70+ Tattoos for Girls – From Hand to Back Tattoos, We’ve Got Them All!

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70+ Tattoos for Girls – with Meanings!

Tattoos were previously considered a sign of masculinity. Though there are small tribal groups and small communities have a tradition of tattooing for women, themed tattoos are initially a masculine expression. However, with the times-a-changin, gender norms blurring, fashion trends have reflected this. Tattoos for women have become less a taboo, and more of a statement. Over time it is considered as body art and not a gender-specific expression. Over time, tattoos, for girls too, have become a medium of expression, with art that suits their personality.

The popularity of tattoos among women is taken from women celebrities and artists, who have passive influence over the other girls and women. So, common women wanted to enjoy how it looks on them as well. There is a lot of design and symbols women like to draw on them. On this page, we explore a variety of tattoos that women can consider, because they would be beautiful on them.

There are so many tattoos for girls to choose from. But which one is for a tattoo lover like you? Do you like cute tattoos for girls or would you rather have something intelligent or powerful or romantic? Or is the amount of pain a big deciding factor for you? 

Whatever your query, we have you covered with our exhaustive and best tattoo for girls library, a curated list of good tattoo artists and studios in and around your neighbourhood and a personal consultant who is always available to answer all your doubts. 

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On with your hunt for the perfect tattoo…

Search by Designs

Now, let’s get you started with a crash course on different kinds of tattoo designs for girls. You can choose to go minimalist or pick an elaborate design, it could be a simple line and a dot or ornamental, a tribal design or contemporary geometry. But what you get should be reflective of you and your thoughts and your life and your people. 


As the name suggests, ornamental tattoos feature detailed designs that look similar to intricate jewellery or similar accessories. Such designs are popular as neck tattoos for girls, as they can look both regal and delicate all at once. 

Mehendi Tattoos

Of ornamental designs, mehndi designs are becoming a popular trend. Drawing inspiration from the henna designs used by women and girls in temporary hand tattoos across south Asia, mehndi tattoos use similar patterns to create some truly intricate tattoo designs.

What’s more – these designs can be placed anywhere, but have come to be most popular as neck tattoos for girls.

Ornamental designs also prominently feature mandalas, floral patterns, and designs mimicking jewelry. These can be combined with mehndi tattoo designs for an even more dramatic yet still delicate-looking tattoo.


The minimalist style or simple tattoos for girls is an excellent choice for girls looking to get their first tattoo, but it is also popular across the whole inking community.

And why wouldn’t it be! This style allows room for some stunning art. Sometimes, less is more!

Animal tattoos are also a popular choice among girls, and minimalism brings such a delicate element to these very meaningful tattoos.

Tribal, Blackwork and Illusion

Tattoos for girls often tend to be more minimalistic and delicate, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only kind of tattoo a girl can get. If you’re looking to go all out with your tattoo, then you’ll love these tattoos!

Tribal, blackwork, and 3D (or illusion) tattoos all feature extensive and detailed designs with large sections of black ink. Because of this, these tattoos are almost always quite large – and just as bold

Abstract Neck Lady Skull Tattoo
This 3D tattoo features blackwork, realism, and portrait work all in one!
Abstract Geometric tattoo
Blackouts are gaining popularity these days, both as standalone pieces and as part of larger designs.

Search by Body placement

Another big question is the placement of the tattoos. Celebrities choose all kinds of spots and so can you, depending on the size and design of your tattoo and your threshold for pain. Tattoo artists usually recommend that the first tattoo must be made in an area that has more muscle. More the muscle, the less the pain.

70+ Tattoos for Girls - From Hand to Back Tattoos, We've Got Them All! 2

Stunning Wrist Tattoo:

Wrist tattoos are considered the coolest tattoos. The fat over wrists is normally less for everyone. Inking there creates a stunning look on women. Moreover, the wrist is the sensitive part of the body and may create comparative high pain when the ink flows in.

A wrist tattoo for girls enhances the personality and beauty of the individual. It is attractive when you move your hand. Also, it is easily noticeable.

Small tattoos over writs are considered better for women. Yet, it is a personal choice of what the size should be and what the design is. Most of the women want something cute and small or bracelet tattoos that add like an ornament. Here are some stunning and beautiful ideas to consider before inking on your wrist.


