Tattoo Artists in Bangalore: Finding the Best Artists in Town!

tattoo artists in bangalore

What makes a good tattoo artist? It might sound like a loaded question – and that’s because it is!

Art is an expression. With tattoos, art is the expression of both a tattoo artist and the person getting inked. Knowing how good an artist is, therefore, is extremely important when choosing who you get your tattoo from.

The practice of modifying, changing, and branding one’s skin and body has been active since ancient times, with pieces of evidence of tattoo practices scattered all around the world.

Tattoos, being a culturally important part of many indigenous cultures, are done on men, women, and children yet they signify different things and concepts to different people and cultures. And we all know that art is a form of expression and with tattoos, both the tattoo artist and the person getting the tattoo are expressing themselves. Hence, knowing how good of a tattoo artist someone is can be imperative to know when choosing a studio for getting inked. 

Art is more subjective than objective, and so is the skill of an artist. And when it comes to tattoos, a form of art with such a wide array of styles and techniques that a tattoo artist can specialize in, this statement is even truer.

Tattoo artists don’t necessarily have to specialize in one single form of tattooing and most tattoo artists specialize in more than one style of tattooing.

Styles such as tribal, religious, minimalist script tattoos and designs such as animal designs are some of the more common styles of tattooing that a lot of tattoo artists specialize in. 

Bangalore is a hotspot for tattoo stylist and other tattoo related activities. There are many tattoo artists and shops that specialize in different areas of tattoo styling that have set themselves up and made a name for themselves as some of the best tattoo shops in Bangalore.

This raises the question; what are the best tattoo shops in Bangalore? Here’s a list of 20 of the most renowned tattoo artists and shops in Bangalore:an


So if art and skill are subjective, how do we select the best artist for you? We don’t.

Instead, we provide you with a list of artists who are at the top of their specialization – and let you make the right choice for yourself! Maybe their art will inspire you, or maybe you already have a design in mind and have been waiting to find the right tattoo artist to ink it for you. Either way, we’re sure this list will help you narrow your search for the best tattoo artist in Bangalore!

Click on any of the artist or head straight to to narrow your tattoo artist search in Bangalore. Jhaiho is making your tattoo hunt easier by listing tattoo studios with details like Studio fees, Specialization, Amenities and much more. 

Now let’s get to it! Here are our picks for some of the best tattoo artists in Bangalore.

Ancient Tattoo Studio

Prashanth’s Ancient Tattoo Studio: The Ancient Tattoo Studio, located in HSR, is one of the most accessible tattoo studios for people residing in South Bangalore.

Their work ranges among many styles and designs. However, their specialization and skills with lines and black inks stand out. For anyone that is looking for a studio that blends the traditional styles of tattooing with modern tattoo trends, Ancient Tattoo Studio is an excellent studio. 

Ancient Tattoo Studio was started by Prashanth in 2011, Prashanth has been actively working in the industry for over 7 years and has created a studio that revels in its creative freedom and gives people uniquely custom tattoos that stray away from the generic and mundane designs.

All in all Ancient Tattoo Studio under Prashanth’s management and leadership is a hotspot for tattoo culture with amazingly unique designs.

Per Sq.Inch Price (Single Color) –  ₹ 600

Per Sq.Inch Price (Multi Color) –  ₹ 600

Address:   27th Main Road, 2633, 13th Cross Rd, below Skechers, 1st Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

Prashant is good at tattoo specialization – Line work, greywash, lettering- If you are looking to get any of these tattoos, book now for free 

312 Reviews

Tattoos and Tales

Srinath and Malathy’s Tattoos and Tales: Srinath and Malathy lead a team of professional tattoo artists and piercers under the name of T’N’T (Tattoos and Tales).


‘Tattoos and Tales’ is located in Hulimavu in Bangalore and is one of the many tattoo studios that have a wide variety of specializations and skills. They work on different styles of tattooing such as abstract, watercolor, lettering, traditional, neo-traditional, pointillism (dot-work), portraits, and tribal.


‘Tattoos and Tales’ also specializes in professional body piercings, t-shirt paintings, mural paintings, canvas paintings, and much more. ‘Tattoos and Tales’ is known for its specialization in the range of small and medium pieces that are often influenced by quirky themes such a pop culture and cartoons. 


