Tattoo Designs of Lord Ganesha: An Ethnic Display of Divine Power and Cosmic Balance

Lord Ganesha Arm Tattoo

There is something magnetic about the pot-bellied, elephant-headed God Ganesha that intrigues the artist. Be it the asymmetry of one broken tusk, or the gigantic ears archetypal of a tusker, the unique, mythical blend of two species has lent generously to vivid illustrations to make fantastic tattoo designs of Lord Ganesha. It isn’t just wedding cards, invitations or calendars that portray the most auspicious Hindu God. Ganesha is a favourite among tattoo lovers as well!

Why Ganesha Tattoos are Funky

The conveniently curvy silhouette of the infant God renders itself beautifully to the tattoo needles. From the innocence of baby Ganesha to the mystical charms of an all-encompassing cosmic power, the dimensions of Vinayaka appeal to tattoo enthusiasts as well as to artists.

Well-accompanied by consorts Siddhi (Skill) and Buddhi (Knowledge), Ganesha embodies power, wisdom and talent; a rather eloquent illustration to be etched on to one’s body.

Tattoo designs of Lord Ganesha are also very ethnic. Hindu Gods and Goddesses with their strong replication of divine power and cosmic balance are the perfect Indian Counterfeits to popular  western mythical heroes. For a patriotic devotee, great tattoo designs of Lord Ganesha isn’t just a smart retort to the overdose of westernism but a powerful talisman as well. Having the great ‘Remover of Obstacles’ up one’s sleeve is a different game altogether! Especially if you names tattoo in the shape of Lord Ganesha.

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Amazing Tattoos Of Lord Ganesha

Ganesha is worshipped for his versatility. For believers, his potential and provisions cover vast realms. And so do his tattoos! The Eka-Dantha’s indigenous nature and identity add interesting details and depths to his tattoo images as well.

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If you are an ardent fan of Ganesha tattoos and excitedly searching for a great design, visit Jhaiho. You will find a myriad of tattoos of Lord Ganesha from some of the most famous studios in the city and reflecting their varied styles and skills. The black and white sketches, an elaborately detailed deity or a more mystical Ganesha shrouded in lines and symbols etc. are some of the Lord Ganesha tattoo designs you could pick from our gallery. Amazing colour tattoos of Ganesha inked in brilliant hues or symbolically articulate variations of elephant heads also rouse curiosity. Get yourself a new name tattoo in the shape of Lord Ganesha. Whichever way you want him to be, Ganesha presents himself in these tattoos!

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From dark gothic styles to the subtle yet stunning shades of Indian Mural Art, you get the Elephant God in all his extremities. You can go for a minimal design like a tattoo in the shape of Lord Ganesha with a few artistic curves or choose a broader canvas on your shoulder blade or back, for a brightly coloured Ganesha abiding in full glory. 

Come August, and it is the season to celebrate Lord Ganesha; his arrival on the earth from the heavenly abodes. It is the right occasion to etch his majestic being on your body and usher in prosperity and good luck!

If you are wondering where to get a great Ganesha tattoo, check out: Jhaiho. Many studios in the city offer a varied and amazing collection of tattoos you could choose from. From small tattoos of Lord Ganesha on wrists to heavily carved details on your upper arm, flaunt Lord Ganesha, whichever way you select, and celebrate his spirit of unanimity this season.

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