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Early Days

“I started my tattoo career five years ago. I was not into tattooing initially, I started out of curiosity. One of my friends was a tattoo artist and I was curious to know what he does and how he does it. I found it interesting and did a short beginner’s course in tattooing during my summer vacation. I was in college back then, so post holidays, I left tattooing and resumed my studies.

I got placed in Airtel as an engineer but I wasn’t very happy with the job. I realised I wanted to go back to tattooing, so I left my job and applied at one of my friend’s tattoo studio. Two years after gaining experience and learning how to deal with clients, I started my own tattoo studio.”

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“For me being a tattoo artist is not similar to any other job. Engineering felt like a job, but tattooing feels like a lifestyle. You see, you do your best at a job that makes you happy. I enjoy what I do and it’s very important for people to love their jobs.

The best part about being a tattoo artist is meeting different people and knowing their stories. If I had to define my tattoo lifestyle in one word, I’d call it realism. Earlier tattoos were considered a taboo but people today have moved past that thought, they’ve become more modern and have adapted the new lifestyle.”

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About Your Job

“It’s been five years of me being a tattoo artist but I won’t say I’ve become a pro at it.
Every day comes with a new learning experience, I grow every day step by step, and it’s important. Learning never ends for anyone, people who learn more, improvise more. In the near future I hope to open a couple more branches of my studio.


There are few challenges also, especially with respect to time management. Some clients show up later than decided, some show up at seven in the morning, it gets difficult like that.”

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“I have three tattoos, one of them says ‘Dream’. I actually wanted to put a quote ‘Dream big, dare to fail’ but the first word was so painful for me I dropped the idea of getting the whole line. I realised it’s easy making tattoos on others but difficult to make one for myself.

One place I’d never advise people to get a tattoo is on the finger. The skin on a finger is different from skin on other body parts. First of all it’s very sensitive, and second, tattoos made on fingers often fade away with time, not always, but pretty often.”

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