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Tattoo Pricing Guide : What Goes Into The Price Of A Tattoo? Read To Know The Details!

Having a tattoo has been a growing trend for a while now, and many people are tempted by the idea of getting at least one tattoo. However, when it comes to pricing, it is still an edgy topic for many Indians. The prices for tattoos are slightly sensitive for a market like India because the tattoo culture is still not widespread and Indians are price-sensitive when it comes to spending on discretionary things.

Therefore, the elements on which the price of the tattoo depends becomes a very important question here. Mentioned below are a few of the most important factors on which the price of a tattoo depends:

  1. How experienced is the artist
  2. The studio location
  3. Equipment used
  4. Ink used
  5. Size of the tattoo
  6. Special requests and offbeat designs

tattoo pricing guide

At Jhaiho, we did a little homework for you to alleviate a few doubts regarding tattoo pricing

Knowing how much your tattoo will cost can help you plan your dream tattoo. Questions surrounding tattoo prices are really tough to answer and can be rarely answered accurately by anyone besides an actual artist who knows exactly what you want.

Even then, it may still be difficult to give you an exact answer until your tattoo is completely finished. However, we can help answer a few questions and explain why some tattoo prices add up to a few thousand rupees while others can end up costing tens of thousands.

Here are a few questions we at Jhaiho asked tattoo artists were generous enough to answer for us, and will hopefully answer the most pressing questions you have in mind with regards to tattoo pricing.

Does the quality of the tattoo machine & needle affect the pricing of the tattoo?

Yes, it does, and it depends upon 2 major factors:

Tattoo Pricing Guide 7

Hygiene standards maintained – Cleanliness and sterilization should be the first priority for every tattoo studio as it is art drawn on the skin using needles. Hence, the better the hygiene, the better the service which may possibly lead to higher prices.

Quality of the tattoo machine & needles – Some artists may compromise in the machinery to keep lower prices; however the client needs to be consciously aware that low quality machines are likely to be harsh on the skin & damage it. A higher quality machine and  needle will therefore be the reason for higher charges.

At Jhaiho, we onboard tattoo artists and studios keeping the hygiene factor in mind.

What’s the cost for tattoos with and without colour?

Tattoo Pricing Guide 8

Costing for a tattoo with colour or without colour depends from studio to studio. Though most of the studios charge the same amount without colour, however, in some cases you may be charged extra Rs. 100 upto Rs. 1500 depending upon the studio.

What is the cost for line art?

Tattoo Pricing Guide 9

There’s no specific price difference for line art, it will be charged like any other tattoo design. However, some studios may charge a different price for line art.

What is the cost for unique designs and traced designs?

For a unique design, the quotations depend upon how detailed the design is and what additional work does it require. If it requires additional work and skills then some studios will charge extra rupees for the service. Whereas for the traced designs, the pricing will be as per square inch.

Jhaiho consults you at the initial stage, and pairs you with artists or studios that can meet your specific tattoo needs.

Does cost change depending on the body part? 

Cost mostly depends on the design and size of the tattoo and not the body part.

Is there a different price range for portrait tattoos?

Tattoo Pricing Guide 10

Some studios do not involve per square inch calculation like others, they rather have standard rates set for small, medium and large portrait tattoos respectively. So yes, there is a different price range for portrait tattoos depending upon the studio.

Does the price depend upon the vector or the size or both?

The price depends on three factors varying in different studios, and the three factors are

  1. Size of the tattoo
  2. Duration of the tattoo and
  3. Design

Are there any cost differences between sexes?

There is no such concept, studios charge equally to all the sexes.

Is there a cost difference between junior artist and senior artist?

Yes, based on the artist’s skills and experience, the rates and quality of the tattoos differ.

Are there any fixed minimum costs of tattoo studios?

All studios have a base price for tattoos irrespective of a small or a big tattoo studio, so yes, there are some fixed range of tattoos.

Why do artists usually set a base price?

Tattoo Pricing Guide 11

Is the consultation fee included in the cost? If not, how much for separate consultation?

There is no fee expected for consultations. However, if the client needs a customized design for the tattoo, then the artist charges an advance fee to prepare the custom tattoo designs. 

We at Jhaiho play the role of consultants in your tattoo thinking process.

What’s the cost of fixing a bad tattoo?

This one is slightly tricky to answer as it varies from studio to studio. Each studio has a different cost and it also also depends upon the size and design of the tattoo.

While some tattoo artists and studios price tattoos at their discretion, there are others who give some details upfront. Here’s one such studio:
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Price visibility of every tattoo by Jhaiho!

Tattoo Pricing Guide 12

We at Jhaiho showcase the quotes because people like to be aware of the price. While customers are surfing through our website to search for specific tattoo designs, pricing visibility assists in quick decision making.

However, you should understand that every artist’s charge varies depending on all the factors we discussed above. Artists are looking for branding their studio in different ways and they may use pricing as a brand positioning tool to distinguish themselves in the market.

This disparity will prolong until there is no uniform pricing system in the industry. With Jhaiho as a platform bringing artists together, we work hand-in-hand to regulate the industry. This betters the working standards of the artists. They will get more recognition as well. Clients will attain more knowledge and value the art of tattoos.

Hope this blog was capable of answering all your tattoo queries. If you still have any doubts, feel free to contact us at 

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