Tattoos and Humans: A Tattoo is a Memory You Carry With You – Forever!

tattoo in memory

Tattoo in Memory

“Each tattoo comes with a memory that you get to carry with you. It’s nice to have those good memories with you all the time.

When I’m down I just look at myself – and I feel better!”


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Finding Strength and Fighting Demons

“I got my first tattoo about 13 or 14 years ago, from Sai at InkPrik. It was supposed to be a birthday gift, but my friend who promised it to me flaked and disappeared. But I decided I’d do it anyway! I had to wait till I was earning because my parents would have never paid for it.


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“Getting this tattoo at that time was perfect for me – I needed something strong in my life. I was fresh out of college and in a new job. I entered college thinking it’s fashion, I’ll be a designer. I had no idea there were so many more roles I could pursue. And because I didn’t know any better, I accepted a placement where the working conditions were horrible. I learned a lot from that experience though, so I won’t say it was all bad!”


“The design was inspired from an anime I was following at the time called Claymore, and the character it is based on is this really badass chick who fights demons – and I had a bunch of demons in my life I needed to fight at that time.


Designing the Perfect Tattoo

“I don’t really sketch anymore, mostly just doodles now – I’ve gotten lazy! But back when I used to sketch, this was one of the pieces I really liked and I preserved this artwork for almost 7 years before I got it tattooed on me. That’s why I was sure this was the design I wanted – after all, this is going to be on me for the longest time, I need to get something that I would like to see everyday.


“Deciding to get it as a tattoo was simply because I wanted to experience getting inked. Sort of like one of those bucket list things that you need to try at least once in your life. Like bungee jumping! And after you do it, it’s like ‘wow, I did it!’”


“It’s a huge piece, as you can see, which is why when I first took it to Sai he asked me if I was really sure I wanted to start with such a big tattoo!

I said I was sure, and 8 hours later I had my first tattoo – and I was VERY happy about it! Sai wanted to put in colour and I said “don’t you dare!” But to please him, there’s red on the lips and red on the horns. When it’s moisturized properly you can see it!


“I got a second tattoo during soon after, but this one I got for free. When I got my first tattoo with Sai he had just moved back from the US and set up his studio and I was one of his first clients. I loved my tattoo so much I recommended him to many people, and he told me to come in and gave me a free tattoo as a thank you!


“Once again, this one was Asian inspired. I initially just wanted a very basic tattoo of my name in Japanese, using Kanji, but Sai said that would be too boring. He said he’d do something more and started drawing around the design. That’s how we got from a script to this – now it has vines going around it, a Ganesha shape to it, and he even infused some butterflies into the design. We discussed it along the way, and it became a piece that represents breaking free and having faith.


Coming Out of Hiding

“It took about 3 years after these tattoos for my parents to find out. I eventually told my mom, but my dad found out when he saw it on my leg and went ‘what is that?’ Till then I’d been wearing collared t-shirts and full-length jeans to hide them. When I told him it was a tattoo he told me to get it removed!”

“I said it’s permanent, you’ll just have to get used to it! I mean I definitely didn’t sit through 8 hours of torture to get a tattoo just to go through another 8 hours of torture to have it lasered off! My parents were definitely not okay with it back then, but they’ve gotten used to it now. Maybe it’s because everytime I show up there’s another one! To be honest I don’t know how okay with it my dad is now, but at this point – I’m 34 – I’m really not going to have people telling me what to do anymore.


On Friendships and Memories

“After the first 2, there was a long gap of about 6 or 7 years before I got the next tattoo.”

“This was just a spur of the moment, I don’t know why I did it, but I just did. The place I was working at was shutting down, and everyone decided to go and get tattoos. I was the only one who was tattooed already so I technically didn’t need to get one, but they were doing it so we would have this memory of us as a team and I wanted to be a part of that too!

“So I went to this artist, Rahul Mitra from Birthmark, and said just give me one tiny anchor. He told me it was a waste of money! But I just wanted to do it and get it over with, so I did. Each one of us got different tattoos, and each one of us did it with different studios too – that was the best part! We just went and got our tattoos from artists we were comfortable with, came back, and celebrated being inked together.


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“I had no reason for selecting an anchor. Stability, something small, it’ll exist on the side somewhere.”

“But I guess I was also telling myself to hang in there. It was a really nice working culture and I really enjoyed that company, and I wanted to remember that experience.


“Since then, almost every year something tattoo-related has happened. Either me getting a tattoo or going with my sister to get her a tattoo.”


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Breaking Free

“The next one I got was done by Ajay, from InkHouse. Getting a tattoo from him was so hard and took ages because we were always busy. He kept pestering me saying “come, let me do art”!

“So one day, I took an extra half hour on my lunch break and went over to his studio which was nearby. I got the tattoo, came back, and continued my work as normal. One of the tech team guys walked by and did a double take and said “this wasn’t there in the morning, right?” I told him to be cool, and we went back to work!

“I got this tattoo the day I quit that job, and it was quite spontaneous. I’d decided to take a long break to travel – hence the travel tattoo. This tattoo is also a dedication to my elder sister who is an absolute globe-trotter. At this point none of us can keep track of where she’s been and where she hasn’t!”