Musical Notes On Wrists:

Music notes inked are a symbol of love and passion for the music or the feeling of energy that the music gives a person. Music evokes strong feelings in humans so that music sign tattoo has a wide range of meanings associated with it.

Most of the time musicians draw notes on their bodies. It might be they who have created a scope for musical note tattoos. Yet anyone who associates a particular feeling to a particular musical note draws on them. Musical notes, being small and versatile in their design, are a popular go-to motif as tattoos for women.

It can be small or large; one note or first line of a song; it has a personal meaning to it. It is not famous but creates a stunning look and gives a close to heart feeling. Humans have more inclination towards music and it can create nostalgia. If you have a nostalgic moment associated with any note, you should think about inking that on your wrist.


Om Wrist Tattoo:

Tattooing is like branding the self- what a person is at the core. And inking ‘OM’, a.k.a, aum, omkar, in their body is symbolizing them as someone spiritual, a believer of the Hindu values. Moreover, the sacred sound, as many religious texts mention, is a symbol of unity with the highest. 


The wrist would be the best place, as it will not spoil the sacredness unlike legs or lower body. 


Simple Wrist Tattoos:

Wrist tattoos can be both small and big, but it is different from simple and complex. Simple tattoos are clear and have a simple design. Also, it has a simple idea behind it with one color ink. Simple tattoos for girls are an easy way to ornament and beautify their wrists.

Simple wrist tattoos for women are mostly a star, a leaf, a heart, a quote, geometric design, name, initials, feather, butterfly, bird, flower, or bracelet designs. Popular tattoos are not limited to these. Girls have a wide range of simple tattoos that are discussed here.



Wrist Tattoos With Words:

Tattoos with words have their meaning by the words it is inked. Since the wrist is easily seen by people and even by you, it showcases the words you live by. Selecting the words and designs has more personal reflection than any other kind of tattoo.

Among girls also, these kinds of words and quotes tattoos are famous. Sometimes girls get words with designs on their wrists. Words on can be inked like bracelets or on the side wrist. Side wrist words or quotes are attractive on girls.


Motivational Quotes On Wrist Tattoos:

Motivational quotes are a popular tattoo design for girls. These motivational or inspirational quotes are what they live by. Sometimes the motivational quotes like “you can”, “believe in yourself” and “never settle” pushes you to run, hustle and never give up. They are fancy, reflect your stature, and motivate you when you are low-spirited. 


Feather On Wrist Tattoos:

Feather tattoos are common among women. Especially their common place of inking is on the wrist. Though it can be drawn over any part of the body. It creates a symbol of hippie, strength, and freedom. But its origin from Native America has a spiritual meaning.

Irrespective of its meaning, tattooing feathers on wrists give a stunning look. It can be small or big, it looks great on anyone’s wrist. Artists always find a way to fix it to your style and liking. It can also be mixed with other designs like birds, quotes, infinity, and more. Either alone or mixed up, black or colored, it would be amazing for its beauty.


Rosary Wrist Tattoo:

Though rosaries are not a widely popular choice for women, it has significant value for Christians or someone who loves rosaries. Rosary is a symbol of Jesus, as it has a cross fixed with it. It gives the feeling of godly presence with you all the time. Inking rosaries would be a good option as you can see it often. And the wrist would not spoil its sacredness.


Butterfly Wrist Tattoos:

Butterflies are a great tattoo choice for girls because of their style and color combinations. These tattoos look great on any part of the body. But inking on the wrist brings a stylish and proud look to the design. Moreover, butterflies sync with any other design templates and colors.

Irrespective of your style butterfly would change its look to fit you. The butterfly symbolizes change, rebirth, and transformation. It is also a symbol of the journey of the soul as it is born out of a caterpillar and finally dies. 

It can be inked in small, or big sizes, single, or group designs, completely black, or adding different colors. It can create a simple or complex look. It is you who decide.


Flower Tattoos On Wrist:

Flowers tattoos are meaningful and famous tattoos for women. It is a way to express gratitude to loved ones when written with words. 

Floral designs are trending among women for their simplicity and syncing ability with any quotes or themes. Floral designs denote delicacy, love, and femininity. Also, there are simple floral designs of any flowers like lotus, hibiscus, lily, rose or any flower of one’s wish. Whether it is colored or black it creates a pretty look as tattoos for girls.



