Tattoo Artist Spotlight: Ganesh (Inkblot) Life Is About Quality Not Quantity

Inkblot Tattoo Studio – Bangalore

“My mom is an artist and that inspired me to learn sketching and painting. Before tattooing I was working in an MNC. Then my friend introduced me to tattooing. I didn’t have any mentors when I started in this industry, but I learnt designing from my mom, then my friend introduced me to tattooing, and then it was my own journey ahead. It’s been almost 13 years since I’m into tattooing


“I never took tattooing as a challenge or a job. It’s my passion and I love doing it everyday, and nothing makes me more happy than doing something that I truly love. If you ask me what keeps me motivated, I’d say my clients. Every tattoo has a meaning behind it, and when clients come and share their purpose behind getting inked, it’s a joy to listen to them.”

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“My work doesn’t just end at listening to their stories, as a professional artist, it’s my job to modify their design according to their thoughts and making sure the end result meets the clients needs.

As a tattoo artist I prefer black and grey realism and portraits, most of the time I do double exposure tattoos. It’s not like I don’t like colors, but I always advise my customers to not go for colorful tattoos because in my opinion it doesn’t settle with our dusky Indian skin tones well, and then people complain about the color not coming up the way they wanted it to.”

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Tattoo – A Taboo?

“In my opinion, tattoos aren’t considered a taboo anymore. Today it’s more about being cool and advanced. But it also varies from generation to generation, youth today is more into tattooing than the people from our grandparents generation. It’s not a taboo though but you can call it traditional

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“I haven’t been challenged by my work yet because I don’t take it as a challenge in the first place.
Tattooing is my passion and I do it because it makes me happy. Nothing gives me more joy than wanting to be remembered by my clients and to be a crucial part of their lives.

But to be specific, one thing that I’m very particular about is the hygiene of my clients and making sure I create a safe place for them. No one should be affected because of my mistakes because I want my clients to remember me throughout their life. Nothing good comes from too many people knowing your business, being private and low key is the best thing and for that matter I take limited clients for the purpose of quality and not quantity.”

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“I personally would never advise you to get the names of your girlfriend or boyfriend, because most of the time you end up removing it. The process of removing a tattoo can be harmful to your skin.”

Hobbies and Aspirations

“In my free time you’ll find me solo travelling or sketching. I love to travel solo, prefer new music and keep myself updated with new tattoo trends.
I believe in living a low key life, hence I don’t aspire to be a famous artist or personality, but rather I want to see myself as an artist successful enough to build myself to a level where people can trust me and my work easily.”

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