Love Tattoos: Love in the Time of Ink!

Love Tattoo for Couples: For the Love of Ink!

Tattoos are seen as a symbol of self-expression in human society for decades now which permanently leaves a mark on their body. Our bodies are more or less similar, and tattoos on clear skin are distinctive markers of our personalities, hopes, and dreams. Now that tattoos have become more mainstream, many people are choosing to invest in them. If you wish to express yourself or your love for someone in the most creative manner, tattoos are one of the best ways to do so.
Tattoos have become a popular way to express your love to your partner and tell them how much they mean to you. Love tattoos depict various feelings like trust, passion, faith, hope, friendship, devotion and inspiration. And when it comes to getting one, selecting the right design that matches your aura and vibe is a tough process.
The most important thing about getting a love tattoo is to understand the meaning behind it and why you want to get it. Even the tiniest element of a tattoo holds meaning when you ink yourself in the name of love. Hence, as much as people wish to get their loved ones inked, they also expect unique designs for it. Through this article, we will show you some of the most desirable tattoo ideas that will help you shortlist various designs.

Love tattoos have been around for a long time. People get tattoos to express their love for family and friends, hobbies and memories, and even to express their faith and love for god.

These tattoos of love often include the most common symbols of love – hearts, roses, names, flowers, quotes, and much more.

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Love Tattoo for Couples Designs

The most popular symbol of love is a heart, so naturally, heart love tattoos lead this list!

Love tattoo by Zaya
Artist: Zaya

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Dedication tattoos are up next! Mom and dad tattoos are some of the most popular love tattoos around – they’ve been a fan favourite for decades now!

Dad tattoo by Luke Cormier
Artist: Luke Cormier
Mom dad tattoo from Verve
Studio: Verve

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Love Tattoo for Guys:

If you’re a guy looking to ink yourself with a love tattoo, we have a few designs
shortlisted that meet your tattoo needs.
1. Her name – What’s better than expressing your love by inking her name on your arm? Consult with your tattoo artist about the font you like best and surprise her with one of the best gifts she ever thought of.

2. Heartbeat – If you prefer minimal designs with deep meaning, the heartbeat
tattoo is what you must opt for.

3. Holding hands – Looking for a statement tattoo? How about one holding hands?

4. One liners – One liner tattoos are relatively basic and can include the name of your loved ones or a quote dedicated to them.

Pet love tattoos, especially dog tattoos are also extremely popular as dedication tattoos!

Pet love tattoo by Rodrigo Assi
Artist: Rodrigo Assi

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Other popular love tattoos include rose tattoos, i love you tattoos, infinity tattoos, love birds tattoos and tattoos featuring one’s own or a lover’s name, among many other designs.

Rose love tattoo by from Verve
Studio: Verve
Name tattoo from Verve
Studio: Verve

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These can mean anything from romance and passion to an undying love – it all depends on how you spin it!

Symbol of love tattoos

Let’s just all agree that less is more, and if you’re someone who likes to keep it
minimal, these unique love symbols will surely fit in your minimal checklist.

1. Finger heart tattoos – A simple heart on a finger will never go out of style.

2. Anchor with heart – Anchor tattoos have been a much loved design for decades now. Pair it with a heart tattoo for a unique design.

3. Anatomical heart – A heart tattoo that’s not basic? Get an anatomical heart for a change.

4. Love calligraphy – Love tattoo has been around for a really long time. Playing
around with calligraphy can give you a unique touch.


While all these are common symbols for love, love tattoos can be anything you want them to be!

Hobby tattoos have become some of the most popular designs. Love biking? There’s a tattoo for that!

Bike tattoo from Verve
Studio: Verve

Love music? There are tattoos for that too!

Gorillaz music tattoo from Ancient
Studio: Ancient

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A fan of animated films? How about some Disney love!

Disney tattoo by Jordan Baker
Artist: Jordan Baker

Quotes also make for perfect love tattoos. Whether you get a lyric tattoo or a book quote tattoo, or even simply a phrase you share with a loved one, these tattoos are a fantastic way to express the love you have!

Quote love tattoo by Zaya
Artist: Zaya

Spiritual and religious tattoos are also extremely popular. Love tattoos are great for expressing your faith as they symbolize hope and devotion as well.

Cross and wings tattoo from Ancient Studio
Studio: Ancient

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Angels and angel wings are also popular religious tattoos that show one’s devotion. Cupid is one angel and is beloved among tattoo lovers. He is one of the ultimate representations of true love!

Angel tattoo of Archangel Michael by Lucky Solanki
Artist: Lucky Solanki

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Angel wing tattoo from Verve
Studio: Verve

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Script tattoos also make for great love tattoos! Two popular ones are ‘self love’ and ‘love life’. After all, the most important kind of love is the one we give to ourselves and our world!

Self love tattoo by Zaya
Artist: Zaya
Heart tattoo by Zaya
Artist: Zaya

And if you’re not into script tattoos, try a minimalist linework tattoo or a love tattoo on wrist instead!

Self love tattoo by Zaya
Artist: Zaya

Love tattoo ideas

There are multiple designs among love tattoos, right from the roses to hearts, cupid with his bow and arrow, inks of the names of your loved ones. A wide array of love tattoos are collated to help you identify the best ideas for your next tattoo.
1. Reaper heart tattoo – Get the incredible traditional reaper heart tattoo for a bold love statement.

2. Love in spanish – Experiment the word love with different languages.

3. A little calligraphy on the finger – Finger tattoos are trendy now.

4. Foot tattoos – Your foot has been added to the list of most popular places to get a tattoo.

Love tattoos with names

Name tattoos are becoming more popular as a way to pay tribute to loved ones.
What’s in a name? Every name has its own character, that is why names are special and must be well thought of. Mentioned below are a few ideas to get inspired by.
1. Ambigram tattoos – If you wish to get a tattoo that involves you and your partner’s name without acquiring extra space, try the ambigram concept where the names are designed in such a manner you can read each name right side up and upside down.

2. Heart with name – Of course! The good old traditional heart with a name in it will never go out of style.

3. Name with infinity – If you’re running out of name tattoo ideas, try looping your special someone’s name in the infinity tattoo.

4. Name infused in heart – Don’t like the infinity tattoo? Try looping the name in the heart tattoo for a modern minimal design.

Love tattoo designs for couples

From quotes and symbols to quirky and fun designs, find the perfect couple tattoo ideas that will create an everlasting bond.
1. Initial of your partner’s name – A heart tattoo with the initial of your partner’s
name? Yes, please!

2. Heart lock and key – When they say you have the key to my heart, this is what is meant.

3. Date tattoos – Marking the day you first met. Romantic, isn’t it?

4. Yin Yang – If “You’re the yin to my yang” was a tattoo.

Tattoos of love hearts

Heart tattoos are universally recognized, and there are many different options and styles. You can opt for something realistic, or a more abstract design. Most
commonly, the symbol is associated with love.
1. Sacred heart – One of the most popular icons of art and tattoo art is the Sacred Heart.

2. Floral heart – These floral heart tattoos look perfect for a tumblr tattoo vibe.

3. True love heart – Make it obvious with true love statements.

Some people already have a design in mind while some struggle to think of one. In such cases, do not hesitate to consult with your tattoo artist as they make your job easier by understanding your cause behind getting a tattoo. At Jhaiho, we consult you at the initial stage, and pair you with artists or studios that can meet your specific tattoo design needs.

We hope this article helped you with the basic idea of choosing the right design for your love tattoo. If you have any queries related to tattoos or piercing, write to us at or call us at +91 8884464604.

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