magicacceptance and Love. This can be great as wrist tattoo ideas for couples.


Ancient Tattoos

These tattoos withheld deeper meanings associated with some culture or tradition. Couples are really fond of such tattoos who believe in a common objective or relate to something specific for each other. Meaningful unique designs that are either customised or blended together.

King and Queen Tattoos

The crown tattoos are generally known as the king and queen tattoos. This needs extreme precision and an eye for detail. These are the most popular couple tattoos that are generally modified with a name or a variation in colour for one another. 

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This symbolises spirituality, lifethe existence of the universe and honours its presence. Though it literally identifies as a Hinduism, Jainism or a Buddhism sign, Om tattoos have become popular for its versatility with other tribal and ancient tattoos, combined.

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The Native American or Bohemian trend ruling the tattoo industry. Quite popular among couples for its diverse meaning and distinctive appearance. Subtle and edgy, an arrow can be called in for a lot of meaning. Like defencestrugglestrength etc.


Colourful Cartoon

As fun as it looks, these are chosen by couples that reflect their true spirit through these tattoos. Quirky and exclusive to them, colourful cartoons is the new trend that is catching up this season. These are the cute matching tattoo ideas for couples that you can think about.

While these were the expressions of Love, choose your favourite and let us know what you think about your idea of couple tattoos. We get it finding the perfect tattoo ideas for couples with meaning is a task. If you are planning to get one with your partner, Jhaiho will help you find the true meaning of Love.

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