Tattoos And Humans: Commitment and Dedication Will Take You Places

 “I never feared wasting time or thinking what if things don’t work out. I’ve always believed that everything you do always leads you to somewhere.”

The Calling

“My life turned a bit unconventional after high school. I didn’t have any hobbies, and used to come back home thinking if I’ll ever be really good at anything. I also never really found my calling. After high school I stumbled upon a hip hop event. 

I got really drawn to it and started practicing ‘breaking’ (a term for break-dancing) at home. I started participating in local competitions and my journey with breaking began from there. I never really had any expectations from it and was just happy to practice and dance

My mom was very supportive and always advised me that if you choose something give it your 100% and that advice carried me a long way. With breaking I continued doing some very basic yoga that I used to do when I was 12 years old. 

I believe I always had a calm mind because of the early age yoga practice, but I wanted to see what I get from it if I try. 

I never feared wasting time or thinking what if things don’t work out. I’ve always believed that everything you do always leads you to somewhere. Now, a few years later, I teach yoga and have a lovely set of students and they all join me for yoga on zoom calls. 

But I haven’t left breaking as I love that. In 2019, I went on to represent my country internationally in Japan for breaking. 

Many young girls have reached out to me on social media and have told me that I inspire them which made me keep my instagram account actively going. I believe to keep a balance of discipline and freedom as I feel too much discipline can make you lose your art.”

One of those days

“My toughest step while learning breaking was freeze and pose as it requires a combination of flexibility and balance. But I want to be known as someone who tries to be the best version of herself. I want to be known out of the box. I don’t really take breaks from my routine as I love what I do. But talking about low days, I simply change my dance pattern depending on my mood. I keep fluctuating between heavy dance forms and light dance forms for varieties and it eventually works on the days I’m having different moods.” 

Tattoos and Terror

 “I think tattoos are really cool. My mom also has one, she got it inked as a young girl. I also believe getting inked is a really good way to define yourself. It’s a beautiful form of self expression. 

But the thought of getting myself inked has always been a terror to me for a few reasons. Pain being the very first – I’ve always heard that getting a tattoo is quite painful and it seems so. ”

Secondly, time- I’m an impatient person so I can’t sit patiently for a very long time. And last reason money, initially it sounded expensive to get a tattoo so money being another factor I never thought of getting one.” 

But yes the idea of getting a tattoo sounds really cool to me so I would like to get inked on my ankle and a flower picture on hand. Also, getting inked on the neck has a very gangsta feel so i may consider that too :)” 

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