If you do not have first-hand tattooing experience, chances are that you assume the whole
procedure to be easy-peasy, presumably with a pinch of pain. You get an appointment, fix
the design, go and sit before your artist on the scheduled date, and hey! there is your
bloody tattoo (well, literally) on your body!
Inking your skin isn’t as easy and dreamy as a Bollywood flick. It doesn't go as smooth as
stepping into a beauty salon, sitting for an hour and coming out with a sleek hair-cut.
Getting your precious tattoo demands a bit of ‘preps’ from your side as well. These
seemingly silly or negligible factors do count a lot in keeping you fit for the needling process
as well as letting the ink stay healthy on your skin.

The first and most significant point to note down: drink sufficient amounts of water. Staying
hydrated is important as it retains the elasticity of your skin and accelerates the healing
process as well as the longevity of your tattoo.

As is said about keeping your skin hydrated, remember to keep it moisturized also especially
if you have dry skin. That does not mean bathing your skin in some oily lotion just before the
inking. Do it the night before to retain the suppleness of the skin.

Your tattoo artist will definitely clean up the area that is to be inked, in a professional
manner. But make sure to do your homework first. Shave the area where you intend to
apply the tattoo on, especially legs, arms, shoulder blades etc. Hairless skin absorbs
moisture easily. Be extremely careful and avoid rashness, as any cuts or bruises, even minor,
could disqualify you for the session. So DO NOT do it in a hurry right before you step out of
your house! In case you doubt a razor burn, you better be honest about it and do not
resume the appointment before at least a week.

Yet another in the list of body care is taking a shower and scrubbing the tattoo area clean.
For those neo-hippies who care less for cleaning up and personal hygiene, this might be
another knockout! “Do we have to? Really?”. Oh yes. A tattoo artist is a person who works
on your skin in close contact. You do not want him or her to throw up at your intense body
odour, do you?
And exfoliate the tattoo-area well. You wouldn't want the ink to spread over sweat- clogged
pores and layers of dead tissues (!!). Scrub the area with a gentle exfoliant. Please do not
rush into the parlour sweaty and smelling. Take a bath, scrub yourself clean, wear some
neat and washed clothes, apply a mild and refreshing deo. You are ready to go!

This is one thing your tattoo artist would remind you well, and maybe more than once.
Alcohol and other drugs MUST BE STRICTLY AVOIDED especially on the day of tattooing. It
will be better if you remain sober for the week, but at least avoid all such on the D-day as it
runs the huge risk of complications. Most professional tattoo artists do not ink on inebriated
Also if you are a coffee lover and can't sit quietly without the help of a huge mug of coffee,
try to take less on the tattoo-day, like caffeine, like alcohol has a thinning effect on the

As much as getting ready is important, so is getting your nap! It is very much like what your
mom tells you the night before the exam. Go to bed early and have a good sleep. Anxiety,
restlessness, over-excitement or fear can affect your blood pressure levels. Also, here’s a
practical and handy tip: good rest keeps your mind and body calm and under control. You
would twitch less when that needle pricks!
So avoid boozing out with buddies or late-night concerts or movies the night before.

DO NOT STARVE! Please do not skip your breakfast or meals in your hurry or out of anxiety.
That will put you in a bad mood later as you will have to sit for hours on an empty stomach
for the design to be etched in. It can make you tired, energyless, grumpy and also more
sensitive to pain. So have sufficient food or some solid snacks before you set out for the

Whether it is a cute little heart or an entire gothic scene, turn up for your tattoo wearing
something decent, neat and comfortable that will keep you relaxed. Especially if it is your
first time, come wearing your best comfies and not those expensive precious! Avoid tight
clothes. Make sure what you wear can comfortably reveal the area that has to be inked.

You can have a back-up of your favourite fresh juice or snacks if your tattoo is an elaborate
one and could stretch into a few hours. But first, enquire with your artist as some studios
may not entertain eating inside.

For elaborate sessions, it would be better to carry some personal comfies like a cushion, if
necessary. Also, keep your mobile sufficiently charged so that it wouldn’t go dead while you
relax with movies and songs during the penetrating hours that you spend at the studio.

All said, in case of unanticipated injuries or mild accidents, stay out of the studio! This is
something that goes without saying and you might be aware as well. In case you think mild
injuries can be hidden and you needn't waste your valuable appointment, your tattoo artist
knows better! Be honest with any such occurrences beforehand rather than silently turning
up for the appointment. This information, if well-imbibed, is intended to ensure you a
smooth, enjoyable and entirely healthy way of getting your dream tattoo. For more blogs on
the tattooing process, popular designs or trends, visit Jhaiho.