Mother and son tattoo ideas to help strengtehn the bond

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There ain’t no love like a mother’s love, and most definitely, there ain’t no love like the one between a mother and her son. The relationship is filled with affection, respect and an ocean of emotion. She is always there for her son, in highs, in lows, in fact in every small step of his. That’s the love that she has for her child.

Well, to honour this love there are hundreds of ways but have you ever thought of getting tattoos together? If not, then this is the right time for you to take the step. We can say that you will never regret the moments that you will share with your mother or son while getting yourselves inked.

So without much delay, let’s scroll down and take a look at this amazing list of mother and son tattoo ideas.

Matching Tattoos:

To start with, you can get matching tattoos. Here’s an example of a matching tattoo that features a dog and a butterfly making it quite a beautiful art piece. You can choose the area where you want to get tattooed but make sure you go for this one because it’s such a cute tattoo.

 Mother and son tattoo ideas to help strengtehn the bond 10

Also, you can flaunt this tattoo when you both are together for a get-together or when you two are apart from each other, you can look at the tattoos and reminisce about the good times you shared.

Portrait Tattoos:

With portrait tattoos, you can give an ode to your unbreakable mother-son bond. If you are planning to surprise your mom on her birthday, there will be no better way than getting her portrait tattooed. It will not only surprise her but also, it will be a memory that she will cherish forever

.Mother and son tattoo ideas to help strengtehn the bond 11

If you are a mother, who is looking for ideas for mother and son tattoos, you can also ink your son’s portrait. It’s a gesture that will make a mark on your son’s life. What else do you need, right? So, don;t wait, get his portrait tattooed ASAP.

Name Tattoos:

Name tattoos are always special. Whether you are tattooing your partner’s name or your mother’s or your child’s, their names will be forever etched on your body. 
Mother and son tattoo ideas to help strengtehn the bond 12

In this article, as we are specifically speaking about mother and son tattoo ideas, here is an idea for the same.

This tattoo on the right rightly shows the love that you have in your heart for your mother. This tattoo with heartbeat lines ending into a love is dripping with warmth.

You can check out more tattoo designs on the Jhaiho website’s Discover section where there are more than thousands of tattoos for you to choose.

Infinity Tattoos:

Even though the infinity symbol is a popular pick for tattoos by everyone, you can get it inked with your mother because it represents eternity. There is nothing ever lasting than the love that you both share for each other. You can try personalising the tattoo by adding birth dates, flowers, birds, names and a lot more.Mother and son tattoo ideas to help strengtehn the bond 13

Celtic Tattoos:

Mother and son tattoo ideas to help strengtehn the bond 14

If you didn’t know, the Celtic art involves many knots, rings and spirals that symbolises eternity and spirituality. Also, the number 3 is associated to Celtic art because of the trinity Celtic knots, which indicates the union between people. 

You can also opt for various designs or fully customise the tattoo according to your tastes. Speaking about the placement of the tattoo, you can ink it on your shoulder, back or bicep area.

Getting a tattoo is quite the commitment as you don’t want to regret your decision later in life. There are so many factors to consider like, theme, design, placement, cost and a lot more. Well, you don’t have to worry about these things because Jhaiho has it all. All you need to do is visit the website, where you will find thousands of tattoos, artists based out of your city, and a tattoo price calculator which will give you an approximate cost of your tattoo.

Flower Tattoos:

Mother and son tattoo ideas to help strengtehn the bond 15

Flowers can never go wrong. Whether you are getting matching flower tattoos with your partner or your mother, they always look great. You can select roses, sunflowers, lilies, daisies, orchids and many more. We would suggest going with matching sunflowers to represent the warm love between the two.

Chinese Tattoos:

In Chinese culture, family plays an integral part. The mother’s love for her children is eternal and a Chinese script tattoo depicting this love is a great idea for a mother and son tattoo. A Chinese script tattoo not only looks beautiful but also intrigues people to know the behind it.

Mother and son tattoo ideas to help strengtehn the bond 16

Another plus point of this tattoo is that it won’t take much time. You can also choose the size according to your taste and based on that, the artist will let you know the duration.

Heart Tattoos:

The heart is a classic option for a tattoo which represents the raw emotion of love. Hearts can be inked in any shape and size. Whether it is small, medium or extra large, beautiful hearts will always make eyes turn

.Mother and son tattoo ideas to help strengtehn the bond 17

You can personalise the tattoo by adding your mother’s name or your son’s. You can even add birth dates if you want as the tattoo will be a great surprise for birthdays or special occasions. You can also add cute messages below the heart to make them unique, just like the one on the right.

Elephant Tattoos:

Elephants are considered to have strong family relations. The mother elephant is protective and doting towards her children and this is the best reason to get matching elephant tattoos with your mother/son

.Mother and son tattoo ideas to help strengtehn the bond 18

Elephant tattoos also look extremely cute. So, if you want tattoos that are cute as well as have a beautiful meaning, this tattoo is just for you. You can further ask your tattoo artist to customise the art piece according to your taste.

Speaking about the placement of the tattoo, you can ink it on your interior forearm or make it into a connecting tattoo to make it more dramatic.

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