Tradition in a Tattoo: Mor Pankh and why you should ink it on

mor pankh tattoo

Mor Pankh Tattoo

One of the things India is richest in is her mythology and lore. Countless tales come pouring out of our mythology. We’ve all heard them – different versions, from different people, with varied plotlines. But their symbolism has always been unwavering. Through generations and through history. 

Amongst these engrossing stories, one character remains unmissable. Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu and the God of Love. Whether we’re familiar with his tales of wisdom from the Mahabharata or the mischievous ones with the gopis, we’re all familiar with the adoration this divine being evokes. He is best known for his deep philosophies, delightful humour, keen perspectives and unbridled passion. 

And wherever there is Krishna, there are his iconic symbols – the mor pankh (peacock feather) and the bansuri (flute).

mor pankh tattoo

The mere sight of them is enough to bring his wonderful stories to mind. We can see him dancing on the river banks, the mor pankh swaying as he plays lilting melodies on the bansuri. It is a romantic image. One steeped in tradition and mythology. So how do we make it a relevant piece of art to adorn ourselves with?

It’s simple, really. We pick his signature symbols to etch on. While being an unquestionable homage to the God of Love, the mor pankh and bansuri have come to mean even more. The design is now symbolic of an open mind. It represents a person who sees the world with their eyes wide open, one who is unafraid of the challenges ahead. It also depicts a deep love for beauty and art. 

Sounds like you? Then, you’ve definitely found your spirit tattoo. A piece of tradition with an avant-garde twist. 

The mor pankh and bansuri tattoo doesn’t always have to be elaborate. It can range from hyper-realistic designs with beautiful coloured details to artistic minimalist strokes that convey the same grandeur. The fluidity of the feather’s shape is always juxtaposed perfectly by the sleek edges of the flute. The harmony is just right. You could even choose to pair it with a devotional shloka, a favourite quote or just a name. This design always adds a refined elegance to any other ideas. 

Think this is the perfect ornament for your skin? Make sure you ink it on where you can flaunt it. The most ideal spot for this tattoo is the forearm. The natural shape of your forearm complements the tapering length of the mor pankh and bansuri tattoo. But, if you want to keep it different, the side of your ribcage, your finger and your calf are all good choices. The trick is to know what style you’re going for. If you want more abstract and bolder designs, pick a smaller area. If you want a very intricate tattoo, go for a larger canvas. 

Whichever way you want to mix it up, this tattoo will always get the conversations started. Enthralling mythology coupled with graceful aesthetics make the mor pankh and bansuri tattoo even more enigmatic. 

So if you’re choosing to ink it on, do it well. Book an appointment with us and get the most spectacular tattoos etched on for life. Let this piece of mythology become truly legendary art. 


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