10 Music Tattoos to Inspire any Music Lover

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Whether you’re an old soul or new kid on the block, we’ve got some gorgeous music tattoos to inspire you!

10 music-inspired tattoos to soothe your soul

    1. Just Keep Breathin’

      Ariana Grande, Just Keep Breathin
      Find my way up into the clouds
      Tune it out, they can be so loud

      For all the Arianators out there as well as the ones who’ve just had some really rough times – and just need a reminder to keep breathing.

    1. May Death Never Stop You
      My Chemical Romance Farewell
      Welcome to the Black Parade

      All things end, and sometimes that hurts. But never let it stop you, and always remember the good times you had. This My Chemical Romance album was bittersweet for so many of us, but what better way to memorialize such a good run than by saying it in ink?

    1. A Sign of the Times
      Harry Styles 'A Sign of the Times
      Welcome to the final show
      Hope you’re wearing your best clothes

      It’s been a tough few years, and Harry Styles managed to put all those emotions into a single song – talk about getting hit right in the feels! The simplicity of having just these lines from the lyrics inked adds to the heaviness of this song’s message.

    1. I’ll See You on the Dark Side of the Moon
      Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon'
      Breathe in the air.
      Don’t be afraid to care.

      Sometimes, music is what sees us through our darkest moments. Pink Floyd sure knew that – they put out some of the greatest music that continues to inspire – even among inkers.

    1. Take These Broken Wings and Learn to Fly
      Beatles Black Bird or Marley Everything's Gonna Be Alright?
      Blackbird, fly

      You can’t go wrong with little black birds, whether you’re more Beatles or more Marley! They’re a classic among music tattoos.

    1. Feel Good Inc.
      Feel Good Inc.
      Windmill, windmill for the land
      Turn forever hand in hand

      Is everybody in? ‘Cause we’re about to take a trip down this memory lane! And we might just get us some gorgeous Gorillaz ink on the way!

    1. Awesome Mix Vol. 1
      Remember the name - Starlord!
      Are we Starlords? Or are we 80s kids?

      One of the best compilations of some of the best tracks of the 60s and 70s – from Bowie to The Runaways, the soundtrack for Guardians of the Galaxy 1 was as nostalgic as it was a bop! So if you’re not sure which song to be inspired by, just get ink that represents them all!

    1. All We Hear is Radio Gaga
      Queen's 'Radio Gaga'
      Radio goo goo

      Radio blah blah! Queen sure had a way with words – 35 years ago and this is still a relevant sentiment! Radio – someone still loves you – enough to say it in ink!

    1. Going Classic

      Treble clef
      We move to the beat of the treble

      If pop, rock, or hip hop is not your style – then a classic music tattoo featuring symbols from musical theory might be more up your alley like these simple musical note tattoo.

      10 Music Tattoos to Inspire any Music Lover 3

      10 Music Tattoos to Inspire any Music Lover 4


  1. Do They Know It’s Christmas Time at All?

    Do They Know It's Christmas
    A Bandaid to heal the blues

    ‘Music heals my soul’. After the up and down ride through feels and nostalgia, a Band Aid is the perfect finish! Plus what’s a better way to get your love for music inked than with a tattoo that represents hundreds of artists from different eras across multiple generations and genres!

    A bonus is this tattoo will get more special each time a new version of the song is released!

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