Per Sq.Inch Price (Single Color) –  ₹ 800

Per Sq.Inch Price (Multi Color) –  ₹ 800

Address:  2A2, Muthurayya swamy layout, hulimavu Bannerghatta road, opposite to Hulimavu cave temple, near Royal Meenakshi mall, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076

252 Reviews

Check out their work on or follow us on Instagram to stay up-to-date on “Tattoos and Tales” latest designs!

Eternal Expression Tattoo and Piercing Studio​


Veer Hegde’s Eternal Expression Tattoo and Piercing Studio: Veer Hegde used to be a Mechanical Design Engineer with the Indian Defence.

He picked up tattooing as a hobby but when he was recognized for his efforts and skills on the news in the ‘Latest Trends in Tattooing’ section, he gained prominence as the Pioneering 3D artist of Bangalore. He then received immense local praise and appreciation and rose to fame in the tattoo world almost immediately.

This inspired him to pursue tattooing as a full-time profession. He then went ahead and founded ‘The Eternal Expression Tattoo and Piercing Studio’ in 2010 and has been crafting captivating and powerful tattoo masterpieces ever since.

Veer Hegde is an Ethical Tattoo Artist that believes in the famous motto of ‘Quality over Quantity’. He is an expert when it comes to tattooing and is renowned for his exquisite tattoo designs, each of which is uniquely designed for every individual.

Per Sq.Inch Price (Single Color) –  ₹ 1500

Per Sq.Inch Price (Multi Color) –  ₹ 1500

Address: 91, Richmond Rd, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025

238 Reviews

Voted India’s Leading Tattoo artist and the Best tattoo artist in Bangalore as featured in GQ Magazine, Hi!BLITZ, India Today, Udayavani, Economic Times, TNIE, NEWS9/TV9

Jessie’s Verve Tattoo Studio

 Jessie Verve has been working in the industry for 8 years and over the span of these 8 years, she has become one of the most accomplished artists in India.

She has solidified herself as one of the best artists in India, being the most awarded artist in India while also being one of the best female artists in India. She has taken part in many Indian and International conventions.

She has always loved being provided with creative freedom. Jessie Verve started working towards building her own practice in the form of a tattoo studio. In 2012, Jessie Verve opened her own tattoo studio under the name of Verve.

The artists at Verve, including Jessie herself, specialize in a wide variety of tattoo skills and techniques such as neo-traditional, traditional, illustrative, realism, Japanese, blackwork, geometric, black and grey, and colour. Jesse and her team of artists at Verve Tattoo Studio thoroughly enjoy working on tattoos and projects that are unique and challenging. 

Per Sq.Inch Price (Single Color) –  ₹ 600

Per Sq.Inch Price (Multi Color) –  ₹ 600

Address: 4th floor , Sai plaza , 7th cross road, 16th main, Main road, above pizza hut, BTM 2nd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076

406 Reviews

Book an appointment with them at Verve Tattoo Studio. Verve’s slots fill up quickly, so be sure to book in advance!

Anurag Pradhan’s InkOverMatter

Anurag Pradhan started InkOverMatter in 2012. He’s stated that, as a kid, he had a passion for sketching and drawing and that he always wanted to become a professional artist.

After working with his friend for 2 years and freelancing as a tattoo artist and also volunteering at an NGO, Anurag opened his own tattoo studio and named it InkOverMatter.

Since 2012, InkOverMatter has grown into so much more than a tattoo studio and parlor. The artists over at InkOverMatter specialize in Old School techniques and styles of tattoos and art. InkOverMatter has created a parlor and studio with stunning vintage-style pieces that evoke and create a sense of nostalgia.


InkOverMatter is a studio that is continuously growing and at the same time diversifying with what they can do and with what they have to offer. On top of this, the addition of a roster of visiting artists like Rollen Lasrado (of Inkadelik Tattoos) and Thapan Das, has allowed InkOverMetter to increase its range of specializations by a huge amount.

With the support of all these artists, their specializations have continually expanded to include realism, portrait, geometric, abstract, blackwork, illusion work, colour, and much more.

Address: Vruddhi Complex, No. 25, 6th Cross, behind Leela Palace, Kodihalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008

113 Reviews

In other words, this is the perfect place for anyone looking to get a piece that fuses a wide range of styles while also paying homage to the roots of modern tattooing. Check out our Instagram handle for more!

