Etched In Pure Love – Celebrating Mother’s Day!

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Mothers Day Tattoo Ideas

“Mother is the only person who carries you nine months in her belly, three years in her arms and forever in her heart”, goes a beautiful saying. While you can never repay the abundant and self-sacrificial love of a mother, you could carry her on your sleeve, or etch her picture over your heart!

Well, literally! Come Mother’s Day, and flaunt a perfect Mom-tattoo that spreads the message not just upon your skin but deeper into your blood and within your heart!

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There was a time when expressions of love weren’t too technical as they are today. Mother’s Day would mean handmade cards with little, rough-edged sketches and scribblings. They smelt of love in its most naive and innocent form. In many a cupboard and trunk box, they must be kept, bundled and secure, to this day.

And then came those printed greeting cards, smooth and glazing, with pictures of pearls and roses. They came with lovely verses on mother’s love.

mothers day tattoos

As decades gave way to the next, the world came up with advanced stuff. Today expressing your heart and speaking your mind isn’t all about dried up sketch pens. We have better ink today!

An ink that goes deep and seeps into our emotions, drawing inspirations from who we are and splashing our reflection upon the world. That’s what tattooing is all about.

And this Mother’s Day, splash your love, your heart, and your gratitude to your Mom upon your Self. Search through our amazing mothers love-tattoos and pick your choice.

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Be as loud as you can; choose as subtle as you want it to be. Mother’s-love tattoos at Jhaiho are good mouth-pieces to declare your love, respect and admiration for your Mom.

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For those ‘mommy’s little girls’, you may even share a lovely mother and daughter tattoo with your Mom!

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The mother & baby tattoos are popular with many variations available for you to pick from. There are baby-sleeping-in the- arms-of-mother designs and mother-holding-the-baby tattoos. The beautiful images ooze love, comfort and security.

The line art tattoo with the face of the mother and the baby is intriguingly simple and stunning: sufficiently eloquent about the bond that unites them.

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A mother’s love is said to be the most unconditional and purest form of love on earth. What better motif than a pumping, beating heart, complete with flowers and a ‘Mom’ tag to ink over your skin!

Most of the world would agree that the best place to cry is in your mother’s arms! We all have been there. Many times in our lives, perhaps. Or at least a few times throughout our growing up.

The prick of the tattoo needle that sketches a familiar or consoling picture can at times heal the wounds of a bleeding heart. For some of you – who know the sting of separation and the pain of losing one’s mother – a tattoo etched in love, to some extent might initiate healing.

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To carry the memory of those precious ones on your body would seem to assure you of their presence. One might wish to carry the tattoo of  one’s mother’s picture, name or birthdate to hold on to the memory.

A comforting mother’s love- tattoo or a mother & child- tattoo could make one feel so connected to her, to childhood and all he loveliest memories.

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Want to get realistic? Carry your childhood memories along with you to Trippink (JP Nagar, Bengaluru) today!

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The most significant comfort a child can get is the assurance that she or he could fall into those loving arms at the slightest hurt and for the silliest reason without being judged; without being condemned. That might solely be the capability of a mother. Making her who she is. Wherever in the world! And to this ethereal love, we bow, on this Mother’s Day. To the profound layers of motherhood we dedicate our most beautiful tattoos.

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