Fly By, Butterfly: Ink on a beauty

Floral Butterfly Arm Tattoo

We used to see them every day, almost everywhere. Now, they are slowly becoming a rare sight in the city. But tiny as they may be, their beauty never fails to inspire awe and wonder. 

The magnificent butterfly. 

Our childhoods were defined by them. They were one of the first things we learnt to draw. One of the first life cycles we studied about in school. One of the most delightful things we chased across scenic landscapes. Butterfly jewellery, butterfly costumes, butterfly colours. Nostalgia, much? Butterflies are beautiful. That’s unquestionable. 

But did you also know that butterflies have inspired artists across the world?

They hold a prime place in art history and their symmetry has fascinated creative minds for eons. Though they look fragile and delicate, their legacy is unshakeable. So inking on a butterfly tattoo might just be the most gorgeous gift you give yourself. 

Why butterflies, you ask?

Well, for the sheer art of it, for one. The colours, the patterns, the intricacies. And also, for their deep symbolism. Butterflies represent freedom, luck, beauty and transformation. They also depict the universal philosophy of rebirth and resurrection. Remember the whole larvae-caterpillar-pupa-butterfly thing? It’s no surprise that these little creatures evoke such a deep sense of wonder. 

moth tattoo

And before you decide that a butterfly tattoo is oh-so-girly, imagine this.

A black stenciled ink on the chest. Love it? We thought so. You could even try a pattern with moths. A little darker, but just as stunning. The love for butterflies is almost universal. So why shouldn’t the love for a butterfly tattoo be universal too?

Now if you have decided to get one of these beauties etched on to your skin, you’ve got to pick the perfect spot.

If you’re looking at a smaller, more delicate tattoo (think butterfly profiles, tiny simple lines), then the wrist and the ankle are ideal. If you want one with its wings spread out in full glory, pick a larger canvas like your shoulder blades, the side of your ribcage or your chest.

You can even choose to pair your butterfly tattoo with other designs.

Florals go really well with butterflies. But if you’d like to tell a unique story, find an unusual pairing. From something as simple as a watercolour splash to powerful imagery like skulls or tribal art, the scope is endless. Whatever you choose to do, know that it will be gorgeous. It’s almost impossible to mess up this beauty of nature.

Can’t wait to ink one of these on? That’s what we’re there for. Find your perfect butterfly, book a date with us and head on over. Give your tattoo dreams exquisite, symmetrical butterfly wings. 

Know what you want to get inked? Head on over to and book your tattoo appointment today!

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