Heart Tattoos On Wrist:

The heart is the most common symbol of love. But it does not always mean love for another person. It can be love for “the self” also. Since it can be small and cute, girls love to ink it on their inner wrist or even side wrist. It has charm wherever it is tattooed.

The most common designs of tattoos for women are the outline of a heart and a filled heart. Some girls even love to draw double hearts denoting someone they love. Since the heart is also associated with a lifeline, some girls also wanted to ink the heart attached to the lifeline. It gives the bracelet a look as well.


Religious Wrist Tattoos:

Other than Om and rosary, many religious tattoos are famous. Mandalas are the next famous tattoos for girls. Hinduism and Buddhism have a deeper meaning to mandalas that life is never-ending. It also denotes a spiritual journey. Girls can ink it on their inner wrist or side wrist. 

For Christian girls, cross, verse numbers, or a quote from the bible are popular to denote their religious affinity. Cross is more than religious, as it gives a sense of godly presence nearby.


Japanese Wrist Tattoos:

The most common wrist tattoos for girls are a cat face and dragon. Dragon has the strength as its representation in many cultures also in Japanese. 

The next popular tattoo for girls who love Japanese culture and their tattoos are kanji. Kanji is the Japanese letter. Each letter (character) denotes one meaning. Any kanji you wish to ink on your wrist is a good choice. Since most people in India won’t know Japanese language, it’s an advantage to you. You can always be mysterious. Anyway, look out for a character that suits you.



Sister Love tattoo:

Sister relationships are stronger than any other relationships.Their love for each other is endless. Getting a pair tattoo or matching tattoo for sisters is like sharing the same idea or syncing in the same vibration. The designs are going to deepen the meaning of sibling relationships.

The best tattoo ideas for sisters are word tattoos like Lil sister big sister, always & forever, and first of two, second of two; infinity tattoos writing sisters, or sister love; designs like heart, and half of any design on each one’s wrist that connects. Half designs increase the sense of oneness than any other designs. 

Sisters with different tastes of designs and can not boil down to one design can decide on a body part and can ink the designs of their liking.


Infinity Tattoo:

Infinity symbolizes eternity and a never-ending loop. Many cultures believe that infinity means rebirth or reincarnation. Yet, the sign alone would give mystery of what you are meaning, say, your life, love or what? Infinity tattoos are steadily popular as many people want to ink them in one form or the other.


One attractive thing about the infinity tattoo for girls is that it can be paired with any other elements like heart, stars, cross, cute designs. So girls love to add these cute elements or designs of their liking to infinity. That gives a stunning look to them, irrespective of any body parts they are inked.

The most famous areas infinity is inked are the wrist, side wrist, inner forearm, shoulder, and ankle. Also, along with infinity they even love to write names of their loved ones which shows that the bond with them is endless. 


Father-Daughter tattoo 

A daughter is daddy’s little princess always. The pair tattoos would always create a kind of love spark in the hearts of both of them. The daughter considers her father as a superhero. The father is always protective of his daughter. The bond is adorable that inking can reflect that.  


The popular tattoos for a father and daughter are sun and moon, where the sun is for father and moon is for daughter. This denotes that the father gives light to his daughter. To share the eternal bonding thumbprint tattoos can be inked. Words like his angel and her guardian add meaning to the designs. Also, infinity tattoos writing dad and daughter, or any other words create deeper meaning and strengthens the bond.


Connecting tattoos like half designs over each one’s body part or connecting quotes are also a great idea to increase its meaning.



Tattoos For Girls With Meaning:

For girls cute and small tattoos can be hidden in any part of the body and it conveys a more personal meaning. If you want soulful personal meaning that belongs only to you, there are a lot of tattoo designs like arrow tattoos that represent focus towards growth and success; a fire tattoo that depicts a free soul.

The other way of having a meaningful tattoo is inking quotes or words in body parts. Girls love to write on their forearms and side wrists most of the time. They would come with their own words or something that have inspired them. Anyway, the meaning is personal. What you think of it is the meaning.

Tattoos For Girls On Foot:

Another popular spot to get tattoos for women is on the feet. Most of the girls wear open footwear and won’t cover their feet completely. So tattoos on foot are a good choice if you want to express your thoughts through tattoos. Also, the foot is an attractive part to get tattooed. 