Guru Prasad’s Tattoo Trends:

Located in the Electronic City in Bangalore, Tattoo Trends is one of the finest tattoo studios in Bangalore.

Their primary aim and goal are to provide their clients with the best tattooing experience they can possibly have. They aim to become one of the most trusted names in the tattoo industry in Bangalore and they aim to achieve this with their high-quality standards of work and their stringent hygiene procedures.

They provide the highest quality of work while keeping hygiene as one of their top priorities. Tattoo Trends is the place to be for people that have a passion to be inked and have a passion for the tattoo culture. 

Per Sq.Inch Price (Single Color) –  ₹ 800

Per Sq.Inch Price (Multi Color) –  ₹ 900

Address:  NO.601,Shop no 03 kasavanahalli main road opposite sjr verity appartment, below reliance trends, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560035

Sagar’s Funky Fuze Tattoo Studio:

Founded in the year of 2013, Funky Fuze Tattoo Studio, located in Electronic City in Bangalore, is one of the top players in the tattoo industry of Bangalore. This establishment has acted as a one-stop-shop and destination for servicing customers, both local and from other parts of Bangalore.

Over the course of its 8-year long journey, this business has continually proved itself and established a firm foothold in the industry. They believe that customer satisfaction is just as important as their products and services.

This belief has allowed this establishment to garner a vast number of customers, which continues to grow with each passing day. Funky Faze Tattoo Studio employs artists that are severely dedicated to their respective roles and are willing to put in the required effort that allows Funky Faze to raise their standards.

Per Sq.Inch Price (Single Color) –  ₹ 500

Per Sq.Inch Price (Multi Color) –  ₹ 500

Address: #924,Buddha Nagar, opposite Huskurgate, Dadi Reddy Layout, Electronic City, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560100

422 Reviews

Godwyn Moses’s God.Ink:

Godwyn Moses established and founded God.Ink Tattoo Studio in 2011 in the 8th block of Koramangala in Bangalore and has been one of the top names in the Bangalore tattoo industry ever since.

They have managed to garner a vast base of customers over the last 10 years and that customer base has been continually growing ever since.

In the near future, God.Ink aims to expand its line of services and products in order to garner a wider range of customers and also cater to a larger client base. There are various means of commuting to God.Ink making its location more than ideal for a tattoo studio and parlor. 

Per Sq.Inch Price (Single Color) –  ₹ 700

Per Sq.Inch Price (Multi Color) –  ₹ 700

Address:  1000, 2nd floor, Koramangala 1st block, stb, opp. to Wipro park, opp. to wipro park, 1st Block Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034

54 Reviews

Vikas Amblamogaru’s Purple Monk Tattoo Studio:

Located in the 1st block of Koramangala in Bangalore, Vikas Amblamogaru’s Purple Monk Tattoo Studio is one of the most reputed names in the tattoo business in Bangalore.

It was established in the year of 2015 and it has been continuously growing in the tattoo business ever since.

Their policies of keeping customer satisfaction at the top of their priorities have allowed them to gather a large customer and client base, which is continually growing ever since their establishment.

The tattoo studio has also established itself with a firm foothold in the industry and as one of the more respected names in the industry. Its location also makes it easily accessible to both local citizens and citizens from other parts of Bangalore, with various means of commuting to the studio. 

Per Sq.Inch Price (Single Color) –  ₹ 600

Per Sq.Inch Price (Multi Color) –  ₹ 700

Address: #894, 7A Main, 1st Cross Rd, 1st Block Koramangala, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034

293 Reviews

Ganesh Acharya’s Inkblot Tattoos:

Inkblot Tattoo Studio was established in the year of 2013 and has been on the rise ever since.

They pride themselves on bringing a fresh new take on the concept of the generic and traditional tattoo culture. With highly trained tattoo artists with years of experience in tattooing and its art, they are one of the best tattoo studios in Bangalore.

Every procedure is carried out with utmost care and precision, without any emphasis on appointments, which are preferred but not required. Appointments are preferred and encouraged in order to save time without focusing on the complications. Inkblot Tattoo studio provides a calm and friendly environment for tattooing with a very well made tattoo studio.

They also take into account the importance and essentiality of tattoo aftercare, providing their customers with new tattoo care guides, how tattoos are supposed to heal, and also providing the best tattoo aftercare instructions.

