Lifeline Tattoos- Let The Ink Define The Pulse!

lifeline script tattoo

What’s there in a heartbeat? Everything! Our lives rest on it. Our breath is sustained by it. The uneven scrawl that glides across the ECG screen determines our lifespan. Those spiky waves display the rhythm of our hearts.

A lifeline tattoo that spreads across your arm or over the shoulder carries with it the rhythm of the inner being. It represents the odds and the even; the peaks and the plateaus.

From simple replications of pulse lines or heartbeats, the lifeline tattoos have metamorphosed into designs that are wisely crafted to incorporate names, shapes and patterns.

The flexibility of the lines and spikes give enough scope for creative freedom with lifeline tattoos, tweaking them into your desired motifs.


Amazing Lifeline Tattoos

You could use a lifeline tattoo to replicate a signature, and sign off in style! You could rope in the name of your loved one, add a few hearts or carve a monument amidst the irregular lines. Many love to proclaim their Faith through subtle expressions of symbols and letters. Nothing can be catchier than a neat little lifeline tattoo right on the wrist–the apt place for a pulse line.

Add a name or a cute little heart and enjoy all the attention at the wave of a hand.

Spread an elaborate lifeline tattoo over your shoulder blades and feel the spirit of the eagle stretching its wings for victory. A neatly etched lifeline tattoo behind your neck can add oodles of oomph to your femme fatale persona. 

A cute lifeline tattoo would be a great choice to flaunt on your shoulder blades–short and graceful.

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Pair a lifeline name tattoo with your loved one, best buddy, or sibling and build a memory of a lifetime!

Lifeline tattoos can also be chosen for a spunky tribal look, bringing in native elements and motifs.

The random waves of a lifeline make it ideal for inking geometrical patterns.
With interesting diagrams and a bit of shading, they make for eye-catchy showpieces.

Etch in your motto, your vision or your Faith in neat lifelines on a shoulder blade, nape, ankle, or forearm and carry it with much gusto.

Lifeline Tattoos with Meaning

You may choose a wide range of styles for your lifeline tattoos. You could go for neat little scribbles or elaborate designs with more flamboyant elements added to it.

A lifeline tattoo can represent a wide range of emotions. It can depict hope, exude power or fight despair

The pulse line could represent the most significant thing in your life. It can mean how fast your heart beats for your loved one and how you are so full of life! Add a few hearts, ink a name and pair it with your soul mate.

A lifeline tattoo could mean positive energy, a throbbing enthusiasm for life, and it’s good blessings. It could represent your grit amidst painhope against trials and victory over life’s unanticipated storms.

A heartbeat tattoo or lifeline tattoo could also mirror the ticking time, helping us to reconcile with the ultimate truth in life-that life is precious and not to waste it in futile things! It could portray the fragility of life, egos, or an aggressive self.

The fluctuating peaks and plateaus of a lifeline tattoo could be sharp reminders of the ups and downs in our lives.

Let it speak any language, and convey a different message, but the lifeline tattoos at Jhaiho’s vast gallery will surely instigate you to try them out! 

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