The popular tattoo designs of foot tattoos for girls are birds in flight, group of stars, anklet tattoo that runs to the foot, quote on the side of the foot, arrow tattoos, feather tattoos, abstract design, and random tattoos.


Heart tattoos on the feet of girls look cool and they don’t need to have any meaning. Yet, there are meaningful tattoo designs for feet. Locked heart tattoos represent love for another person. A feathered heart denotes a love for freedom and free-spirit.

Numerous heart tattoos are attractive on foot of girls including, an outline of a heart with an infinity sign, heart filled with geometric patterns, connecting half-heart with a loved one, tiny heart running to foot from anklet tattoo, heart sign drawn using musical notes, little hearts and a group of stars, heart with flowers, and small filled-in black heart.



Tattoos For Girls On Neck:

The neck is the sensitive part of the body. It is more painful as well. But girls who want to show their boldness would love to ink their necks. Unless the tattoo is small or the girl has long hair, the design would not hide from the world. So it is a brave decision that shows that they are different and self-willed girls.

The designs that are inked on and around the neck, at the back of the ear, and on the collar bone ranges from small and simple to big and complex designs. The tattoos that are great on the neck for women are butterfly, birds, leaf, quotes, bow, abstract designs, flowers, and feathers.

Sleeve design

It is not uncommon for women to ink sleeve tattoos. Also, they love to have vibrant, colorful, artistic sleeve tattoos. Small arm tattoos can be hidden inside your attire, but long ones cannot be. These long sleeve tattoos are not to be hidden but to show people what you are up to, and who you are. These tattoos may not convey one single meaning but say something about you, that you want to show.


Girls who ink sleeve tattoo love designs like colorful roses, butterflies, hearts, or random designs. Also, they sometimes include verses to the designs. Those who are bold draw animals, skulls, and snakes. Of course, they convey that the girls are stronger and bolder than others.


Butterfly Cult:

Butterflies are famous tattoo designs for girls as they are pretty looking for decorating the skin and also have a deeper meaning. It symbolizes freedom, beauty, and change. It is a representation of transformation in a girl’s life. Any change that you are undergoing, the butterfly would be with you to remember that after the change you are going to be beautiful.

Though butterfly is considered as a cliche, for it has its beauty through its color experimentation. Butterflies can be inked at any part of the body. And it would always look good for girls.

Peacock Tattoos:

Peacock tattoos are one of the most alluring designs among women. . They display amazing colors from their head to tail and feathers. It not only has its aesthetic beauty but holds meaning also. 

Tattoo designs of peacock ranges from black only to multicolor. The design is complete peacock or feathers only. Peacock feathers are very popular as tattoos for girls for their beauty and attractiveness. Peacock designs are also inked in combination with abstract images. 

These designs are perfect for any part of the body, because of their alluring nature. The most common places that girls love to draw them are the forearm, calf, foot, sleeve, shoulder, and neck.  



Lotus design tattoo

Lotus tattoos symbolize peace, purity and also have spiritual meaning. They mean various things, yet they can make a unique personal meaning with added elements to it. Generally, lotus means rising above the self for betterment. 

The shape of the lotus blends well with the shoulder as it is broad for its shape. You can keep it small or big as per your taste. The shoulder is the less painful spot as well. Medium size lotus gives an appeal to the wearer. It would be beautiful irrespective of what meaning it holds.

The most beautiful lotus tattoos for girls are three lotus flowers from neck to spine, Big lotus design at the shoulder, a small lotus at wrist or foot, and a realistic lotus with verses.


Om Tattoos

Om as said earlier has spiritual and religious meaning to it. So inking them at the wrist, shoulder, forearm, and sleeve would not cause damage to the beliefs and would also take you into the spiritual journey as the sign becomes part of you.


Om with lotus, shiva, Trishul, sun, and mandala are the most common tattoos. Yet, girls prefer lotus and mandala more than the others. These designs will not spoil its sacredness than combining with any other non-religious designs.



