How Safe Is To Get A Tattoo After Receving Covid 19 Vaccine

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Is It Safe To Get A Tattoo After Receiving A COVID-19 Vaccine?

Coronavirus has changed a huge number of industries, and the way we all live our lives. Now that we have COVID-19 vaccines available around the world, a lot of people are starting to wonder what the next steps are in terms of getting back to normality, and plenty of people have been itching to get their latest tattoo. So, is it safe to get a tattoo after receiving the vaccine?

Tattoo after COVID-19 vaccine

It is important to remember that there is only so much we know about the impact of the vaccines over the long term. Research on tattoos after the vaccine hasn’t really been one of the priorities for scientists. However, there is no reason why the two should interact, and there have been no signs of tattoos after a COVID-19 vaccine causing any complications.

A trustworthy tattoo shop will never see their customers put under any risks, and they will probably have adopted their own coronavirus policies to keep people safe. Tattoo shops have to be safe and clean anyway, so there is very little risk attached to your actual visit. It’s a good idea to discuss with your tattoo artist if they have changed their approach or processes since coronavirus.

How long do I need to wait after vaccination?

There is no indication from the data available that you need to wait a certain period of time after being vaccinated. However, it may be a good idea to leave a little bit of time between the two.

One reason for this is that you might feel run down after you have been vaccinated. This is normal, and to be expected, especially with some of the vaccines available. You might just not feel much like having a tattoo after you’ve been jabbed, and in extreme cases you might even need some bed rest.

Another of the reasons why we advise that you wait, especially if you are getting an arm tattoo, is that you might get complications and soreness from the jab confused with tattoo pain. It’s normal to get some redness and swelling after a tattoo, but if you’ve also had a jab in the area, you don’t know if this is coming from the tattoo, or if it is due to your jab.

There have been no indications at all that getting a tattoo can impact the effectiveness of the vaccines. Though the data is limited, there’s no reason to think that it would interfere.

Take care of your tattoo

Taking care of your tattoo is essential, whether coronavirus is rife in your area or not. The cleanliness of a tattoo shop is the perfect start, but you need to also make sure you wrap the tattoo and keep it covered when you get home. There are also a variety of creams that you can use to keep the area moisturized. If you don’t, the tattoo can dry out or even scar.

Understand risks and precautions

Before making a decision on whether or not to get a tattoo after your vaccination, think about the risks that we know about, and precautions you can take in order to reduce putting yourself at any risk.


The risks of getting a tattoo after getting a vaccine are small. One of the main issues is that if you get complications from either, it will be hard to pinpoint what has caused it, especially if you have them within a short time of one another.

Another very slight risk is the fact that there is limited data and research on how the two interact. Although scientists and doctors are stating that there is very little risk that there are any interactions between the two, it is not 100% known at this time, and until we get more data, it is going to come down to personal choice whether you get tattooed after a jab.


The precautions for getting a tattoo tie in well with the restrictions for coronavirus. It is a good idea to stay clean and sterile. Your tattoo artist will make sure that you have a clean environment and that they use clean tools in order to reduce the chance of infection.

You can take some additional precautions regarding the vaccine, your tattoo, and your health. For instance, wearing a mask. A lot of tattoo artists will still feel much better if you wear a mask throughout.

The main precaution you can take to stay safe is to leave some time for the vaccine to have its effect before you get a jab, but you don’t have to wait too long. A few days is usually enough for the effects of a jab to have worn off, and you can be ready for a tattoo.

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