Tattoos and Humans: Once A Rebel Always A Rebel


“I’ve always been a person who wanted to do different things to create a bunch of experiences in life.”


“I am basically from Delhi and moved to Bangalore nine years ago like any IT professional. I never wanted to be someone who just sits behind the computer or a laptop, or do any kind of nine to five job. I’ve been a commerce student, then I finished my engineering and got into IT. My journey from there has been very different because I was just trying to find ways to find out what I really want to do. I never wanted to follow the societal patterns of life, basically the standard routine of the so-called rat race. I always wanted to keep my energy channelised through any sort of other activities.”.

once a rebel always a rebel

“Working in IT for a while I realised that this job didn’t trigger me to get inspired neither it made me happy. I like to experience things by myself, so the day I moved to Bangalore, I decided one thing, that I’m going to try every possible activity I like. But let me be very honest, even though I want to do a lot of things, I don’t want to be judged for doing what I love and living life on my terms.”

The Calling :

“Even though I have a bunch of close-knit friends, I never shared my thoughts and passion with them. But I always had this feeling of doing something offbeat. My journey with biking began in 2014, it was a normal year, i was doing my IT job, coming back home, going for hiking some days, until one day, when a friend of mine asked me if i wanna go for a ride. Although I agreed, I was
clueless about motorcycles. I know riding a two-wheeler is pretty normal everywhere but in my community only superior people rode bikes, even my brother was not allowed to have a bike. I’m from Haryana and I come from the Jatt community. Nonetheless my family was okay with most of the things, but there is always an influence of the community.”

“I’m not a demanding person but if I want to do something I don’t give a second thought to it, I have been a rebel like that. So when my friends offered me riding, I knew I wanted to do this. I went on the bike to Goa, and felt liberty like never before, the experience was surreal because I had never been exposed to that dimension before. I covered a journey of 1500km on the bike along with 15
boys. I was the only girl in the group and they treated me equally. Their logic was simple, if you can ride 1500km, you’re a tomboy.”

Freedom and Acceptance :

“I really liked the whole freedom aspect and after that first ride, in the span of eight months, I actually picked up my own bike and I did my solo rides. I finally found my calling and in 2016, I quit my IT job, thankfully my companion was of the same riding background and completely supported my decision.”

“There are highs and lows in everyone’s life, but you should always learn to deal with it. In my case, the one thing that has kept me going is acceptance. If I’m feeling low, I accept that I’m feeling low. I accept my failures as much as I accept my success.”

Rebel :

“My tattoo journey started after my 12th board exams, when a friend asked what you want to do on your birthday, i said i want to get a tattoo done. Of course my family didn’t like it but I acted rebellious and kept doing what I love. I started researching what tattooing is, what it means and all
about its process. After reading a couple of articles, I got my first tattoo of ‘Krishna’. My friend asked me why Krishna, and I said because I feel like Krishna.The impression of Krishna for me at that point was of a free soul.”

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“My next tattoo was of the motorcycle, because it gave me my life calling, it helped me discover who I am and what I want to be. My third tattoo has a feather and a phoenix coming out of it. It basically depicts my phase of depression, and how I came out of it. Every tattoo that I have on my body
depicts a story of my life. My last tattoo was done on my back, 10 days before my marriage in 2019, February. All of my tattoos are a self gift to me because each one of them holds a story that has changed my life.”

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Phases :

“So I got a flower tattoo, a chain sprocket, which is a motorcycle part, and a mandala tattoo on my back. All these tattoos are basically a journey of 8 years and it inspires me to see how far I’ve come.
Next I’m planning to get my whole arm inked, and that, too, will depict a very important phase of my life ;)”

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