Dragon Tattoo

Dragons are mythical creatures that hold high attraction from both men and women. So they are popular tattoos for women, as well as men. The dragons mean both good and evil, masculinity and femininity, and look powerful, majestic, and mystical. They represent various meanings around the world. Depending on the size and the color of the dragon designs it symbolizes fearlessness, rage, passion, and wisdom.

Anyway, a few tattoo designs are alluring. These include red dragons, floral dragon, tribal dragon, classic dragon, and dragon with floral designs. Dragon tattoos on the shoulder, forearm, sleeve, spine, and calf are attractive as they can be inked long.


Lion Tattoo

A lion tattoo symbolizes courage, power, and royalty. A lioness’ tattoo, for women, symbolizes the women herself, and as well as her courage and power. Many women ink cubs as tattoos meaning those women would fiercely protect their kids like a lioness. 


A lion tattoo is cool to get inked on. Typical places to get a lion tattoo for women is on thighs, back, or stomach. But wearing them on sleeves gives a cool look to the girls and shows their strength.

A lion tattoo is cool to get inked on. For girls, the typical places to get a lion tattoo is on thighs, back, or stomach. But wearing them on sleeves gives a cool look to the girls and shows their strength.

The popular tattoos of a lion are roaring lion, colorful lion, geometric lion, an outline of the lion, and a feminine touch with lioness designs.

Semicolon Tattoo

A semicolon tattoo is most often associated with mental- health awareness and is so powerful a symbol despite its simple look. It is an affirmative symbol against suicide, depression, addiction, and other mental health issues. Also, it means a person is writing her own story and continuing, as semicolons in writing mean continuation.

Like any other tattoo, it has more personal meaning than a general meaning. So, it can also be inked for beauty. These tattoos on women have appealing value and the designs include, semicolon with butterfly, semicolon with heart, semicolon with the cross, semicolon with the arrow, and semicolon with verse. There are ample designs that girls can select in theme with a semicolon.


Wolf Tattoo

Wolves always live in family packs. So they are associated with loyalty towards family and loved ones. And a wolf tattoo represents the same idea. It denotes how one could serve the family at times of hardship and at any other time. The female wolf represents female empowerment.

The fierce wolf tattoo is a bold decision for the girls, as it brings a strong and aggressive connotation to the tattoo. A howling wolf with a moon symbol denotes romantic nature and would also look cool on the wearer. The tattoo designs for wolves also add other elements like nature, forest, moon, and also dream catchers. These designs would suit girls.



Elephant Tattoo

Elephants have a great power that they never forget anything and their old age is gifted with wisdom. They are associated with solitude and love and their superpower of carrying heavyweights. Being a symbol of strength, loyalty, divinity, luck, elephant tattoos can hold many meanings for women and are stunning if planned carefully. 


There are numerous elephant designs. Some are detailed and a few or simple and outlined giving the silhouette of the big animal. In a creative way to fill your sleeve, an elephant’s body can be inked in the hand and trunk in the finger.


If the elephant needs to be detailed it has to be larger. That brings a magnificent look to the tattoo. Geometric elephants and cartoon baby elephants are a popular preference for tattoos among girls.


Scorpion Tattoo

A scorpion tattoo on a girl symbolizes strength and ability in handling any situation. It defines her boldness. She could face anyone regardless of size, status, and position. The scorpions are predatory and are dangerous and could inflict pain on others as well. Wearing a bold scorpion tattoo for women is like a warning signal to the others, in public and elsewhere, to not mess with them. They show incredible strength.

Though they are danger signs, they could also be linked with rose. It will not give a feminine cuteness, but again a warning that they would hurt the others with their thorns. Despite its warning and danger alert, it is cool for a girl to wear on. 



Snake Tattoo

Snake tattoos denote the traits of snakes, including sinuous, secretive, sleek, seductive, and sneaky. They symbolize many things mythically and psychologically. They are the symbol of life, eternity, duality (yin-yang), healing, awareness, and intuition. Snake tattoos are a common trope for the femme fatale women and do well in conveying the impression of strength and boldness. 

The snakes are cool to wear on the skin of the girl. They can be inked over any part of the body. It also combines with other elements like rose, skull, floral, aesthetic, and geometric pattern. They can also be colored or black, small or big, detailed or outline, anything would look good.



Skull Tattoo

The skull of a human is associated with death. The person who gets inked the skull is considered to be unscared of death. It also conveys the meaning that death is absolute and cannot be prevented, so, be happy and live to the fullest.

