How does self-expression show up in students? Which tattoo do they prefer?

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We express ourselves in many ways, including the music that we listen to, the clothes that we put on, and, of course, tattoos.

College is the moment in the lives of young adults when they make the decision to book an appointment with the tattoo salon or ask a friend to give them a hand-painted tattoo in their living room.

The campus of DePaul is just a few minutes away from Belmont, at the Belmont stop, where one of the oldest tattoo studios located in Chicago, Illinois is located: Chicago Tattoo and Piercing Company.

Each tattoo artist has a distinctive style of inking, including geometric letters, illustrative, and minimalism, among other styles. It is possible to find small, family-run tattoo studios, which are generally less expensive and have a myriad of possibilities in traditional studios for tattoos.

“The way we evaluate pricing is mostly by the size of the tattoo and the detail within that size, along with the placement of the design,” Grande explained. “For instance, the price of a four-by-four tattoo is very simple inside, say, a black square, versus the same size tattoo with a lot of detail within.”

This is common practice for tattoo studios. However, this can be costly for students in college with a tight budget. Emma Anderson, a senior at DePaul who runs a modest stick and poke business, has affordable rates for the typical college student’s budget.

Wherever you decide to get a tattoo, it’s an original way to express yourself and create art. Tattoos serve as a constant souvenir of a certain moment in your life or an event that you must not forget. In addition, they’re also beautiful works of art. ” The styles that students are looking for differ from subtle to wild. “We receive a variety of ideas from clients that they have found on the internet,” Grande said. “[Designs] may be tattooed on a rock star or a ballplayer or an actor, and they want the same design.”

Every student gets a tattoo to mark their own reasons, which range from a commitment to someone else or an image of oneself. However, they’re all permanent and carry a lot of significance. “We also do a lot of lettering,” Grande explained. Quite a few clients request quotes or phrases that they’ve seen or read about their personal feelings. There is a vast variety of designs and ideas that are sought.

“I wanted my first tattoo to represent my dad, who passed away,” said Vanessa Pezza, a DePaul senior who studies marketing management. “Getting his signature on my body signifies that he’s always looking at me. It’s great to remember him every time I look at it. “

“My tattoos definitely represent my values of family,” Pezza stated. “And the belief that everything will work out in the way it was intended to.” “Tattoos are gorgeous, and it’s a wonderful method of expressing what is important to me.”

Certain people set their tattoo dates ahead of time. However, other students, such as Angie Rainey, a senior at DePaul, did not make appointments or had a solid concept in her head when she got the first tattoo. “It was a really fun experience,” Rainey stated. “It was a really small stick and poke tattoo that was kind of done on a whim.”

Even if you don’t have a plan for your tattoo, it may be just as meaningful as tattoos that have been carefully thought through. When Rainey had her first tattoo, she was just a freshman at college and was able to adapt to the life of college students. “I love tattoos because they represent your life at a certain moment,” Rainey declared. “So that specific tattoo caught me at such a transformative and new time in my life.”

Anderson also shared an experience in which she tattooed her roommates as well as herself. “I have a shared matching tattoo between my roommates and me that means a lot to all of us,” Anderson explained. “It was a shared bonding experience, and it really does mean a lot that my friends trust and love me enough to doodle on them permanently.” Sometimes the tattoo doesn’t need to be a source of any significance; however, it’s the ability to look at the work on your arm and recall what was happening at the time.

It’s not the case that all DePaul students have tattoos solely for significance, but that doesn’t make them less valuable. Their tattoos are the memories of a particular moment that they can look back at whenever they look down at their leg, arm, or any other part of the body. It doesn’t matter whether tattoos have an important meaning or not, or even have any meaning; DePaul students are expressing their body art in an array of ways.

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How does self-expression show up in students? Which tattoo do they prefer? 2

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