Tattoos and Humans: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

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“I’m a yoga teacher and it’s been very long that I’ve been practicing yoga. It’s not like I’m juggling between my workout and yoga, I’m very passionate about my profession. It’s safe to say I’m a yogini in the truest sense. It took me 5 years to create this discipline.”


“As a woman, taking a decision to think about myself and my professional needs was very tough.
Being at a stage where I’m married, have kids, and a family to look after, deciding to start yoga was difficult. As much as I felt good about my decision, sometimes it got difficult to manage both sides of the world.”

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“Life can be challenging and unpredictable, my husband had gone through a heart attack and this unfortunate event had changed my life drastically. But I’m thankful to my family, they have been very supportive throughout the whole process.”


“I take online classes, corporate sessions and enjoy my profession. But I feel most proud of myself when my students tell me that I’m a good yoga teacher, and I teach well. Sounds like a small statement but it makes a big difference to me.

tattoos and humans

As for the future, I’m planning to start my own yoga school. I’m working hard for it, and I hope my dreams come true.”

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Tattoos And Memories

“I like tattoos and I feel that tattoos give you memories, and an authentic touch to your personality. I already have a lotus tattoo for authentic feels and I’m planning to get one ‘Om’ tattoo. I got it 4 years ago.
I have three tattoos, the first one is my husband’s name, and the second tattoo says ‘refuse to think’.
Third is a lotus tattoo and I got it made with my best friend as she wanted both of us to have the same tattoo from the same place at the same time. So we have a memory of having the same tattoo at that moment.
Of course, earlier tattoos were a taboo, but they aren’t anymore; take the example of my family, they were absolutely okay with me getting a tattoo.”

Tattoos and Humans: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams 2


“One advice I’d like to give to people is that don’t get a tattoo in a place where it’ll hurt the most. Out of three, two of my tattoos were least painful, but the lotus tattoo was done on my calf and it was very painful.”

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