Per Sq.Inch Price (Single Color) –  ₹ 600

Per Sq.Inch Price (Multi Color) –  ₹ 600

Address: 35/24(696) PTG Complex, 2nd floor, 45th Cross, 11th Main Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560041

540 Reviews

Ritopriyo Saha’s Trippink Tattoo Studio:

Trippink Tattoo Studio was established in 2015 by Ritopriyo Saha, a veteran tattoo artist based in Bangalore. Ritopriyo started tattooing in 2007. He first observed artists tattooing at other tattoo studios such as Dark Tattoo Studio and Brahma Tattoo Studio.

He was fascinated by the art of tattooing and started learning the skills of tattooing. At first, he experimented with his tattooing skills on his own body, tattooing his hands and legs. After years of learning and working, he decided to take the next step and opened his own tattoo studio under the name of Trippink Tattoo Studio. 

Trippink is currently regarded as one of the best tattoo studios in Bangalore. They possess a legal license to operate their studio while following government laid regulations and government prescribed safety standards. They have highly skilled and experienced artists and provide services at some of the more reasonable prices. 

Per Sq.Inch Price (Single Color) –  ₹ 500

Per Sq.Inch Price (Multi Color) –  ₹ 1000

Address: 475, 1st A Cross Rd, KHB Colony, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095

480 Reviews

Prem’s Skinart Studio:

Skinart Tattoo Studio was established in the year 2009 and is located in the populated locality of Kasturi Nagar in Bangalore, which makes it accessible to people of that locality.

With the help of various many means of commute and travel, customers from other localities and parts of Bangalore can avail the services of the Skinart Tattoo Studio easily. They offer a safe, clean, fun, and professional environment for people to be inked. They have a wide variety of skills and specializations.

The artists at Skinart Tattoo Studio are experienced and have been in the tattoo industry for many years. All of these elements make it the ideal place for customers to get their tattoos. They hold customer satisfaction to a high value while also providing quality products and services.

Per Sq.Inch Price (Single Color) –  ₹ 600

Per Sq.Inch Price (Multi Color) –  ₹ 600

Address: 1st C Cross Rd, East of NGEF Layout, Kasturi Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043

137 Reviews

Bharath’s Inkrage Tattoo Studio:

Inkrage Art and Tattoo Studio was established in 2016 in Namma Bengaluru. Their focus is on clean, unique, and original tattoos.

They custom design all of their artwork and ensure that every tattoo is solid while being executed with a high level of precision and dedication. Their aim as artists is to interpret their customer’s ideas into something that is ‘one of a kind’ while also standing the test of time.

Their well made and clean welcoming studio will also allow for a great relaxed experience. They create distinguished and bespoke custom designs for their customers and provide high-quality products and services. 

Per Sq.Inch Price (Single Color) –  ₹ 700

Per Sq.Inch Price (Multi Color) –  ₹ 700

Address: BDA Shopping Complex, #28, 2nd, 21st Main Rd, Banashankari, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560070

209 Reviews

Sachin’s Kalamudra:

Sachin Shamarao started working on tattoos in 2008. He learned the basics of tattooing in Delhi and then worked and learned under the apprenticeship of one of the top names in the Indian tattoo industry, Eric Jason D’souza of Iron Buzz Tattoos in Mumbai.

He is now an artist and the owner of Kalamudra Tattoo Studio in Bangalore. He believes that every tattoo tells a story and that the art of tattooing is a form of telling stories. 

Established in the civilian locality of J. P. Nagar, it is easily accessible with a friendly and professional environment. Kalamudra Tattoo Studio provides high-quality products and services to its customers while also following and abiding by all the government laid laws and restrictions.


Per Sq.Inch Price (Single Color) –  ₹ 600

Per Sq.Inch Price (Multi Color) –  ₹ 1000

Address: KalaMudra Tattoos #21, 8th cross, 24th Main Rd, near Ranga Shankara, 2nd Phase, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078

78 Reviews

Jai Arjun’s Kairos Tattoo Studio:

Kairos Tattoo Studio, located in Vallabh Nagar in Bangalore, is a hotspot for tattoo-related activities and provides a safe and clean environment for people to get tattooed in.

The owner and leading artist of Kairos Tattoo Studio, Jai Arjun, is a professional that is skilled in the art of tattooing. He believes that the tattoo culture has a lot more intensity and storytelling to it than people make it out to be.

