Tattoo Artist Spotlight: Anurag ( InkOverMatter) Challenges Are What Make Life Interesting

Inkovermatter Tattoo Studio Bangalore

“As a kid I was always into drawing and sketching, and I knew I wanted to become a professional artist. Back home, everyone had a tattoo and that got me inspired. So when I got an opportunity to become a tattoo artist, I grabbed it. In 2009, I came to Bangalore, that’s when my tattoo journey began.”


“I got into the industry with help from my friend Arpitha, she was already a tattoo artist. For 2 years I worked with her and then the next 3 years I freelanced as a tattoo artist, as well as volunteered at an NGO. Soon I started my own tattoo studio here in Bangalore and named it Inkovermatter.”

inkovermatter tattoo studio bangalore

“Like I said, art makes me happy, so I like trying different kinds of art. Though I prefer making abstract art, I am also interested in a lot of old school designs, they’re beautiful, and then there is neo traditional, new school style, I like that too. And because I own a studio, different clients expect different designs, I don’t stick to any particular form of tattoo art, and have to keep switching them.
But if you ask me about a particular tattoo form I would say neo traditional.”

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Tattoo Or Taboo?

“You see, tattoos have now become more of a passion than a taboo, even the society who once saw tattoo as a taboo are now open to it. For example, at present some people who are more than 50-60 years of age also come and get a tattoo. I have tattooed so many youngsters who come with their parents. So the perspectives towards tattoos have definitely changed now.”
“There are so many good things about being a tattoo artist. The best part according to me is to be able to portray someone’s thoughts into a picture, and turn them into beautiful body art. Also, to be able to meet so many new people with great thoughts. I like meeting new people, there are so many clients who have now turned into my friends and family.”

Challenges in Life and Work

“Every job comes with its own challenges, so does tattooing. The most common challenge that we face is understanding a person’s skin. We just don’t work with one skin, some people may have smooth skin and some may not, so it becomes difficult at times. Apart from this, everything is pretty much interesting.”

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What Interests Me

“Almost every tattoo that I ink is interesting, but apart from the small tattoo’s which I do, the bigger ones are more interesting. In fact, I have also tattooed myself twice, first one was a test tattoo on my left arm and 2 years later I drew myself another small tattoo. Some clients have weird demands. As odd as it may sound, one of my clients wanted to get a girl’s name on his right cheek. I tried convincing him for 3-4 hours to not get a tattoo on his face but he got it anyway, that was pretty weird, but it was my job after all.”

Thinking of the Present

“If you ask me where I see myself in the next 5 years, I’d say I haven’t thought of the future. I believe in the present, and am currently focussing on it.”

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