Like any other tattoo skull tattoo is also loved by girls and worn over the arm, shoulder, hips, back, and legs. They can be shown out or hidden under the garments. These skull tattoos are added with other elements like a flower, butterfly, abstract details, leaves, and anything you wish to. Irrespective of any elements added they give a bold and scary look.



Watercolour Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are bright, vivid with a varied number of subtle colors and an increasingly popular preference for women. It creates an artistic look to the tattoos. This is an intended mimic of the classical watercolor painting. The tattoo gets its name from its original art. Though they look stunning they tend to fade out down the time. There are many interpretations of the design according to the symbols and elements used. Some people prefer dark foundation and a few prefer blended light color. Depending on the ink used the longevity of the tattoo is determined.


This style of inking is perfect match for girls who love colors. Any element including birds, butterflies, stars, flowers, heart, abstract design, and feathers would look stunning for girls.

Angel Tattoo

Angels are considered as messengers from heaven and are respected for their purity, goodness, and religious faith. Angels are often portrayed as women for their purity, beauty, and delicacy. And girls prefer these angel tattoos most of the time.

The angels are winged and depicted as fairy girls most of the time. These designs are inked with color that adds beauty to the tattoos. The most common angel tattoo for girls is the wings of an angel, which can be tattooed on the back, shoulder, or arms for their space. They look cool as well. The cutest angel designs would be baby angel and wings.


Compass Tattoo

Compass tattoos are common among travel lovers, especially someone who loves sea journeys. As everyone knows, a compass is a tool to find the direction and is used in travel in ancient days. In the same way, the tattoo depicts that the wearer is like a nomad and loves to find their direction and decision in their life. Some even think of compass as luck.


A compass tattoo is recommended for girls who have wanderlust or self-directing and holding the power of their own life would love to ink it on them. The best designs of the compass tattoos are eight directions, mandala, and compass, compass with other elements like flower, star, anchor, arrow, feather, and heart. 


Sun Tattoo

Sun tattoos symbolizes various things for various cultures. The common symbolism is light, power, and rebirth. There is no existence in the world without the sun. thus it represents the balance of life.

For a girl, this design denotes power for existence. Most often the girls love to draw a sun in the arms, shoulders, back, thigh, and calf. 

A sun tattoo means different things to various cultures, but the most common symbolism is light and rebirth. Without the sun, we would not exist on earth, so it also represents the balance of life. The sun tattoo design for women would be an outline of sun and rays, a mandala of sun, sun and moon, a tiny sun tattoo, and the rising sun.




Crown Tattoo

Crown stands for power, control, legitimacy, victory, triumph, self-control, and glory. Like the crown stands for royalty, the tattoo design is royal and it won’t mix with other elements. But it can be added with other embellishments like colors, structure, size, and designs. 

A girl with a crown tattoo means that they are the queen and no one can be bad to them. Crown tattoos can be inked in any part of the body and most of the time it is small or medium size.

It would be cool for girls to have “I am a (crown design)”, denoting that they are queen. For them to be seen the girls would draw in the wrist, and that would be the perfect place.


Dream Catcher Tattoo

A dream catcher is a catchy and colorful object that is considered to filter our dreams and protect us. They are a symbol of safety and hope. Yet, the vivid colors are alluring that every girl likes the dream catcher. Similar to the original dreamcatcher, tattoos are also intended to protect the wearer from dreams. 

Dream catcher’s feathers are usually of an eagle and other prey birds as it has the power to see the prey at a distance.

A dreamcatcher is an alluring and artistic tattoo design for girls who love to ink the designs on them. Any part of the body is suitable to wear the dream catcher tattoo.


Eye Tattoo

Eye tattoos usually represent your belief and signifying that belief. This also means vision, life, religion, thinking, focus, protection, smartness, inner self, and foretelling of the future. Since there are countless meanings to an eye tattoo, the meaning would be what you think of.

Eye tattoos are not cool or beautiful to wear on the skin of a girl unless it has a meaning behind them. The most interesting designs for girls are an outline of an eye, eye and roses, realistic eye, eye and verses, and eye and Mehendi designs.