He has continuously stated that tattooing is not about the money or being cool but more about the art and storytelling. He has built one of the more respected and well-made tattoo studios in Bangalore.

Jai Arjun has a unique specialization in freehand tattooing and freehand tattooing is what makes Kairos Tattoo Studio stand out from the other tattoo studios in Bangalore.

Per Sq.Inch Price (Single Color) –  ₹ 500

Per Sq.Inch Price (Multi Color) –  ₹ 500

Address: Kanakapura Rd, Vallabha Nagar, Konanakunte, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560062

54 Reviews

Sneha’s Tattoowali Tattoo Studio:

Sneha is the owner of the Tattoowali Art and Tattoo Studio in Bangalore. She is a fine arts graduate and is associated and skilled in various artistic ventures such as Animation, 3D Wall Art, and Professional Photography.

She has worked and trained under the wing of Amin Sultan Haijini at his tattoo studio, Angel Tattoo and Piercing Studio. Her artistic acumen has led her to start working on intricately detailed and precise tattoos religiously very early in her inking career.

Her Tattoowali Tattoo Studio is a reputed name in the tattoo sphere. With Sneha being the sole artist at Tattoowali Tattoo Studio, she specializes in the art of inking and tattooing while also providing services that not a lot of tattoo studios provide, such as a guide to managing your tattoos and a tattoo aftercare guide.

Per Sq.Inch Price (Single Color) –  ₹ 500

Per Sq.Inch Price (Multi Color) –  ₹ 500

Address: SLV Complex, 2nd Floor, 2nd Cross Rd, above Grand Mart, Ananth Nagar Phase 2, Electronic City Phase II, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560100

297 Reviews

Mann Sunar’s Tattoo Trends:

Located in the Kasavanahali in Bangalore, Tattoo Trends is one of the finest tattoo studios in Bangalore.

Their primary aim and goal are to provide their clients with the best tattooing experience they can possibly have. They aim to become one of the most trusted names in the tattoo industry in Bangalore and they aim to achieve this with their high-quality standards of work and their stringent hygiene procedures.

They provide the highest quality of work while keeping hygiene as one of their top priorities. Tattoo Trends is the place to be for people that have a passion to be inked and have a passion for the tattoo culture.

Per Sq.Inch Price (Single Color) –  ₹ 800

Per Sq.Inch Price (Multi Color) –  ₹ 900

Address: NO.601,Shop no 03 kasavanahalli main road opposite sjr verity appartment, below reliance trends, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560035

205 Reviews

How much do tattoos cost in Bangalore?

Knowing how much a tattoo will cost helps with the planning for one’s dream tattoo.

Many factors determine the price a tattoo artist charges such as skill, reputation, artistic ability, location on the body, size of the tattoo, and complexity.

Typically, a high-quality tattoo performed in a professional and legally registered tattoo studio or parlor would be more expensive than some scratcher working out of their backroom. Considering that one could potentially take home a disease along with a low-quality permanent tattoo, paying a little more than normal can certainly be worth the cost in the long run.

In general, the old saying applies that you get what you pay for. Though there’s no guarantee that the quality of a tattoo increases with the price being charged, at least one can ensure that one’s somewhere on the playing field.

How Much Do Tattoos Cost?

The price of one’s tattoo will depend on the following factors,

The Skill and Experience of the Artist: This is the leading and prime factor in determining the price a tattoo artist charges. A professional tattoo artist will charge more for their service. They usually charge on a per hour basis but will charge for the price of the tattoo if it is a small one that can be completed in one sitting.

If they have tattooed for years but possess low or no skill, or alternatively, they have skill but no experience, they won’t be eligible to charge a premium price. An artist must possess both of these attributes to ask for a high price.

