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Tattoo Safe

So the lockdown’s lifted. We’re unlocked and free. Yay? Nay? Meh? Whatever your reaction is, one thing is sure to be true. You’re all going to step out at some point and do the thing you’ve been longing to do. For almost 4 straight months. 

Meet a friend or your fam. Get some coffee (or maybe something stronger). Go for a run or to chill or both on the beach. Go on a date. Go on a drive. You’ve got a bucket list. And guess what? So have we.

So while you go and tick off your unlock-list, we are busy ticking off ours. We’re making sure everything is perfectly safe (and otherwise perfect too) for you when you come along. We’re being super-strict about our protocol and that’s just going to be the way we roll. Because we know while tattoos may not be top of mind right now, they’re always going to be on your mind, if you want one done. And that’s when we’ll see you around.

So tell us. Are tattoos in your top 10 things to do? Top 20? Ok, we’ll settle. Top 50? Doesn’t matter. If you want it, we’ve got you. We have you covered. With the best ink and the best safety measures. Read on to know how. 

Here’s what we’ve been up to: 

  • Cleaning like crazy: Our OCDs have hit new levels of amazing. We’re doing a deep disinfecting of every studio. After every appointment. With industry-grade products. 
  • Becoming mask maniacs: We’ve ensured all staff and artists wear industry-grade facemasks. All the time. We figured that’s the only way we’d all breathe easy.
  • Checking the heat: Daily temperature checks have become our new hot favourite. And everyone’s getting them done.
  • Keeping it super low-key: Call us anti-social, but we’re allowing only minimal staff in our affiliated studios.
  • Stopping at 3: While we’d like to get our business booming, we’d like it even more for everyone to stay safe. That’s why we’re only scheduling a maximum of 3 appointments per day.
  • Not staying out too late: That’s right, we’ve given ourselves a curfew. And we won’t be breaking it. All our studios will close by 7 p.m. 

If you want to InkSafe, here’s what we need you to do:

  • Book a date with us. We’re all for spontaneity. Except not now. So don’t walk in to surprise us. You’ll probably be the one getting surprised!  
  • Remember that virtual sharing is caring. Yes, we know you love your peeps. And we know you’d love them to share this experience with you. So just make it virtual and come to us alone IRL. Meanwhile, don’t worry, our tattoo artists are great conversationalists. 
  • Leave the kids at home. Get inked. Go home. Show off your new ink to those kids! 
  • Mask up! It’s the best thing you can do for everyone. Along with allowing us to conduct a thermal temperature check on you. Let’s not get things too hot in there! 
  • Only bring your tattoo fever along. No, seriously. Feeling sneezy? Stay home and reschedule. Got a cough? Stay home and reschedule. Not feeling peachy? Refer to same instruction as before. You get the gist. 
  • Don’t take snack breaks. Eat and drink up before you get to the studio. Then relish the inking experience. It’s soul food. 
  • Stick to the curfew. No, we’re not your parents. And you’re probably over 18. But we have a curfew and that’s just how it is. Every studio will shut at 7 p.m. If your tattoo is still in progress, we’ll see you the next day.
  • Go digital. Talk to us. Connect with us. Virtually. Try to make the first basic consultation for your tattoo through a video call.
  • Don’t carry any baggage. Let us know if you’ve travelled anywhere. Keep us updated before the appointment. 

tattoo safe

Still need more reasons to feel safe with us? Email us at and we’ll take care of any concerns. Happy inking! 

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