Looking For Animal Tattoo? Check Out These Top 8 Picks

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When it comes to tattooing animals, most people usually choose wild animals. Each animal represents a certain feeling, emotion and holds a specific meaning, which makes it an easy option for someone who is looking for a tattoo design. 

Also, let us make it clear that animal tattoos are not gender-specific (as many believe them to be) and can be inked on any part of the body. 

Did you know, animal tattoos are not new, in fact, they are ancient tattoo designs that were done by tribals to mark their achievements in hunting. As times changed, people stopped hunting and now, animal tattoos are opted to make a style statement or are chosen to show off their personality with a specific meaning attached to the animal.

In this compilation of animal tattoos, you will find beautiful tattoos teamed up with elements that make the tattoo worth a stare.

Lion Tattoos:

A lion is always seen as an animal that is fiercely loyal and protective towards its family, unflinchingly brave and has a commanding personality that can tame a crowd. So, if you resonate with the characteristics of a lion, you can opt for a lion tattoo.Looking For Animal Tattoo? Check Out These Top 8 Picks 12

To give a unique touch, you can add geometric shapes to your tattoo. Either you can go all black or multi-coloured for your tattoo to make it stand out. The choice is yours.

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Tiger Tattoos:

After lions, tigers are quite often chosen for tattoos because they look beautiful. They represent fierceness, power and courage. You can ink the entire body in motion or just the roaring face or you can also select a straight face of the tiger that will give a magnificent look. If you want to give your tattoo a dramatic look, you can ask your tattoo artist and go for a 3D look.
Looking For Animal Tattoo? Check Out These Top 8 Picks 13

Marine Life Tattoo:

Are you fascinated by marine life? If yes, why not get a tattoo dedicated to the majestic creatures inside the water? For instance, take this whale tattoo for your inspiration. These mammals of the ocean have a lot of symbolism and that’s the reason why many people opt for a whale for their tattoos

.Looking For Animal Tattoo? Check Out These Top 8 Picks 14

Many people dream of swimming along with a whale in the ocean and when that dream comes true, this tattoo can be done to etch that memory forever. If your dream is not fulfilled yet, you can ink this tattoo to manifest your dream. Try it.

Looking For Animal Tattoo? Check Out These Top 8 Picks 15

Another reference of marine life tattoos is a crab tattoo like one here. These creatures symbolise wealth, happiness, prosperity, good health and all things good. For these good reasons, people ink themselves with crabs. The tattoo on the right also has a sun shining bright on the background which indicates, good days are coming.Looking For Animal Tattoo? Check Out These Top 8 Picks 16

You can ink this tattoo on the biceps or on the shoulder area if you like as it will look good in those areas as well.

Here’s another example of a marine life tattoo that looks extremely beautiful. The fish amidst bright flowers makes it a sight to behold. You can add other sea creatures to the tattoo if you want. You can ink this tattoo to cover your shoulder area or the chest is also an ideal place for this tattoo.

Serpent Tattoos:

Looking For Animal Tattoo? Check Out These Top 8 Picks 17

If you are into mythology, follow Lord Shiva and are looking for a minimal tattoo design, this tattoo will be a perfect fit for you. The serpent tied around the trishul (Lord Shiva’s weapon) signifies that the Lord is watching over you and will protect you from evil. You can check out different kinds of Lord Shiva tattoo designs right here.

Dog Tattoos:

:Looking For Animal Tattoo? Check Out These Top 8 Picks 18

The bond between a person and a pet is the strongest. To commemorate such a strong bond, pet tattoos are one of the ways. Take this tattoo of a cute puppy for example which you can use for reference for your pet dog’s tattoo. 

Celebrities like Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have matching portrait tattoos of their dog, Waldo Picasso, who died after getting hit by a car. Similarly, Jennifer Aniston has a tattoo dedicated to her late dog’s name on her foot. Singer Ariana Grande also has two tattoos dedicated to her dogs, Toulouse and Myron.

Speaking about the placement of the tattoo, you can ink your pet’s tattoo on the biceps, fingers, forearm, shoulder, etc.

Wolf Tattoos:

The wolf goes beyond being just a vicious animal. They are loyal to their pack and always make sure that they stick together whatever comes their way. For them, family comes first and they can go to lengths and breadths to protect it. So, if you are someone who deeply loves your family, a wolf tattoo will be an ideal choice.Looking For Animal Tattoo? Check Out These Top 8 Picks 19
Looking For Animal Tattoo? Check Out These Top 8 Picks 20

You can also customise your tattoo according to your taste and make something that is never seen before. You can also go for this tattoo on the left which shows a wolf with a full moon on the background which is a very popular tattoo.

Minimal Tattoo Ideas:

Whether you are looking for minimal tattoo designs or are looking for matching couple tattoos, this tattoo on the right should be the first pick for you. The design of the tattoo is minimal and the eyes give a spooky feeling

.Looking For Animal Tattoo? Check Out These Top 8 Picks 21

Also, if you are on the search for a couple tattoos, you can select this tattoo. You can match the design with your partner, like, you can ask him to opt for a lion while you wear the lioness on your body.

Koi Fish Tattoo:

You can ink this tattoo on your forearm area or on the fingers and it will definitely catch the eyes of an onlooker

.Looking For Animal Tattoo? Check Out These Top 8 Picks 22

Another minimal tattoo idea is this Koi fish tattoo on the right. With Koi fish tattoos, the colour is as important as the style. If you choose a black Koi fish it will symbolise adversity, while a red one represents intense love.

The Koi fish is also associated with the yin yang symbol who represents the duality and harmony of life.

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