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Sachin Shamarao is an Indian tattoo artist based in Bangalore. He began tattooing in 2008 after learning the basics under an artist in Delhi and doing an official apprenticeship under one of India’s top tattoo artists, Eric Jason D’souza of Iron Buzz Tattoos in Mumbai.

He has now set up his shop in Bangalore as an artist and owner at KalaMudra .

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Finding the Creative Spark

“I started practicing tattooing at the end of 2008. I had been in the IT industry for about 14 years, and early 2002 is when I started my career. Within the first few years I realized that IT is not for me and in between that realization, there was some idea of getting into the creative field – but I still didn’t know what to do or which area to pursue.

“I was always good at drawing, since my school days. My free time I used to do a lot of drawing, not painting much, but pencil drawings – I used to do a lot of cartoons.

“In 2004 I got my first tattoo done, it was at some shady place on Commercial Street. Some small jewellery shop, and I didn’t know anything about the guy. It was a very impulsive decision, just went in and got it done. And it wasn’t really anything I wanted – my first tattoos were my regrets, but I got them covered up now.

The Journey to Inking

“Tattooing was not that big at that point of time, in Bangalore at least, but after my first tattoo – an idea got planted. I didn’t do anything about it for another 3-4 years. I just went with the flow of doing my job, and then one day I met someone who had a tattoo on their feet. I got to talking with this person, and found out her brother was a tattoo artist. So I got to know him and after I spoke to him, he agreed to teach me. I went to Delhi for about 2 weeks and I learned whatever I could in that short time, and then I came back and started tattooing.”

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“I think every tattoo artist will tattoo themselves first. Usually on the feet or legs, because you need two hands. There are people who have tattooed their hands as well, but the ideal place would be your feet or anywhere on your legs. Like your thigh muscle or calf, it’s easier.”

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“It took about 2-3 years before I was open for business or public, till then I was just doing free tattoos for friends and acquaintances. What I had learned in Delhi was just a basic training, it was not an apprenticeship or anything. He just taught me the basics about machines and how to tattoo, small stuff. My professional learning happened when I did a 6 months apprenticeship with Eric of Iron Buzz in Bombay. He is my mentor.”

Beyond Tattooing

“When I’m not tattooing, I go on treks. Fitness is something that’s a part of my life right now. Everyday morning, I start my day with a workout. That is something I really enjoy. I like to be fit. And I like to go on treks at least once a year.

“Right now there are thousands of artists who are my inspirations. I spend a lot of time on Instagram checking out different artists. I follow a lot of Asian artists who are really good at what they do. Among Indian tattoo artists, my favourite is Yogesh Waghmare, he’s from Bombay. He’s very different – his artwork is very unique. For an Indian, he stands out.

“How would I describe my own art? Progressing.

Where to Next?

“This art form is everything for me right now. At this stage of life, I can’t think of anything else if there’s no art in my life. Everything I do, wherever I travel, whatever I see…there’s some uniqueness there or something which I see differently because of how art has impacted me. So I think of it something that is very important, which adds life to everything.

Art is everything for me right now.

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We would like to thank Sachin for chatting with us about tattooing and how art changes how we experience the world.

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