  1. Complexity: A complex design with a lot of intricate details might take multiple sessions and long hours. For example, watercolor tattoos cost a lot more than getting simple writing in black ink because they require a lot of colors and skilled techniques to create. Therefore, the amount of time it takes for a tattoo to be completed will be a strong determining factor.
  2. Color: The more colors there are, the longer it will take because multiple colors mean that the design is more complicated.
  3. Body Placement: Tattoo placement on the body is also a big determining factor. Some artists charge 10% to 25% more for a tattoo that is on a challenging body area. Difficult locations include the neck, feet, elbow, and face. Hand and finger tattoos are relatively easier.
  4. Custom Designs: A simple design that the artist or tattoo parlor already has a stencil of will cost relatively less. If the artist has to make an original design based on what a client or customer wants, the time they take to conceptualize and draw the piece will factor into the price.
  5. Geographical location: The price for a tattoo will be higher in bigger cities than in smaller towns.
  6. Size: The smaller the tattoo, the cheaper the price. A small tattoo on one’s wrist might bring the price down or the shop’s minimum charge, but a full back tattoo might cost 10 times more.
  7. The popularity of the Artist or the Studio: Artists and tattoo shops that are popular or famous can also charge a higher rate for their services. When appointments are limited, the expense and charge will most likely always go up, too.
  8. Tattooing Tools: The tools and supplies used to create one’s tattoos are another expense incurred by the artist and passed onto the consumer. Such items include ink, needles, sterilization units, lotions, inkwells, wipes, and sprays.

What’s the Average Cost of a Small Tattoo?

Again, this depends on a number of factors that are covered above. A smaller tattoo does not necessarily mean it will be cheaper. If a client gets something with a lot of complex details, oftentimes, a smaller size will make it more difficult to draw in those details.

Cost Estimate of a Simple Tattoo

The average cost of a simple tattoo can be calculated at 700 rupees per square inch.

So if a customer gets a 6 x 6-inch tattoo (36 square inches), they will pay roughly 25000 rupees

However, this is just an estimate. 

How Your Tattoo Artist Will Quote the Cost

There are two forms of pricing within the tattoo industry and an artist will quote their customer based on one of these methods.

  1. Set Price for the Whole Piece

This is often done when the customer comes in with a predetermined notion for a design and the artist can predict approximately how long it will take to complete the tattoo. For very big or complex designs that are going to be expensive, a tattoo studio may ask for a non-refundable deposit.

  1. By the Hour

This quote will usually include the time it takes to apply the stencil as well as to complete the tattoo. In some cases, if the artist has created a custom design for a customer, they may include some of this creative time in the price.

The minimum charge for a by-the-hour quote is always one hour, even if your tattoo only takes five minutes to complete. This is because irrespective of the time it takes to tattoo you, your artist must provide new and sterilized equipment for each tattoo.

Good Tattoos Aren’t Cheap and Cheap Tattoos Aren’t Good

“Backyard” or home tattooers (also called scratchers) work out of their garages, backyards, sheds, kitchens, and living rooms.

It’s true that some very talented artists produce decent tattoos in their home studios. However, here we are talking about studios—places dedicated to tattooing work. A client will be able to tell the difference between a studio and a scratcher’s den by looking out for a couple of things.

How to Tell If A Home Tattoo Artist Is Legitimate

  1. Check to see if the studio or workplace is sanitary. This includes the benches, the equipment, the table, and the place in general. Check to see if they look clean.
  2. If the artist is using all the equipment usually seen in a tattoo parlor.
  3. If they wear gloves when tattooing.
  4. Check for a visible sterilization station. Hint: a proper sterilization station should not just be a pot boiling on the stove.
  5. Where did they get their equipment? Did they purchase it from a legitimate merchant or buy it off eBay?
  6. Make sure the artist doesn’t consume alcohol or drugs while tattooing. This is a huge red flag.
  7. Do they give only vague or confusing instructions on how to take care of your tattoo?
  8. As they tattoo, does it hurt, and are they rough with the equipment?

Besides getting a dodgy tattoo, a client may also take home a lot more than they bargained for in the shape of an infection or even a disease. Plus, they may experience more pain if they get a tattoo by a crappy artist instead of a professional.

Because they often cut corners, scratchers can offer tattoos at bargain prices. Even though a client will save a bit (maybe even a few hundred on a large tattoo), in the end, the client will triple the money they initially spent by either having to cover it up or get it removed.

Tattoo removal is costly, painful, and takes a long time. Laser tattoo removal costs a lot of money and session and will require at least six painful sessions. If a customer ends up with a bad tattoo and doesn’t want to go through the pain of laser removal, the only other choice is to get a cover-up tattoo, which will cost as much or be even more expensive than the original tattoo because it will be more complicated for the tattoo artist to design.

On the other hand, if a client wants their tattoo to last long, a professional artist will use better quality ink that won’t smudge.

Spend a bit more and, by the first payday after a client gets inked, the pain of their poverty will disappear as they gaze at their fantastic new tattoo.

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