Cross Tattoos

The Cross is the symbol of the crucifixion of Jesus and is associated with Christianity. The cross is thought to protect the people from all evils and bad days. The cross tattoo is recommended for girls who are believers of the cross for its religious context.

Yet cross has designs for small and big designs, simple and complex designs that would look good on the skin of a girl. To make it beautiful, leaves are included in the design. It can also be extremely simple by just inking cross lines. It can also be complex by including various elements and making the design big.


For the back

If you’re looking at getting a larger piece inked, the back is the perfect canvas for it! While it isn’t the most common placement for girls looking to get a tattoo, it does lend itself to a stunningly feminine look – if you choose to get it.

Spine tattoos

An even less popular spot for girls to get a tattoo due to it being a more painful spot to get inked on, tattoos on the lower neck and down the spine can actually be quite interesting because you get to work in some rather unique tattoo designs – like these ones!

Love the idea of a spine tattoo but don’t want to go all the way? Try something smaller! Minimalist ink is always a class act and simpler back tattoos for girls make for some gorgeous designs!

Shoulder tattoos

Shoulders can make any design look dainty – it’s just in the nature of this placement for tattoos!

Arm tattoos for girls

As one of the most popular spots for getting a tattoo, there is no shortage of design ideas for arm tattoos. Arm tattoos can range from extra small minimalistic ones to large pieces with heavy detailing, such as full sleeves.

Despite their popularity, sleeves and half-sleeve tattoos are not the only kind of tattoo you can get on your arm.

Ranging from minimalism and line work to larger pieces full of detail and colour, you can get as creative as you’d like if you get inked on your arms – after all, these tattoos are one of the best ways to express yourself! This makes arm tattoos perfect for girls who have a bit of creative flair to them.


Bicep and forearm tattoos

If you’re the kind of girl that likes to be loud about her ink, then a sleeve is definitely right up your alley.

But if you’re a girl who prefers minimalism in her ink, try one of these gorgeous yet simple designs.

Hand tattoos

Look up tattoos for girls on hand and you’ll probably find a massive collection of henna designs. Don’t worry, you’re in the right place!

Designs for hand tattoos are often heavily inspired by more ancient forms of body art, such as henna, which usually feature patterns inspired by nature and traditional embroidery.

These forms of temporary body art have now found a place as permanent tattoo designs for girls on hand.

That doesn’t, however, mean you have to restrict yourself to these designs. You can experiment with a whole range of designs and tattoo styles on your hands.

Not sure what style to choose? We’ve got you covered! Check out Tattoo Specializations: The Many Styles of Tattooing or talk to an advisor by clicking on the button below!

A word of caution
Also, a word of caution. Even though they look absolutely stunning and are extremely popular as tattoos for girls, we suggest that you get your hands or feet tattooed after a deliberate thought.

These tattoos fade very quickly as they are exposed to much more wear and tear – after all, we use our hands and feet a lot. This means you’re either going to lose the detail in your tattoo over time OR you’re setting yourself up for a lifetime of touch-ups.

These areas are also more likely to be exposed to water and heat, meaning you’ll be looking at a much more detailed aftercare process to make sure they heal right.

If you’re looking to get a tattoo near these areas, try wrist or ankle tattoos instead. But be warned – tattoos in these areas tend to hurt a lot for most people!

Nevertheless, if you have made up your mind, all we urge you to do is consider a few things:

  • Opt for designs that will look good even while they fade
  • Choose smaller, more minimalist designs so you don’t invest a lot into something that may not last
  • Choose a design with lesser detail so it won’t look smudged as it fades

You’ll also need to take the best care of these tattoos to ensure they last as long as possible.

Wrist tattoos

Tattoos for girls on wrist is known to be one of the more painful spots to get tattooed on, most might shy away from getting a wrist tattoos for girls.

But it’s hard not to want one when they look this good! Here are some wrist tattoo designs that you may like:

Wrists are also the perfect spot to get matching tattoos, whether it be with a lover, sibling, or friend! 

Go on, get your girls together for some squad tattoos! #squadgoals

Midriff tattoos for girls



The ‘midriff’ refers to the part of your body between your chest and hips.

This is often the most hidden part of your body, which makes it a popular choice for girls who might not want to show off their tattoos – whether this is for professional or personal reasons or simply because it’s an intimate tattoo that you don’t necessarily want to share with the world.

