Pulling A Few Strings – Amazing Guitar Tattoos On Hand

Surrealistic Sidearm Forest Guitar Tattoo

Guitars and tattoos share a common bond. Both are eclectic, individualistic and forever-evolving. Both can narrate, enthral and leave you mystified! If you too are caught by the heat waves of these two dynamic mediums, then welcome to the fascinating universe of the guitar-tattoos!

Perhaps you wouldn’t believe there could be a plethora of guitar tattoo designs! Like Guitar tattoos on forearm, electric guitar tattoo, small guitar tattoo or maybe you are already familiar with a few fiery designs and searching for more. Well, whatever your pick on guitar designs is, we bring you some of the quirkiest and unique small guitar tattoo designs to adorn your hands.

If you are passionate about your tattoo and your guitar, you better pick one from these amazing creative stocks!

Amazing Guitar Tattoos On Hand

From simple guitar designs to elaborate details, there’s enough art out there to ignite your imagination. Small guitar tattoos on hand are aesthetically pleasing. From  simple illustrations or heavy black art, a small guitar tattoo on hand is a class apart. There are musical notes interlinked with a line-guitar, tiny and cute guitars on the wrist, or a strikingly coloured guitar on your forearm.
You may as well go for your favourite model of the guitar – get an electric guitar tattoo or a telecaster tattoo on hand!

Perhaps you should go for an amazing full arm tattoo with a sleek guitar across the hand. There are cute guitars in interesting geometrical patterns and those wrapped in swirls of musical notes! You have countless options to showcase your passion for music and the instrument with a simple tattoo on your hand.

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Dare-Devil Guitar Tattoo Designs On Hand

For those who want stunning and awe-inspiring guitar tattoo designs, get yourself a guitar-in-the-fissure tattoo that has been trending for quite some time. The realistic art with a guitar peeping out of your outstretched arm, with the skin, cracked open around it will turn quite a few heads around! A master artist can transform your full hand into a realistic guitar with all the intricate details and shading.

For heavy metal fans who would like to pitch into extreme variations can have skulls and ripped skin embedded on their hands along with your favourite guitar!

You can also experiment with various styles, like a watercolour guitar or a dark solid guitar in black art. You can also have guitar tattoo designs on the hand in vibrant hues – A jazzy Rock’ N Roll guitar tattoo or a rose-covered guitar or even a guitar in petal form can be catchy with beautiful shades and sleek designs. 3D designs are also popular among guitar fans.

Cute And Small Guitar Tattoos On Hand

If you prefer less daring tattoos, go for designs that depict parts of the instrument shrouded in floral or musical patterns. You can have a headstock tattoo or a few strings with roses around it. There are also minimalist guitar tattoos for hands that are elegant and eye-catchy. Abstract designs and organic shapes are also popular for those who like to keep it subtle and suave. You may as well infuse tribal elements in your guitar tattoo, bringing a blended touch of the indigenous and the steely jazz.

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