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“Originally I thought of getting a world map, but that’s pretty common. So added the plane and compass. I’m not entirely satisfied with the design since there are some mistakes, but I don’t regret it at all. It’s one of my favourite tattoos out of all of the ones I have. Even though it’s not exactly what I wanted, I love it.


On Freedom and Being Inspiration

“I don’t think my job has anything to do with my tattoos. I started out in fashion with designing and from there went into merchandising, production, buying, and even later did work as a stylist and participated in shoots.

Sometimes the work would be so time-consuming that I’d find myself losing touch with friends and needing to take breaks to reconnect and ground myself again. Which is why I wouldn’t say being in fashion has affected or inspired my tattoos in any way.”

“To be quite honest, it wasn’t planned but somehow every time I leave a job I end up with a tattoo! And it’s usually whenever I decide I need a break.

Maybe it’s the universe trying to tell me something!


Finding Paradise

“The next was beach tattoo, also from Ajay. It’s not the best tattoo, but I wanted this memory on me.

“I did a solo trip to Gokarna, it was supposed to be for 3 days. I’d booked myself into a Zostel, and my tattoo design is my view from the Zostel – the amazing room, right at the beach, where you wake up to the most amazing sunrise. Except for my first stop at the Zostel, nothing else on this trip was planned.


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“The Zostel owner turned out to be someone I knew, and he told me to move around and not stay in one place, so I took his advice – I visited all the places he recommended, extending my trip by one night at each place. Ultimately I ended up staying there for 15 days! I would just drive around on a rented bike with maps open on my phone, and every time I saw a beach on it that’s where I’d head to.

“I found this one beach that was totally deserted, and I loved it so much I posted pictures of it on my Instagram. A friend of mine saw it and asked me where I was. I told him, and two days later he joined me. We took picnic baskets with us and just hung out at the beach all day.


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“This was my second favourite solo trip ever, and I met the most amazing people. This was 2 years ago and I still speak to all of them. If it wasn’t for a phone call from my mom asking me if I was ever coming back, I don’t think I would have left!


Sisterhood and Lifelong Bonds

“The next tattoo, also from Ajay, was an interpretation of the Celtic symbol for sisters. The original symbol is actually a triangle with a circle and three petals, the symbol became very famous because of the TV series Charmed. I didn’t want to get the same thing done, so I said let’s just pull out the triangle and get it separately. Since I’m the middle sister, the middle triangle is filled in. My elder sister has the matching one with the top one coloured.”

“Now we’re waiting for the day when the younger one completes the sequence!


“The next one is also something I got with my sister in August. We got this one through Jhaiho, actually! It was done by Anurag at InkOverMatter and it’s from a teddy bear we’ve had at home for something like 20 years, he was a gift to my elder sister. He’s literally like the brother we never had – he has a voice and a character and everything. I’m not kidding – you might think it’s weird but it’s true!

And this tattoo is his paw print!


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Where to Next?

“I’m starting a new job soon that involves loads of travel, both within and outside Bangalore. Goa is one of the locations and I’m VERY excited about that! I’m a beach bum, so any place that has a beach is paradise for me.

It’s a new profile and this is my first established company – I have always worked in startups. I’m excited about it but I’m also very nervous!


“I’m planning to get one more within this week before the job, if I can fit in the time. I want it on my left calf, it’s a music inspired one, but that’s all I’m telling you for now – you’ll see it when I get it! I have to consider the budget for this one though, since it would cover much of my calf making it quite big.

“I’m stuck trying to decide who to get it from though! I was thinking of trying Irezumi, Naveen’s a friend and I’ve known him for a while so I’m thinking I’ll go and try it out with him.”


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Ajay is pestering me to go back to him! He’s a very good friend, I know him from way before his tattooing days. We actually met at a pub where he was DJ-ing, and we instantly clicked because we’re both Tamilians. I asked him to play a song one time and he never stopped playing it – that’s how we became friends!”


“I’m also considering going back to Anurag. I’ve known him for a long time too, and I really love his work! He’s one artist who, no matter how expensive, I would recommend because he really knows what he’s doing with his needle.

“I know all of these artists from their training days because a friend of mine, Preeti, used to work with Pradeep Menon and all of these artists trained under him. But I haven’t been able to get tattoos from many of them.


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“I’ve been trying for years to figure out a tattoo with Karthik from Sculp too, but it just never happens because we’re both always busy!


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“So I’m shopping around now, there’s always other fish in the sea! I could go back to Ajay, but I want to try other artists as well. And while I’m hunting, I also keep doodling designs and ideas.

My elder sister has 4 tattoos – an origami elephant, the same Celtic symbol and bear paw, and an infinity symbol. Except for the paw, the rest were all doodles I made, often on a boring day at work, and she’ll like them so much she’ll get them inked.”


Memories Are Forever

“When they say tattoos are addictive, it’s absolutely true. And anyone that says it’s not – they’re lying! It’s impossible to stop with just one. I think a lot of people that stop with one do so because of the pain. If you offer them a painless method they’d go for the next one in a heartbeat!”

Each tattoo comes with a memory that you get to carry with you. It’s nice to have those good memories with you all the time.

When I’m down I just look at myself – and I feel better!

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We would like to thank Cynthia for reminding us that it’s just as important to fly as it is to stay grounded! We look forward to seeing what memory she gets inked next!

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Looking for the right tattoo artist? Visit Tattoo Artists in Bangalore: Finding the Best Artists in Town


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