Rib tattoos

Despite being one of the more painful spots to get inked on, ribs are an extremely popular choice for girls.

And it’s easy to see why!

Stomach tattoos

Unlike the arm tattoos, which are more openly visible, the stomach is an area that you’ll see more of than anyone else.

This makes it a perfect spot for tattoos for women that have very deep and personal meaning to you.

If you have several tattoo ideas for your design, you can work with an artist to create a tattoo that uniquely represents you! Getting a design customized is an excellent way to bring all your ideas together.

Check out this design which is described as a “cosmic black bear cub dancing in front of the fire wearing a fox masquerade mask and angel wings made of leaves, amethyst bursting from its chest as it tosses the galaxy in the air. Flanked by sweetgrass and lavender bundles” – try saying that in one breath!

Uncomfortable with the idea of getting inked on the midriff because you’ll have to bare some skin to get it? Consider Jessie of Verve. As one of the top female tattoo artists in Bangalore, you’ll get both quality and a great experience from here!

Leg tattoos for girls

Much like arms, legs are often more visible than other parts of the body – both to you and others. And just like arm tattoos, leg tattoos can be as minimal or detailed as you’d like them to be.

Thigh tattoos

Thighs are a popular choice for tattoos because they hurt less than other spots for most people.

They also offer the perfect spot for experimentation making them great for larger pieces with various elements.

Calf and shin tattoos

Calves are a popular tattoo spot for everyone, regardless of gender.

It’s one of the spots that doesn’t hurt as much to get inked on, which already makes it a winner for most people, but in addition to that, it is easy to show off or hide.

Ankle tattoos

If you’re not big on feet tattoos, you could consider an ankle tattoo instead.

Leg sleeve tattoos


Now ‘leg’ and ‘sleeve’ together might sound a bit odd, but they’re actually a very popular kind of design!

Sleeves are a great way to incorporate many different elements into a single piece, which make them perfect for inking a story you want to tell.

These pieces are naturally quite large, though, so while not extremely popular as a tattoo for girls, they can still be quite stunning – especially if you’re into styles like watercolour and blackwork.

We are concerned about your question and doubts if you are a first-time tattoo wearer. Here are the FAQs and answers.

1.What is the best tattoo for a girl?

If you are a first-time tattoo wearer try something simple, minimalistic, and feminine like flowers, stars, or heart. Even Mehendi-like designs are tattooed. You need not show it outside, so ink them in places like shoulder, back, calf, or arms.

There is no particular tattoo that is best for women. It all depends on the woman who gets inked. Yet, tattoo designs like, flowers, abstracts, moon, feather, the butterfly would give a more feminine feel than most tattoos.

2.What tattoos are lucky?

The Egyptian ‘Eye of Ra’ (God of Sun) is considered to bring luck to the wearer. A shooting star is considered to make someone’s wish come true before it burst in the sky. Thus shooting star tattoos are also considered to make their dream and wish come true.

In western cultures, the four-leaf clover is considered to bring good fortune, hope, faith, and love to one who wears it as a tattoo, each leaf representing one good value. 

Again, a dream catcher would bring good dreams, and protect them from evils.

3.Do guys like girls with tattoos?

Most often a woman with a tattoo is considered strong, bold, and never gets affected by the opinion of the other. So, we would say, if you want to get tattooed get it. Never get affected by someone’s opinion of you. Tattoos, for women and men – all peoples – are a form of expression, not a favour. The debate of getting one or not should rest solely on one’s own preference.

Yet most men, irrespective of whether they get tattooed or not, say that they don’t care whether a girl is tattooed or not. This means they don’t even care about your one tattoo or more tattoos. On the other side, a few men say a girl with a tattoo would not be their choice.

Everyone has personal wishes and choices. So do you.

4.Where should a female get a tattoo?

If you want to get your tattoos to show to the world, the cutest tattoo spots for women would be the inner wrist, side wrist, neck, foot, and ankle. The attractive places would be the nape, neck, behind the ear, shoulder, and arms.

If you want to hide from the world and is personal to you, then the best places would be the chest, upper back, hip, stomach, and thighs.

Ready to get inked? Find your perfect tattoo artist now at jhaiho.com!

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