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Kraayonz Tattoo Studio

Deep is an Indian tattoo artist based in Bangalore. His journey began in 2006 when he trained under renown tattoo artist Pradeep Menon. From there went on to train under celebrity artist and Kraayonz studio founder Sameer Patange in Mumbai.

After heading studios in Goa, Pune, and Mumbai, Deep has made Bangalore his home.

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Where It All Began

“There was not much tattooing back in the day. So when I joined tattooing, I was not sure if I was going to continue doing it.

With a degree in microbiology, Deep made a decision to switch to fine arts. But this wasn’t an easy switch.

“It was honestly not passion-driven, it was out of a need for money that I started looking for jobs. My teacher who hired me at that time was looking for an artist who would sketch for him. So that’s how the journey actually started, but I got pulled into it because of its uniqueness. As I continued working with him he offered me a full-time job and then things got more serious. Once they did, I started travelling around the country and started taking things more seriously.”

What Influences an Artist?

“Good question. Anything. Anything around me. There are certain people who have been very influential in my life, like my teachers. They gave me a new way to vent my frustration and discover art and use that as a channel to focus my strength. So once they came into the picture I realized that anything can become a source of inspiration, because that’s how they taught me to look at life.

“My all-time favourite tattoo artist would be Paul Booth, when it comes to black and grey, and Dmitriy Samohin for colour-realism.”

What do Artists do in Their Downtime?

“When I’m not tattooing, I do a little bit of skateboarding. Thanks to tattooing, photography is something that has come into my interests. I play a lot of football. Whenever this job gives me time, I go out and do all these things.”

“I have been in the influence of people who do photography and filming, and take it very seriously. So I’ve not taken any professional classes but I would say I’ve had that influence from a lot of people who help me understand this better. And it’s also very important and an integral part of my job profile – taking good pictures of my tattoos.

What Does Tattooing Mean to an Artist?

“Tattooing, to me, is self-expression through body language. Language as we know it is very limited when it comes to verbally explaining things. Language has a lot of barriers when it comes to expressing.

“Ever since I was a kid, theatre is something that’s always intrigued me. I used to do a lot of theatre and I used to dance a lot, professionally, but that stopped quite a long time back. I think I’m going back to that slowly. It just liberates me in so many ways.

“It’s been in my blood to express myself all the time and I realized that tattooing makes it so personal. It stays throughout your life and influences you to such a degree that it’s not about what the tattoo means after a point. It becomes a reflection of what you were back then and how you have grown from then to now. It’s not just about the symbols that meant something to you at that point in time, it’s about how you’ve grown from that.

“So it also marks my evolution and also expresses me as a person without me having to speak. When it comes to that a lot of people who come to me also end up sharing a lot of their personal life so that I can interpret that and put it into a visual. That experience for me is very unique. It’s not just about doing the tattoo. And they also generally tend to come back once they get a tattoo, you don’t stop with one, so that relationship also keeps growing over time, and that is something I genuinely love about this profession.

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Do Artists Tattoo Themselves?

“I have tattooed myself – that’s how I started actually! I was 21-22 back then. I did the first one on the sole of my foot because my boss said “I’m not giving you my clients, you mess up you mess up on yourself!”

“On the sole of the foot it generally vanishes because the skin is very thick so it keeps rejuvenating. The tattoo I did disappeared in a month’s time, in fact.”

Parting Advice

“A lot of people I know are scared of needles, but it’s very therapeutic in a lot of ways. Women generally compare it to threading or waxing, but it depends on where you’re getting it also.”

“So generally if it’s a first time thing then we suggest people get it on a spot that’s not too painful, or to get something small so they get used to the process because once you start – you don’t stop!

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We would like to thank Deep and Kraayonz for allowing us this tiny glimpse into what it is like to be a tattoo artist!

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