Joker Tattoos: Who Gets The Last Laugh?

The Joker: Origins and Meanings

Every few years, interest in DC’s iconic character ‘Joker’ resurfaces.

Sometimes it’s a new movie or comic that finds its way into the public sphere, shedding new light upon the twisted psyche of a character that has terrified Gotham and fans alike. Most recently, Joaquin Phoenix’s take on the role has gotten people talking – a lot!

Other times, it might just be a guy in a clown suit terrorizing local towns causing media outlets to run wild with theories on whether The Joker is a bad influence on the youth.

Joker tattoo from Inkrage
Studio: Inkrage


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But there’s more to this archetype than just one character. In fact, the idea of ‘The Joker’ has been around for much longer – centuries, to be more precise!

The earliest versions of jokers are found in medieval times in various settings, from court jesters to playing cards. Jesters were hired to bring laughter and music as entertainment for royals and high-ranking officials. The image of a jester features on playing cards as, you guessed it, The Joker card, and even in Tarot card decks as The Fool.

Heath Ledger joker tattoo from tattooist_yeono
Artist: Yeono


In all cases, jokers were thought of as comical and free-spirited, involving themselves in merrymaking and fantasizing. They were popularized by writers like Shakespeare, who exaggerated the character for comical effect. This exaggeration has continued over time making the jester go from free-spirited to increasingly risk-taking – and in some cases, like the modern Joker, maniacal.

Heath Ledger joker tattoo from thebakery
Artist: Jordan Baker


The Joker has also historically been depicted as witty, highly intelligent, and all too aware of their own trauma and shortcomings as well as the world and its failings. This makes the character an extremely troubled, unpredictable, and often violent person. This version of The Joker has been adapted into many tales, including the Comedian in the Watchmen.

Jesters were always depicted wearing bright coloured outfits with eccentric hats. This look has since been popularized by another DC character and a constant victim of The Joker’s violence, Harley Quinn, who was herself based on another popular medieval comedic character – The Harlequin.

Harley Quinn tattoo from Crazy Ink
Studio: Crazy Ink


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Whether your inspiration is a jester or fool, Harley Quinn or The Joker, one thing’s for sure – you probably really like the idea of total freedom and occasionally lend yourself to reckless abandon!


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Joker Tattoo Designs

Joker tattoos have been popular among DC comic fans for a while, but with The Dark Knight and Heath Ledger’s legendary performance, The Joker became one of the most sought-after tattoos among ink lovers all over the world.

Though everyone tends to have a favourite Joker, no one can deny Ledger’s impact on the character. He’s a tough act to follow! Which is probably why he remains one of the most tattooed versions of The Joker. This Joker hand tattoo features one of the most iconic scenes from The Dark Knight that also gave us one of its best quotes – “I’m an agent of chaos.”

Heath Ledger joker tattoo from gangatattoo
Artist: Ganga


Heath ledger joker tattoo from Astron
Studio: Astron


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Heath Ledger joker tattoo from thebakery
Artist: Jordan Baker


But let’s not forget to pay homage to the other versions of the character – from the original comic version all the way to the ones that redefined The Joker in some rather controversial ways!

This absolutely brilliant Joker tattoo inspired by the original comic design is part of an ongoing sleeve – which also happens to be one of the best ways to get comic characters inked!


Joker tattoo from thebakery
Artist: Jordan Baker


This Jack Nicholson Joker tattoo is a work in progress, but we couldn’t help but include it – it’s an absolute beauty!

Jack Nicholson joker tattoo from thebakery
Artist: Jordan Baker


Love to hate him or hate to love him, Jared Leto’s Joker definitely left an impression! The character himself sports a whole host of tattoos, the most popular – and controversial! – of which happens to be the ‘damaged’ tattoo he has on his forehead.

Jared Leto damaged joker tattoo from gangatattoo
Artist: Ganga


Other popular joker tattoo designs include the popular ‘HA HA HA!’ featuring his infamous laugh and a phrase immortalized by Heath Ledger – “Why So Serious?”

Joker tattoo hahaha from Lizards Skin Tattoos
Artist: Niloy Das


Why so serious joker tattoo from Skinart
Studio: Skinart


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How to Get a Tattoo

Now that you’ve found the inspiration you need, you’re probably ready to run out and get inked! But before you do, we have a few tips for you:

  1. Get consulted: Meet with your artist at least once before getting inked to discuss your tattoo design, cost, and get some tips about preparing for your session.
  2. Speak freely: Tell your artist about yourself! The more they know about you, the more uniquely they can customize your tattoo so it suits you perfectly.
  3. Stay sober: Refrain from drinking or ingesting any drugs for up to 48 hours before your appointment, as these substances can affect how the tattoo sits in your skin and how well you heal.
  4. Keep your artist informed: Inform your artist if you are on any medication, especially blood thinners. Also inform them of any health issues you deal with, especially ones like diabetes.
  5. Be on time: Try not to schedule too many other appointments around your tattoo session as it can often take longer than estimated, especially for larger tattoos or placements that are a little more difficult to ink on – like the shoulder. And never rush your artist – unless you want to get a bad tattoo!
  6. Dress appropriately: Wear loose-fitting clothing in black so your artist can access the area to be tattooed easily and the ink won’t end up staining and ruining your clothes.
  7. Don’t bargain: Discuss any price-related concerns in your consultation. After that, don’t bargain! Artists invest a lot of time and money into their craft and all art must be properly compensated. And if you like what you get, be sure to tip your artist! A standard tip in the tattoo industry is 15-20% of your total bill.
  8. Follow proper tattoo care: Tattoo care begins right after you book your appointment. Keep the area to be tattooed clean and moisturized, stay sober and limit your caffeine intake, and follow the aftercare tips recommended by your artist.


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How to Care for a Tattoo

To make sure your tattoo always looks its best, you’re going to have to take good care of it. Especially while it’s healing! Caring for a tattoo means putting in a little extra effort to make sure it heals perfectly.

  1. Keep it clean: Make sure to cleanse and moisturize twice daily!
  2. Keep it dry: You might need to refrain from activities you might usually enjoy for up to four weeks while your tattoo heals. Since tattoos should not be exposed to water bodies, sweat, or too much heat, that rules out everything from exercising to swimming, spas, and saunas.
  3. Keep it covered: Tattoos are generally kept covered while they heal. Exposure to water, sun, dust, dirt, as well as the daily wear and tear that occurs when our skin is exposed could hinder the healing process. So it’s best to keep your tattoo covered while it heals.


For a full breakdown on how to care for a tattoo, visit The Jhaiho Tattoo Care Guide


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